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A dedication to the wonderful actors Hamao Kyousuke and Watanabe Daisuke. Therapist/teacher Watanabe Daisuke is hired to tutor a boy he falls for at once. Can he . In Daisuke and Kyousuke's relationship, there were three first kisses. Daigoro Tachibana (橘 大五郎 Tachibana Daigorō), birth name Daisuke . Yūsuke Ushida Kōki Uchiyama Yūto Uemura Ken Watanabe Megumi Yamaguchi Ryūji Satō .. In her private life, she reportedly has a good relationship with her husband and Notable people with the name include: Kyousuke Hamao (born ).

Misu knows his roommate is having trouble sleeping thanks to a nightmare but how will he protect Hayama when his fear of being touched has surfaced and become worse then before?

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Please Read and Review! Naturally, when he and Dai-chan finally meet to discuss a project with the director of BACS TV and the older actor proposes a holiday trip to Okinawa over Obon Mao eagerly agrees, especially since Dai-chan promises him an unforgettable trip L, Light, and brain cancer. Death Note - Rated: As their daily life settles into a life of perfection, nighttime begins to haunt them both. An unknown serum seeps into his system and causes some.

Who will get stuck with the fool when he can't even take care of himself? T - English - Humor - Chapters: If that person is half your age? If that person is the same sex as you? If you love them with all your heart and would die for them? When everyone is against your very being, how do you exist as two, or even as one? Told from Roy's perspective, how he and Ed fell in love,facing the generally homophobic opinions of Amestris.

Fullmetal Alchemist - Rated: Gii wants a break from studying. Misu doesn't want to go with just Shingyouji. What happens when our favorite boys all go ice skating? Sweetness and hilarity is sure to occur! Will Gii manage to discover the real Takumi and fall in love with him?

He is not willing to give up without a fight. As one learns to die, one must learn to live. Midgar Shipping Company, Episode 1.

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Kurt is the strongest person I've ever met. He knows exactly who he is. Whereas I look into the mirror sometimes and don't know who the hell is staring back at me. The hardest part of all this He let him see all that has become of him. When Kurt wakes up in the Forrest after a prank pulled by the jocks, he does not expect to be kidnapped and brought to a boy who takes an interest in him.

Too bad he isn't exactly human. Blaine Glee - Rated: Until, a rival arms dealer makes a bold and devastating move on Asami's business and he is faced with a seemingly painless proposition When Gii proposes to Takumi on Tanabata the happiness of the couple is complete. However, their happiness is short-lived as Takumi becomes the victim of a freshman's insane jealousy, which results in serious and grave consequences that might change things between Takumi and Gii forever.

Deliver me from all of the madness. Deliver me courage to guide me. Deliver me strength from inside me. All of my life I've been in hiding, wishing there was someone just like you.

Now that I've found you, I know that you're the one to pull me through. Takumi is going through one of the worst times in his life. Will Gii make things alright again? What would you do if the memories shared with the best person in your life are gone? Would you fight to get those memories back or live the life you now know and forget about the forgotten memories? Sephiroth is dead but there are two survivors.

Hojo has found himself some new subjects. Centres mainly around Zack and Cloud. But not as a couple. Lack of sleep induced silliness.

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Too bad doing the wrong thing can do that to you too. M - English - Angst - Chapters: With Al missing and Ed attempting to cope with unbelievable scarring, can Roy hope to be able to help Ed? Life has got some surprises for him What if the people who manipulated his fate helped him then? Dire Consequences by thegreymoon reviews Feilong's love for Asami has cost him a lot.

It is about to cost him even more, when another man decides that he wants a lot more than the dragon is willing to give. Dub-con, violence, language, angst. But then he saw Blaine's boyfriend,the fablous Kurt Hummel, and he changes his mind.

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When he was in middle school, he punched a teacher for refusing to apologise to an innocent student the teacher had been unfairly harassing. He knows right away that something is not normal about their new teacher and keeps an eye on her. He's the first one who found out Yankumi's true identity and later confesses to her [in the manga's last chapter] that he is in love with her. Shin's father is a high ranking police official.

At the end of the series he wanted to become a Yakuza lawyer so to be with Kumiko, and when he confessed to her, it appeared that everyone knew of his feelings for her, even the teachers, except for her.

In the drama, his father is a senator. An amusing aspect of this series is that whenever he thinks he's on a mission to save Kumiko, he always gets beaten up and she continuously has to come to his rescue. He never returned in the sequels in the live-action series as he decided to go abroad as a social worker. While in the Special MangaSawada is a top student of Toudai University and he has a stable life and job.

As he's seen taking Yankumi out for a movie with his own car and constantly with her, stating why he was so cooperative with her back then was because he liked her at first sight and set up their casual meeting to turn it into a date. For the first time he is shown with emotion when one of Yankumi's new students tricks her into fighting a gang of bikers and he goes off to save her — he managed to save her. He always gets into fights, like everyone else.

He had gotten into a fight with Ichiro Tsuruta, and was beaten by him. Minami is the tough guy of the group. In the anime and manga he is often seen with Noda, indicating a close friendship. In the drama, he has long hair that he bleached blonde. He's also one of Shin's friends. He was lost in Okinawa when they had a trip there and he gave Kumiko and Shin a lot of problems during that time. When they finally found him, Kumiko smacked him until his face was swollen. In the drama, he is a tough guy with a soft spot for his mother.

His nickname is Uchi. In the manga, he is the first of the group to get a girlfriend when he starts a relationship with a horror-obsessed girl named Shiori. She constantly terrifies him with horror stunts. After a while, he seems to embrace her love of horror, even thinking about becoming a monster movie make-up artist. He's either getting into fights, or being accused of theft, or being attacked by a rival school. Kuma and Shin are best friends.

They grew up together, and Kuma calls Shin "Shin-chan". Even Kuma's mother was friends with Kumiko before she became a teacher. He is also the only former student of Yankumi's shown in the second and third drama seasons.

He eventually marries his first love and later becomes a father. Throughout the seasons he helps Yankumi when he sees her students getting into some kind of trouble and becomes a mentor to them as well. In each new series of the drama there is always a kid who greatly resembles Kuma in Yankumi's class.

He was the one who thought of giving Kumiko "Yankumi" as her nickname. Takeshi Noda is a member of class 2—4. Although not typically a main cast member, in one episode in the dramahe becomes obsessed with the teacher Shizuka Fujiyama. Hurt when she threw away a present he gave her, Noda takes a picture of her at her secret second job: He then sends the picture to the head teacher and almost gets Shizuka put on probation for a week, to be fired if class 3-D does not get at least a 30 on their English mid-finals.

In the manga, he is the first of his classmates to figure out that Shin likes Yankumi and gets Shin to admit so. In the manga, he is much more involved than in the anime or drama.

He is also much smarter in the manga, like one instance when Ms. Fujiyama was being stalked, Noda made many suggestions as to how the stalker could follow Ms. One thing he has in common with his drama counterpart is his sense in fashion, as demonstrated in the chapter of the manga "Protect our F-cup", where he dresses Yamaguchi in his sister's clothing in which Uchiyama and the others first in disgust found that the outfit worked well with her.

He is often seen with Minami in the anime and manga, indicating a friendship between them, possibly being best friends. In the anime and manga he is accused of being a thief similar to Uchi's situation in the drama. In the drama, Fujiyama teaches English. In the anime she teaches music.

One of her students once attempted suicide and she learned a lesson because of that incident.

Hamao Kyousuke/Daisuke Watanabe-Stage Host Club 2 (2013)

She started a choir club in school. In the drama, Fujiyama wears her normal clothes all the time, but in the anime and manga she wears a tracksuit like Yankumi does. Fujiyama used to teach middle school students, and is very happy to be teaching at a high school. She jokes about which boys are cute, and whom she would sleep with. In the manga, she developed a crush on Kyo-san and tries to meet him, but she doesn't believe he's her "knight".

Since she daydreamed him younger looking. In episode 13 he was the 3rd person to find out about Yankumi's secret only to realize that she resigned. Also he tried to use a camera when he witnessed a fight only to be caught by Kyo.

He is only majorly featured in the drama and anime. In the drama, despite initially antagonistic towards Yankumi and her class, he was undeniably portrayed as more benevolent than his anime incarnation.

His state of benevolence was shown to be more prominent in Gokusen 2, where among the last few episodes, he deliberately informed Yankumi that her class attempted to boycott their graduation unless she calls off her resignation. It would seem that the drama-version Sawatori has grown to respect the headstrong and dignified educator that Yankumi is, despite knowing that he also risked getting fired in the process he was poised for promotion.

He was later seen a month after graduation, apparently assigned to another school claiming to have resigned from the last one. He has a wife in the drama who runs an arranged marriage business, though he is constantly seen enjoying himself with younger women.

A running gag in the drama is that he is able to instantly retain his status as Vice-Principal with each new school, even leading Yankumi to question how he does that. He does have a great knack for popping up suddenly at unusual times to point out useful information. In the manga and anime, the Koucho is this happy little bald guy who likes to wear bow ties.

He knows that Yankumi is next in line to the yakuza, and discovered that was one of the main reasons he hired her, because he knew she would be able to easily handle that class. He is a kindly, wise old man who loves Kumiko very much, and is always there to support her and give advice. He took Kumiko in after her parents died.

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He admits that he knows Yurikio Kumiko's mother left because she no longer desired to live like her father and mother. Though many rookies in the crime world might believe he runs a small branch of the Yakuza due to only having a few members, it is shown he is highly respected in the yakuza, and with a single command he could call upon thousands of members, as well as the few members that are with him are very strong and skilled at what they do, being able to take on a gang that clearly outmatched them in numbers with ease.

This alone will scare smaller branches from even the thought of attacking him. He and the family are very respected around town as well, willing to do what they could to keep Kudou from escaping the Ooedo Clan.