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remarried. you can learn from mistakes, Louis. just don't ask Lestat to do it. The Vampire Chronicles: Favorite relationships and friendships, part II. “I'm Lestat,”. For almost a century, Lestat and Louis live, travel, and kill together. Though Louis claims that Lestat made. Lestat and Louis as same-sex parents, advice for aspiring writers, and the vampires Louis and Lestat are a same-sex couple with a child.

They are soulmates, more than that. They are one soul in two bodies. A weaker body with a stronger soul and a stronger body with a weaker soul.

Without him, Lestat would have long-lost himself. Yes, Lestat is the sun, the glorious, adventurous one but Louis is the moon, the gentle and wise one. And what is the sun without the moon?

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True, the moon cannot shine without the sun but at the same time, the moon reflects the light of the sun and makes it gentler, easier to bear, makes it magical and mysterious. Romantics worship the moon, not the sun.

Many ask where the magic between them has gone. Well, I believe by now there is nothing left between them. They are so close, they share such a profound bond that their love is the foundation on which everything else is built. By now their differences and quarrels will never last too long. They cannot escape each other anymore. There is no Louis without Lestat and there is no Lestat without Louis.

They are the perfect soul split in two forever drawn to each other.

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Their love is beyond words, beyond magic, beyond rituals and beyond madness. And after that when he was on his own, all he did was wallow in his own sorrow.

Quite obviously, Lestat is charismatic and this also drew Louis to him. And he pulled Louis out of his morning for his brother, and his guilt. Lestat was always good to Louis, although they argued and he mocked Louis, he never left Louis, he never abandoned him, and Lestat always held a special place for Louis in his heart.

Now the hate, and there is a lot of hate, especially from Louis side.

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Lestat hates Louis as he kept threatening to leave, and he held the money away from Lestat. And that was one thing that Lestat desired power over. Louis thinks Lestat is evil, and fins his cruel, and I think this hurts Lestat. Louis hates Lestat because he with holds information from him, which ties Louis to Lestat.

And as we all know knowledge is power, and Louis thought Lestat was purposefully not telling him about what he is because he wanted to have power of Louis and to hold Louis to him. But in truth Lestat had made a promise to Marius, not to tell all. Louis also hates that Lestat is cruel and frank on one occasion Lestat played with his food, and all Louis could feel was compassion to these woman, he felt bad and begged Lestat to leave them go or finish it quickly, what Louis didn't know, and didn't ask I might add, was that these woman were evil doers, not just any innocent women.

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Lestat often has a go at Louis for not embracing what they are, vampires, and I believe that Louis condemning Lestat and refusing to drink human blood irritated Lestat. Lestat even says at one point, that evil-doers taste better. And then there's the final but key part to their relationship, the making of Claudia.

Louis speculates that Lestat did it to keep Louis around, as before hand Louis was threatening to leave, and was seriously considering it. And I believe this theory makes sense, Louis needed company other than Lestat, he needed a focus, a daughter and that is what Claudia was for him.

Lestat claims that he did it " to see what would happen", and he is an impulsive and curious creature and so this also is plausible. Most importantly I believe the making of Claudia made them into a family, and a third party distracted them from each other and the obvious tension that was there when it was just the two of them.

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We must also understand that Armand played his part in this relationship, he manipulated them for his own purposes. Armand tells Louis everything he wants to know, and Louis calls him the mentor he never had. When Armand does say that he knew Lestat, he also tells Louis that he doesn't think he is a person that should be morned, i.