Love and hate relationship poems hard

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love and hate relationship poems hard

38 quotes have been tagged as love-hate: Martin Luther King, Jr.: 'Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred tags: chest, deserve, hate-you, heart, love-hate, love-hate-relationship, love-story, memories, passion, tags: love- hate, poems Darren had worked hard for everything, and a girl who tried to take that away?. i'm in a love/hate relationship with having a body. i'm in a relationship with having a body my love works the same way. New Jersey Poem Party Hard. From first-date jitters to soul-crushing breakups, poems speak the universal When you're in a long-distance relationship or just missing your sweetheart. Tough as old boots, plain love is scrawny, sex-mad, I hate them.

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To read a poem is, on some level, to loathe it—both poem and poet aspire to fulfill a set of impossible expectations from the culture. In his new book, The Hatred of PoetryBen Lerner argues that a disdain for poetry is inextricable from the art form itself. The exchange below is an edited version of that conversation. I am very sorry to say That ninety lives have been taken away On the last sabbath day of Which will be remembered for a very long time.

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I wanted to ask how you think about value. One comes from the inability of the poem to be what it wants to be, and the other comes from a genuine hatred of actually good poems.

And that demand, I think, is impossible. It wants a poem to do something that only a revolution could do—to eradicate different kinds of inequality and social differences and violence.

love and hate relationship poems hard

A lot of great poetry gets written because it wanders away from that pressure in some strategic way. It manages to work with the assumptions gathered by that fundamental lyric ambition and then to strategically disappoint them. I think some people I know hate what I consider actually good poems because they are really anxious about intelligibility.

love and hate relationship poems hard

Many people feel threatened by exclusion from poems in a different way than they feel threatened by exclusion from other kinds of artworks. There are versions of it—in modern art, like, My kid could have painted that, or, Why is this in a museum?

love and hate relationship poems hard

I think that has to do with an early fact of education—this connection between poetry and personhood. But what happens is that a lot of people stop reading poetry or stop writing poetry, and they only really encounter it at weddings, or they encounter it if someone is foolish enough to claim to be a poet.

That can produce a lot of species of resentment, even if the encounter is a good one. And The Economist, of course, was attacking this idea. And we need to stop that. Making one video takes about 20 hours and since I've had lots of periods of uploading twice a week, that's been a full time job added onto everything else.

In high school and college I'd routinely get 3 hours of sleep, because I wanted to invest so much into my YouTube and working became like an addiction.

Productivity and involvement and studying—being in this trance-like space of a full schedule constantly working-immersed-in-ideas-super-busy-getting-things done—has always made me feel super alive! Throughout college I noticed that I'd always meet guys during summer session when I had less obligations with school.

love and hate relationship poems hard

Otherwise, there were too many things I was not willing to sacrifice. My boyfriend recently explained to me that he hates taking Nyquil because he HATES the feeling of right before it kicks in, pulling you against your will into becoming unconscious.

You become emotionally pulled away from obligations and people that are objectively important for you to prioritize, that you previously were super passionate and stoked about. For teens and anyone in their 20s I don't know why my perspective of not seeking out and craving for that type of intense relationship is the minority viewpoint. It is feeling their emotions, being extremely affected by what affects them. And it is more than just this impulsive investment, because infatuation can lead to a sacrificial love.

Which is intrinsically being out of control: I don't like leisure time. For me, working is fun. Cooking kale and going on my morning run and attending church is soooo fun.

Making a really intense to-do list and having a super productive day is fun. Having philosophy discussions is life! Most people's approach to dating is watching movies or shows together and taking a ton of time off of life to do cute things and none of that super appeals to me. I don't watch TV, am never stoked to watch movies unless someone I'm with really wants to. I kind of see all of that as a waste of time.

love and hate relationship poems hard

I'm too intense to vibe with most people's definition of dating. I love being alone. I crave my independence and alone time to this absurd degree. Walking around in a public place with just my headphones and a book to read or my journal is perfection. Seeing other couples holding hands and having cute moments together doesn't immediately entice me.

I don't feel like I need to talk to someone or share everything that happens to me. I don't need people that much. Best part of life! My friends are amazing, but when it comes to my internal life and day-to-day happenings, I function best processing everything on my own. Expressing out loud in words how I feel about someone feels like inversing myself and it feels so unnatural at first. I feel in these textured dimensions that cannot be easily put into words and having to convert that into something tangible in order to deeply connect with someone is challenging.

Being creative is my emotional essence. All throughout my life it has made me intensely happy and fulfilled doing any sort of art form: I feel completely alive expressing myself in all these introvert-type emotional spaces. A lot of it isn't even official: Developing myself by myself, expressing my emotions into these different outlets makes me feel complete and content. My personality is defaulted to being emotionally independent. I give a lot of relationship advice through my YouTube, to a ton of my friends and friends of those friends.

It's like I'm vicariously living through all these people's relationships, but for me I'm not intrinsically interested.

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I produce better art when I'm broken and chaotic and feel isolated. It heightens my empathy and gives me more urgency to help people. So when I feel understood and happy and peaceful in a relationship, it's this other mode of existence that is less intense and less conducive to being creative. Being in a relationship has always correlated with a decrease in my YouTube uploads, a decrease in the amount of writing I produce and the books I'm able to read.

Being in a relationship is a completely different emotional essence for me and something that takes a lot of adjusting. One of my best friends told me once she functioned emotionally so much better in a relationship, and that was this bizarre reality.