Love match for cancer and sagittarius relationship

Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility In Bed, Love and Marriage Life

love match for cancer and sagittarius relationship

It's easy enough to tell straight away from the zodiac archetypes of this couple that true Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility in love will be hard to find. Read compatibility report to see how Cancer and Sagittarius sign compatible in bed, love match, relationship, marriage life and other personality traits. Learn more about the compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius in love, sex and life. Your love horoscope compatibility is waiting for you here!.

As it develops, each love partner will discover that they have much to offer one another. At first, it just seems like Sagittarius is the thrill seeker who enjoys the occasional adrenaline rush, and that Cancer derives much more satisfaction from emotional security. Early in the relationship, Cancer may want more of a commitment than Sagittarius is willing to give.

love match for cancer and sagittarius relationship

But as time goes by, Sagittarius will learn to appreciate the strong emotional support that Cancer offers. These two lovers, Cancer and Sagittarius, have different approaches to life; Cancer lives on emotion and tradition, and Sagittarius is the restless wanderer. A Cancer partner can offer a Sagittarius a secure home base, a place where Sag can go to keep their dreams and ambitions in perspective. The Moon is about love, nurturing and the maternal instinct.

Jupiter focuses on expansion, optimism, luck and travel.

Sagittarius Cancer Compatibility In Love, Sex and Marriage Life

Together this is combination of growth and expansion and of masculine and feminine energy; the two can sustain each other. When working toward a common goal, these two can combine their energies to great effect.

They are extremely social and love being in the company of other people.

Cancer man and sagittarius woman - Cancer man and sagittarius woman love compatibility

They also have a softer side, in which the supportive and faithful qualities of their personality are displayed. Cancer and Sagittarius Love Match The compatibility between Cancer and Sagittarius is both strong and weak at the same time.

The fate of their relationship depends very much on when and how they meet each other and also on their maturity and understanding levels during that time.

love match for cancer and sagittarius relationship

It is an intriguing match that can either be too good for both the parties at one hand or an awkward combination of two unequal energies. On the other hand, the strong personality of the Sagittarius star sign natives is exactly what the astrologer would order for the compassionate soul of the Cancer zodiac natives.

All in all, their combination has the potential to wreck havoc in each other lives and yet, it can also turn into a remarkable and beautiful story of companionship.

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Sagittarius is a Mutable sign, while Cancer has an extremely giving personality. Hence, when these two individuals try to build a romantic association together, they will not be afraid to adjust and compromise anywhere along the way.

love match for cancer and sagittarius relationship

This will give the must-needed elasticity to their equation and it will make it easier for them to build a strong sense of mutual understanding. The coziness that Cancer brings to their home makes the Sagittarius sun sign natives feel comfortable, cherished, and cared for.


Sagittarius is an expressive sign while Cancer is known for its extensive emotional spectrum. Thus, they form a strong bond with each other, one that is built on honest communication and open expression of feelings. Cons of the Cancer and Sagittarius Relationship Cancer has domineering qualities somewhere in its personalities and thus, will want to take control inside the house.

love match for cancer and sagittarius relationship

Sagittarius turns reckless and irresponsible from time to time.