Luffy and ace relationship trust

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luffy and ace relationship trust

"Fire-Fist" Ace was one of Luffy's sworn brothers along with Sabo. . In fact, after the timeskip, Luffy's trust grew even more as shown when he overheard that his. What is the relationship between Luffy and Nami in One Piece? Nami and Luffy's relationship is extremely sibling-like to the point it similarly mimics Ace and . If anything it it was a gesture to show his trust, even though Nami betrayed them. Much more on Luffy and his relationships with his nakama under the cut. I love Oda's story of Ace and Luffy and it had such an emotional impact Zoro – Zoro and Luffy have a strong bond of trust between each other that I.

Unfortunately her mum was discovered by the hunters and was killed. The soldier carries her mum back, saying that even though he couldn't protect her mother, he will protect Rebecca forever until he meets his death.

The rest of the episode shows how Rebecca is protected for the next few years after her mother's death. At the end, it goes back to the present when Rebecca walks onto the stage and is booed by the audience. Lucy gets angry and says that she is a nice person, and one of the prisoners reply saying that everyone despises her because of her grandfather, the former King who destroyed the country many years ago.

Block D Battle Begins! Rebecca thanks him but he reminds her that in the ring, they are enemies. When the gong rings, the Battle Royale officially starts. Meanwhile, Law continues to struggle with Doflamingo and Fujitora and is swiftly defeated while Doflamingo decides to tell Law more about himself.

At the Flower Field secret base, Leo and Thunder Soldier deliver their speech to the assembled army to prepare for the upcoming battle. Meanwhile in Dressrosa, Zoro is trying to find his way to Nami but runs into Kin'emon and Sanji, who were on their way to inform Luffy of the situation. Violet then shows up in disguise and informs them of their ship being already taken towards Green Bit. At the Colosseum, Rebecca is ganged up by five warriors but defeats all of them while tossing them out of the ring declaring she'll win the Flame-Flame Fruit and kill Doflamingo.

He then reveals to a defeated Trafalgar Law that the royal family that ruled Dressrosa before the Riku family was none other than the Donquixote Family. Meanwhile, Zoro and Kin'emon stand outside the Colosseum, after talking to Sanji and discussing their plan. Sanji decides to go save Nami, gives Kin'emon the map to the toy house, and leaves with Violet to find their ship. Meanwhile, Zoro and Kin'emon are looking for a way to enter the Corrida Colosseum while trying not to draw any attention to themselves.

However, they've already been spotted by Bartolomeo, who gushes over seeing one of his idols, Zoro; he goes on to think about the man he considers the first mate of the crew, due to his deeds in Whiskey Peak and Enies Lobby. However, Brook tricks Jora to returning his sword back to normal and swiftly defeats her. With Jora defeated, her spell is broken and everyone including the ship are returned to normal. However, she transforms herself into art called "Heaven's Door Art" to take them down.

However, once Nami uses the Gaon Cannon it defeats her and leaves her incapacitated on the ship after Momonosuke hits her with a bat. Cavendish of the White Horse! At Green Bit, Doflamingo confirms his status as a former World Noble, having ceased being one a long time ago. Law manages to escape Fujitora's gravity and makes a run with Caesar, with a plan of sending him to the Straw Hat Pirates' ship and stalling Doflamingo on the bridge to Dressrosa.

Doflamingo, however, sees through his plan and moves to attack the ship, but Sanji intercepts him at the last minute. Before Doflamingo could deliver the killing blow, Sanji was saved by Trafalgar Law who teleported themselves back to the Thousand Sunny.

Though the Straw Hats were reluctant in leaving their remaining friends behind, they were forced to agree when they were assaulted by a flying Marine battleship, courtesy of Fujitora, and another one of Doflamingo's string whips. Law reveals that Doflamingo cannot pursue them in cloudless areas with his String-String Fruit and advises them to find one fast. Once the Straw Hats escaped with Caesar Clown and the Marines heading to Dressrosa, the two Shichibukai have a showdown on the iron bridge.

Law also reveals his goal was to make Doflamingo pay for what he did 13 years ago, even if it cost him his life. On the ship, Momonosuke talks about how he was traumatized by Doflamingo's cruelty and was afraid of what he might do to Kanjuro. Meanwhile on Dressrosa, Violet is seen heading towards the palace on her toy steed. Zoro and Kin'emon are with Bartolomeo who agrees to find Luffy for them only if Zoro gives him an autograph.

At the battle royale, Rebecca is knocking out fighters by tripping them out of the ring without injuring a single one until Rolling Logan confronts her. Inside the Colosseum, Sai is being treated along with all of the other injured fighters who never knew Sai was secretly dropped into an underground chamber where all the tournament dropouts and "diseased" toys were thrown.

Everyone there has no clue what Doflamingo plans on doing with them. In the Corrida Colosseum, the crowd accuses Rebecca of running around and avoiding the fight, while Rolling Logan is chasing her, knocking out other contestants in the process.

Rebecca is fighting Rolling Logan while the latter tries to break her bones. He eventually grabs her and starts to squeeze her till Acilia shows up to save her and Rebecca manages to overpower Logan and has him fall out of the ring.

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Acilia then teams up with Rebecca to ensure her chance to reach the finals. Meanwhile, Luffy tries to get a better view of the screen while discussing the dark nature of Dressrosa with the prisoner-gladiators, when all of a sudden he encounters Bartolomeo.

Many of the fighters in the holding cell show their respect to the former king, and Doflamingo's role as an agitator and arms dealer in inter-kingdom conflict is discussed. The dwarfs all agree that Doflamingo's presence is a terrible thing for the country, and that an incident framed King Dold as a villain so he is undeservedly hated by Dressrosa today.

Finally, the Thunder Soldier reveals that, before he was a toy, he was the legendary gladiator Kyros and Rebecca's father. The Secret of Dressrosa" "Senritsu no Kako! Ten years ago Doflamingo appeared in the king's chambers, asking for a 10 billion Beli ransom, in order to leave the country alone. Riku sent his soldiers to ask of the citizens' money, but while they were willingly trying to help their king, Doflamingo controlled Riku and his soldiers with his ability, and made them attack their own people against their will.

In the shadows, Doflamingo and his crew are waiting for the right moment to interfere and act as a saving hero in the eyes of Dressrosa's confused citizens. The Tragic Night of Dressrosa! With the people's trust in him in tatters, and his spirit broken, King Riku begs for death.

Then, Doflamingo appears with his strongest subordinates and defeats the king and his army, setting the grounds for his takeover of the island. After telling the Straw Hat Pirates of the tragedies of the past, Thunder Soldier explains that the king is still alive since Viola pledged her service to Doflamingo in exchange for the King's life. He, also, explained that although the toys of Dressrosa were once people who despised Doflamingo, they still remember who they were, but not each other and that the drive for revolution is still in them.

In the underground chamber, almost all of the fighters were transformed except for Riku and Chinjao, with the latter having mysteriously forgotten that he had grandchildren. In the colosseum, Luffy meets up with Zoro and Kin'emon with the help of Bartolomeo, although he was nowhere to be seen. Bellamy is about to attack Luffy, but begins having second thoughts.

Just then, Dellinger interrupts him, claiming he has orders from Doflamingo to dispose of him, since Bellamy is considered a nuisance. At the iron bridge, Law and Doflamingo continue their fight, with the latter having the upper hand.

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Diamante calls to inform his captain about Violet's betrayal, which Doflamingo had already figured out. He orders Diamante to send Lao G at the entrance of the factory to prevent the Straw Hat Pirates from destroying it, and handle the crowd's entertainment by himself. However, they seem to have no memory of the fighters that have been turned into toys. Sanji and his team decide to head back to Dressrosa and Franky asks permission to assist the Riku army's revolution, to which Luffy urges him to go all out.

While Admiral Fujitora arrives at the shores of Dressrosa, there is a big ruckus in the city, with explosions and buildings being cut in half. Doflamingo has Law beaten on the ground in front of the Colosseum.

He then takes out a pistol and shoots Law three times. Straw Hat and Heavenly Demon! When asked by Luffy what he is doing with his ally, Doflamingo responds that Law was originally his subordinate and that it was his responsibility to "educate" him. Zoro and Kin'emon attempt to save Law but, before the Marines make a move to stop them, Admiral Fujitora appears, blocks Zoro's sword and sends him underground, using his ability.

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Luffy tries to help, but is blocked by the Colosseum's bars, which are made of Sea Prism Stone. The rest of the crew, who were listening to the events, are shocked to learn that Doflamingo has an admiral on his side.

Fujitora and Doflamingo pick up Law and head for the palace, in order to finish their conversation. Zoro tells Luffy to find a way out, as they try to outrun the Marines. At that point, Sanji's group is attacked by what appears to be a singing ship, which belongs to Big Mom. On the ship are Tamago and Pekoms, who reveal that their goal is Caesar Clown.

The Straw Hats realize they have to keep their new enemies away from Dressrosa if they want to destroy the factory. Luffy gives the order for the Sunny to head to Zou, Sanji asks permission to return fire to the Yonko's ship and Franky leads the way for the factory destruction team. Finally, Luffy states in anger that they will head to the palace to save Law and defeat Doflamingo. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure enters the Colosseum. Thunder Soldier explains "Operation: SOP", and how there's an underground trading port where Sugar - the one who makes people into toys - is hiding.

As Luffy is looking for the colosseum's exit, he runs into Bartolomeo and Bellamy, and are shortly approached by a mysterious figure. The figure claims he wil be the one to eat the Flame-Flame Fruit. Luffy is then seen shock and then tearfully hugs the figure and agrees to let him have Ace's fruit.

The figure dons Luffys disguise so the latter may fight in the colosseum. Franky, remembering Luffy's orders to go all out went and created a huge ruckus in front of the toy house grabbing the attention of every officer in the Donquixote Pirates. In the ensuing chaos, Senor Pink who was guarding the entrance prepares to face Franky. In the underground tunnel, the dwarves explains to Usopp the size of the Donquixote Family and the identities and strengths of the officers who are running the operations.

As they reach the end of the tunnel, the army find themselves directly underneath the palace plateau where the huge harbor is located. At the Hidden Harbor, Usopp learned from the dwarves that Thunder Soldier left the group in order to assassinate Doflamingo at his palace, leaving Usopp in command of the army much to his disbelief.

Though they were nearly caught by some soldiers the dwarves easily subdued them and their clothes were given to Usopp and Robin for disguise. Near the Harbor elevator, many soldiers were rushing towards the elevator to see the battle between Franky and Senor Pink, unaware that Thunder Soldier and a few dwarves were hiding inside a crate in the lift.

Seeing no other way, Thunder Soldier assaults the soldiers in order to hijack the lift. During battle, he recalls his training of Rebecca to teach her battle instinct. He then declares his goal to restore Dressrosa to King Riku's rule.

At the colosseum, an unexplained event caused every fighter in the arena to fall unconscious one after another. Before anyone could speculate what happened, an unidentified fighter is seen getting up in the arena. A Surprising Result of Block D! Speculations of Rebecca cheating were thrown throughout the crowd but Rebecca was the only one who saw what really happened. During the fight, Rebecca saw Cavendish fall asleep in the middle of the battle.

Before the other fighters would capitalize on their sleeping target, Cavendish promptly woke up with a sinister face that promised torment for his enemies. In that instant, Cavendish moved like the wind, cutting down every fighter in his way.

Rebecca however saw this and barely manages to avoid a fatal strike from Cavendish, who then fell asleep again. Outside, Vice Admiral Bastille finished explaining to an officer about what happened in the colosseum as this was the work of not Cavendish, but his alter ego Hakuba, a dangerous man who eluded the marines years ago for his dangerous technique.

At the Palace, Doflamingo is standing before King Riku who is chained up. Doflamingo gloated that Viola's hope of the Straw Hats defeating him and freeing Law is worthless, as he had full confidence that his men will prevent them from breaching his operations and believes that Luffy is still trapped in the colosseum. At that moment, Robin and Usopp have successfully infiltrated the basement harbor, and Luffy's group ran into Viola who wants to help them in entering the palace.

Diamante is also announced to be fighting in the next match. Meanwhile, at the palace, Viola shows Luffy's group a secret emergency lift that was kept hidden even from Doflamingo. Though stairs were also available, the group prefer to take the lift up with Luffy acting as counter weight. The battle at the Toy House rages on as Franky launches rockets at Senor Pink who took a missile on the face, in order to protect Machvise who was unable to move.

He then gets up and tries to flatten Franky with a body slam but misses.

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Before the fight could continue, the Marines show up surrounding the Toy House with the intent to arrest Franky. In the Palace, Fujitora reveals that his intention is to abolish the Shichibukai system. Doflamingo takes this as a threat and attacks him but Fujitora says that his orders in defending the country from the Straw Hats still stand and once he deals with them, he will turn his attention towards Doflamingo. Back to the Colosseum, the final battle for the Flame-Flame Fruit is about to begin with a new battle platform and the first to step out is Lucy.

Diamante The Hero Shows Up! Meanwhile, Luffy, Zoro, Kin'emon, and Viola try to sneak into the Rampart Tower, in which Luffy merely breaks the front gates open and charges through many guards. After hearing the report that Straw Hat and his allies were in the tower, Doflamingo questions why Luffy is there when he should be in the colosseum.

The Top Executive Pica Rises up! The three encounter Pica, who fights them with his Stone-Stone powers. At the Toy House, the Marines keep trying to attack Franky, who still prevails in the fight. Cavendish is dropped into the trading port and changed into a toy by Sugar.

Usopp, Robin, and the dwarves make it to Sugar's chamber as Leo reveals his Tatababasco fruit, which they'll use to poison and knout out Sugar. Leo makes his speech about how all the toys will turn back to normal after she's defeated, the dwarves cheering in excitement as Usopp tries to silence them.

In the Colosseum, Jesus Burgess earned the ire of the audience when he indiscriminately attacked the crowd while fighting the boss fighting fish. The fighting fish with the prize tried to attack Rebecca but missed and Lucy managed to get on top of the beast.

Diamante moved to attack Lucy but broke his sword against the latter's pipe in the process. Jesus tried his turn to attack but Lucy intercepted and destroyed his elbow guard, with Diamante noticing the change in Lucy's fighting style.

luffy and ace relationship trust

Inside the harbor lift, Lao G has stumbled upon Thunder Soldier's squad and proceeds to prevent them from reaching Doflamingo. Inside the palace Kin'emon decides to disguise himself to elude the Donquixote Family members while Zoro has Luffy and Viola move on while he fights Pica. It was impossible because Sanji hadn't been there.

Because Sanji wasn't aware of it before now. Because Sanji had been traipsing around in a dress and make-up on an island filled with okamas. It was simply not possible that Sanji had disgraced his captain and crew so much.

It was impossible because Luffy had essentially promised them that there was no reason to go find Ace. It was impossible that Luffy had gone without them and it was definitely impossible that Luffy had failed to save his brother. But as Sanji read the words accompanying the pictures, he knew that he was wrong. Because it had actually happened.

What was impossible was that the newspaper would ever be able to so inaccurately report such a major story. Ace had died and Luffy had been there.

Which meant all the impossibilities were true. It meant that Ace had broken his ten-year-old promise. It meant that all of the Straw Hats had let down their captain. It meant that Sanji was late in fulfilling his own promise to be at Sabaody.

It meant that he had forgotten the most important thing while acting the deranged fool on this godforsaken island.

And, worst of all, it meant his captain was alone. Usopp was not unfamiliar with untruths. He admitted that he lied perhaps more than the average person. He told fibs and outrageous stories. But he knew the sanctity of a promise. His father had made him and his mother a promise that Usopp refused to disbelieve. Usopp himself had made a promise to Kaya and, with Luffy's help, he kept that promise.

His promise to be a brave warrior of the sea was a work in progress. Every person on the Thousand Sunny had a promise they were working on. But Usopp also knew a lie when he heard it. And Ace's promise of everlasting life was just that — a lie. A lie told out of love and comfort, but still a lie. Even though he knew this, Usopp had dismissed his own disbelief upon hearing about it.

Because Ace was part of the Whitebeard Pirates. And he was Luffy's brother. Usopp felt sure that he would get out of whatever trouble his Vivre Card had hinted he was in. With everything that had happened since leaving the Florian Triangle, Usopp had all but forgotten about the revelations of Luffy's past. But now, as he stood staring at the paper in his hands as Heracles incessantly shouted at him, Usopp felt numb.

He should have known. He should have been faster when running with Brook and Zoro back on Sabaody. He should have been trying to get off this island, not stuffing his face. Usopp cursed his cowardice as he thought about what he could have done differently. Luffy had dismissed all of their concerns too easily back on the Sunny. Usopp felt further from his dream than ever before as he ran around the Boyn Islands, looking for a way off.

Usopp knew the pain of being alone — that's what had drawn him to Kaya in the first place. And Luffy was very simple. He wasn't afraid of much, but Usopp had known him long enough to see glimpses of his debilitating fear of being alone. And now Luffy, the man they could depend on for all their own fears and dreams, was facing his greatest fear without his crew.

Nami hated it sometimes, how her mind had created a wall to automatically hide her fear and sadness. It had been necessary when working under Arlong and it had only unraveled the day when everything came crashing down. Now, as she ripped the paper from the old man's hands to see if it really was a picture of Ace, she felt the familiar wall come slamming up. She wanted to cry and scream and run to her captain recklessly. But all her body allowed was shock. The old man stood beside her, trying to discern the cause of her frozen state as the words swam in her eyes.

It was unfathomable that she had been ignorant of Ace's capture and the subsequent announcement of his execution. The first report had to have been weeks ago. It didn't matter that they had been sailing through the Florian Triangle.

luffy and ace relationship trust

She should have sought out a paper as soon as they had reached Sabaody. She normally would have, but the knowledge of the discrimination against Fishman had weighed heavily on her mind.

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And now, the wall was cracking as all of the old men stood outside the bubble prison, demanding answers. She managed to use the tears to her advantage and made a run for it.

Luffy had been there for her in one of the hardest times of her life. She knew a fair amount about having to put on a brave face in the midst of grief. But Luffy, of all people, should never have to do that. Luffy, the man who wasn't able to tell even a white lie.

How could he possibly hide his pain at a time like this? And the bigger issue was that he shouldn't have to. With everything he had done for them, why couldn't his crew be there for him now? How had they all let him down so terribly? Weatheria was a promising place to learn more about navigation and to develop new applications for her Clima Tact. But what use could that possibly be if her captain — the reason she was here in the first place — was incapacitated in the worst way possible?

She couldn't imagine how she would feel if she lost Nojiko, especially the way that Luffy had lost Ace. And damn Ace for making such a foolish promise in the first place. Damn him for breaking that promise. Because Nami knew Luffy and she knew enough about Ace and Garp and Dragon to recognize that if any family had a hope of keeping such impossible promises, it'd be Luffy's family.

Damn Ace for proving that it was impossible for anyone to keep that promise and damn herself for daring to believe it. He knew something was wrong. Beyond being sent halfway across the goddamn world, Zoro knew something was wrong. Zoro stopped himself from cursing his own body, knowing that he had already pushed it to the limit and recognizing that he needed a break. He didn't know where he was or how to get back to Sabaody but he knew he wouldn't make it in his current state.

He would have to take a short break first. The fight with the stupid baboons was turning south quickly when they suddenly scattered, running back into the cover of the sparse forest. When he saw that familiar outline coming up the cobblestone road, Zoro cringed. Meeting Hawkeye here could only be bad. He couldn't afford to fight him as he was now and, for the first time ever, he didn't want to. Zoro wanted to get back to the Sunny where his crew would be waiting for him.

luffy and ace relationship trust

But Zoro pulled himself together as much as he could, gripped his sword tightly and sat up a little straighter. He was aware of how pathetic he still looked, but he wouldn't be caught with his guard down around Hawkeye of all people. When the Warlord mentioned Luffy's moniker, Zoro was suddenly glad of his presence.

But the rest of what he said finally sunk in. So that's why Straw Hat arrived at Marineford with that other group. So all of his crew were sent flying, then. It's the only explanation for Luffy ever showing up at Marine Headquarters without his crew.

All the more reason to get back to Sabaody. Zoro questioned Hawkeye his voice more anxious than he would have liked and everything he said just created more questions. Then there was a pause, an almost hesitation before the Warlord explained what happened. And that feeling that Zoro had been disregarding as paranoia mixed with his own situation slammed back into him. He knew it would be bad. He knew that whatever this man would say could only be terrible news.

And Zoro berated himself for relying on the man he wanted to surpass for this crucial piece of information. But he held his tongue because he had to know.

Interestingly, his facial features were almost akin to his biological father Gol D. Roger in his youth without his mustache. Ace's tattoos were among his most remarkable, trademark features. He had a tattoo on his back of the Whitebeard symbol —purple bones formed in a cross behind a purple skull with a white mustache—that he described as his pride and joy.

The "S" crossed out is a tribute to Sabo as that's his jolly roger. Ace wore an open-front shirt until he received Whitebeard's tattoo - afterwards, he stopped wearing anything over his upper body except when on winter or desert islands due to the weather requirements.

He wore black boots, black knee-length shorts with an eyelet-studded orange belt, and a blue pouch belted around his left leg. He also wore a short second belt with a large red "A" on the silver buckle over his right hip, but left it unfastened and threaded the free end along the back of his shorts.