Marley and ryder relationship problems

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marley and ryder relationship problems

Unique confronts Ryder about him kissing Marley and trying to create trouble for Jake and Marley's relationship. During The Bitch Is Back/Dress You Up, Unique. Ryder Lynn is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. Jake and Marley are dating, and Ryder gives Jake good advice about how to handle his romance, but it turns out that the way she actually looks; she balked at revealing herself because she did not want to lose the relationship they had. "The distance was an issue, things weren't working," a source tells Us Weekly. Blake Jenner and Melissa Benoist as Ryder and Marley on 'Glee. My relationship with my father got so toxic it did a number to (happy.

He is approached by Finn Hudson Cory Monteithwho was the team's quarterback before he graduated the previous year, and is co-directing the school musical, Grease. Finn urges Ryder to try out for Grease, telling him that it was Finn's participation in the school's glee club that helped him bring up his grades. Although initially dubious, a bad test grade makes Ryder decide to audition, and he is ultimately chosen for the lead role, Danny Zuko.

Marley and Jake are members of the New Directions glee club, and when Ryder joins it after the musical is over, he and Jake become rivals and get into fights over Marley, before eventually coming to understand each other and becoming friends.

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Ryder's difficulties with schoolwork are diagnosed as dyslexia, and he begins to get help. Jake and Marley are dating, and Ryder gives Jake good advice about how to handle his romance, but it turns out that although he helps Jake make Valentine's Day a great success, this is because Ryder has been noticing Marley's likes while falling in love with her himself; he ultimately kisses her, which strains his friendship with them both.

Unique is a transgender female student who is forced much of the time to dress as a male, and Ryder insists on calling her a "dude" because that is what Unique was born as.

Ryder Lynn

He is eventually convinced by an online chat friend, Katie Fitzgerald, that Unique's reality is that she is a female inside, and apologizes to her and to Jake and Marley as well. When he sees her in the hall at McKinley and realizes she is a student there, he arranges to serenade her with Elton John 's " Your Song ". She is flattered, but completely puzzled as to why he would do so: Later, at glee club practice, two gunshots are heard in the school—the classroom is barricaded and everyone takes cover.

Ryder, even though hurt by Katie's deception, decides to call her cell phone—he feels that close to her still—and a phone starts ringing in across the room, in one of the backpacks. When he finally hangs up, the ringing stops. Eventually, the all clear is given. Ryder later sings " Everybody Hurts ", and tells the glee club that he was molested by his babysitter when he was eleven years old. Two of the guys in the club, Sam and Artiefail to understand why this was a traumatic thing, but Kitty does, and later tells Ryder that she herself had been molested.

Kitty later asks Ryder out for an impromptu snack, but he is in the middle of a conversation with Katie, and asks her if they could try some other time. Marley then quickly walks away, visibly hurt by Kitty's insults. During the song, Marley and Ryder often dance with each other, smiling to each other and occasionally switching to dance with Kitty and Jake. Later, the cast list is put up, where it is revealed that Marley and Ryder got the lead parts of Sandy and Danny.

Both Ryder and Marley seem really happy about it and Ryder looks to Marley as she fangirls about it. In order to cheer her up he tells her a funny story about his cousin, "Johnny Pappas. Then Ryder says that he doesn't want to kiss a girl who has puke on her breath, either on stage or later. After Rizzo's Santana performance, before Marley and Ryder are going on stage after Kitty scares Marley by telling her important people is gonna watch the musical, Ryder reassures Marley that she sounds and looks amazing, and that she shouldn't listen to anything Kitty says.

He then kisses her, as Jake looks on with an unhappy expression in the back. Glease Ryder fights with Jake in the hallway about Marley. The same happens when Ryder and Jake sing Superman. When Finn breaks up the fight he takes them to the auditorium, Ryder says Marley deserves better than Jake.

He has to cancel on a date with her because he has a session to work on his dyslexia and Marley then chooses Jake over Ryder. Dynamic Duets Marley is freaking out that if the New Directions don't do well, she's the one to blame.

Ryder overhears Marley's concerns and tells Jake to perform in place of him as the front dancer at sectionals so they have a better chance to win. He makes this sacrifice because of his affection for Marley. At the end of the episode, when Marley collapses Ryder's face is seen hovering over her first, showing that he is very concerned for her.

marley and ryder relationship problems

He also sits next to her when Mr. Schue comes into the room. During Ryder's solo even though he took another girl to the dance he looks directly at where Marley was dancing with Jake.

Sadie Hawkins Jake and Ryder discuss Marley, Jake talking about their duet in the auditorium and how she was going to say, "I love you", but broke it off.

Ryder suggests he goes for Marley and says the words first, but Ryder looks a bit sad, to which Jake apologizes that he is going after Marley. With the same expression, Ryder seems to feel the same for Marley.

Marley-Ryder Relationship

They smile at each other several times throughout the episode. As Marley walks away, Ryder talks to Jake about what he has planned for Marley. Jake, clueless, tells Ryder that his brother had been giving him advice by buying her lingerie.

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Ryder demands that Jake does not follow that advice and informs him he has a better idea. Jake is impressed by the idea, and thanks Ryder. After Jake walks away, we see Ryder upset.

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In the classroom, Marley notice's Ryder being jittery, She asks him if he had any of those hour energy drinks again. He replies no as Jake walks in.

Jake dressed as one of the "Temptations" says he has come to sing a song. As he does this, Ryder pretends to have no clue in Jake's actions. Ryder soon reveals that he had known and starts to undress revealing a "Temptations" outfit. Marley eventually joins them, singing along.

marley and ryder relationship problems

At the end Ryder gives another sad look. At the wedding, Jake and Ryder start talking. Jake informs him that everything is going great, and that his ideas are genius, but Ryder is upset and wants Jake to come up with his own ideas for once. However, Jake asks for Ryder to continue helping him. Ryder then pulls out a jewelry box, that has a necklace inside. Jake then informs Ryder of his plans to sleep with Marley.

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Ryder, shocked, tells Jake that Marley is just a sophomore and isn't ready. Over the whole idea of the 'Valentine's Week', Ryder knew Marley's favorite song, her favorite flowers, and jewelry that she would enjoy. Back at school, Marley walks up to Ryder and gives him a Valentine's Day card. She reveals that she knew it was Ryder's ideas, and that Jake could never come up with those. Marley thanks him, and Ryder reveals his feelings towards Marley, leading to their kiss.

Ryder apologizes, as Marley is distraught and walks away. Ryder, also a little confused bumps into Jake, who then notices something odd.

Kitty advises Marley to play both sides and to "collect as many diamonds as you can.

marley and ryder relationship problems

As she is imagining Ryder, her and Ryder share two kisses. At the end of the performance Marley tells Jake to stop, and then announces that she knew all the romantic things were Ryder's idea, but she didn't care cause at least he was trying.

She admits that Ryder kissed her, but she let him kiss her, which made Jake upset with Marley and Ryder because of the kiss. During the end of FootlooseMarley and Ryder are seen dancing together with Jake lurking from the other side. At the end of the performance, Marley and Ryder are seen hugging. Girls and Boys on Film There isn't that much interaction between the two during the beginning of the episode.

In the hallway, we see Marley and Jake talking about the kiss.

marley and ryder relationship problems

She apologizes, but she says it was not her fault that he kissed her. She informed him she shouldn't have lead Ryder on, and took responsibility for that. Marley tells Jake she never leave him for Ryder. However, when Jake demands for them to ice out Ryder, she quickly says no, as she wants to be more forgiving and would like to continue being Ryder's friend.

Ryder contacts Jake, Marley, and Unique all to meet up. He apologizes to Jake, and then apologizes to Marley about kissing her. She said it was okay, however he says it wasn't and that he's sorry. During Closerwe see Ryder at peace with Marley and Jake throughout the performance.