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Hindustan Times. Leander Paes,Martina Hingis,Paes Career Grand Slam Paes shares a special relationship with the legend. On court he's. Tennis ace Martina Hingis' estranged husband claims she's an off-court her estranged husband has broken his silence about their marriage. Ace: Hingis high-fives Leander Paes after winning a World Team Tennis mixed. Tennis News: Leander Paes and Martina Hingis recently won the Be it in a relationship or in life in general or on court, you need to feel.

But I learnt very fast as I had a good memory. Six months later, no one could tell that I was not Swiss. My mum was a tennis player herself and she taught me to play tennis. That is why our bond is even stronger as she is my mother, my friend, my coach, all in one person.

Earlier, I used to hate playing with her but ever since I was 12, I have been defeating her and we now sometimes play together. It used to be really cold in Switzerland so we had to play in indoor courts and I would have to wait for hours to just play for an hour for at least six months of the year as the courts were never free.

So when I turned professional, the first thing I invested in was my own court at the age of Just to support me and make me learn tennis, she was at one point doing three jobs at the same time. She named me after Martina Navratilova as she is not just a great player, but also a great human being. She was also a symbol of freedom to the people of Czech Republic at that time. I am a single child and am my mother's girl. What does she like the most about you? That I have a good heart. And that I am very sensitive, sometimes too nice.

And that is also why I get hurt easily. I keep things inside me and then will explode. My mom feels that I should let it out faster as against keeping it inside me. What was the lowest emotionally for you in your life? The day of the doping wasn't the happiest day of my life.

I never did anything but to be banned for two years took away what I loved in life the most, tennis. I was not only not allowed to just play the sport but also banned from watching it. I was not able to even enter the ground. You feel like you have done so much for the tennis world and they were my family and all of a sudden, I was not allowed to even watch the game.

The horse world became my saving ground at that time. I have been riding since the age of Talk about you and Leander together as people? I am very emotional.

Leander is very sensitive but he does not show his emotions as much as I do. He keeps it inside but I know he never forgets. So I have to be careful with the right words as I have great respect for him and don't want to hurt him. Communication on court is very important. We can read each other very well and we speak about everything in our lives to each other as we are friends off the court.

For us in India, Switzerland means the Alps and chocolates. Do you have a favourite brand of chocolate? I love chocolates and that is my biggest sin. Do you have a favourite Bollywood star? I love Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. She is very popular in Switzerland and she is very beautiful. Do you see yourself becoming a mother some day? Yes, I can see myself in that position when the right time will come.

My mother had me when she was 23 and that is why we are such friends. I don't want to be a mother at But I cannot do that right now. I can see myself playing for the next years and am looking forward to playing the next Olympics. Conversation with Leander Paes: Talk about playing with Martina Hingis? Martina Hingis has a great understanding of the game, of life and our positions in court. The most beautiful part between us is that we can just be ourselves between us.

As a guy I feel if I can give Martina the comfort and space to just be herself, she is magical. Her tennis is amazing, she understands life and we do a lot of fun stuff in our down time. Her understanding of the game, of life, of me and our positions on court are so natural.

I love her intellect. We complement each other extremely well on court. When you play doubles, you need to know each other's strengths and weaknesses. I need to know how Martina is feeling on that particular day, whether she wants to play an aggressive match or a smooth match or when we need to cover each other.

Martina and you are both very positive? Have all your partners been so? I have had 99 partners for men's doubles and 26 for mixed doubles. And I can guarantee that not even one of them has been as positive as Martina and I are.

It's all about understanding the person and being able to make up for their weaknesses and allow their strengths to shine. What has been your lowest period emotionally? I am going through the hardest time of my life right now. I am a very private person and whether that is good or bad, I tend to just live by own ethics and that is important for me.

My responsibility to look after my daughter is very real and true. Just as our parents gave us the opportunity to be the best, the responsibility I love is to give her the best chance to be the best she can be.

If I can give Aiyana all the opportunities to become what Martina has become in her life, that is my dream as a father. She used to play tennis but now she doesn't. She used to be a fabulous soccer player but now she doesn't. I don't need to get along or speak what happened. I mean I don't need that. She can do whatever she wants. I don't need her. Winning one set was enough. And I don't play if I'm on the court against her. We all like each other, except Kournikova.

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She is not nice. I don't talk to her. It's a very tough one. I think for the first match after two years coming back it's Bartoli. Then, yeah, she just is a great athlete. She's striking the ball great. Yeah, it was really tough to get the rallies going and to get some advantage in the rallies. Perhaps in the next year Michael Jackson [can get] a gold exempt and Donald Duck a special silver exempt.

Anna Kournikova "I watched Serena and Venus play, and they're not that good. They've been given more attention than me and they don't know how to play points or how to win.

I'm not worried about them. I'm not Serena Williams. I don't want to look like they do. I'm not masculine like they are. But, blonds are actually smart. In every country I visit, there is another boyfriend. And I kiss with all of them. I shower four times a day. I could have any man in the world. When you leave the church, you feel clean, like everything dirty has gone. Why don't you just play? Why do I have to look ugly just because I am a sportsman?

People want to see more, crowd makes us stars and we earn money thanks to them. In ten years, female players will play in topless. Everybody is making a rivalry of it. I've always been better. I always beat her at the great tournaments, as I did this time again.

She didn't beat me. It's good she didn't really beat me because I made all the mistakes, right? I am a tennis player first of all, that is why I am here, and if wasn't producing results no one would notice me. Anyway, as I keep telling everyone, you can't blame me for looking like this on purpose. We're so much prettier than all the other women in sports. I'm the one who's breaking all your records. They always talk a lot. It's happened before, so it's gonna happen again. I don't really worry about that.

What are your plans for the rest of the evening? Go more and get cramps, too. I'm going to have a massage. That's what I'm going to do. I don't want to duplicate anyone. Right now, almost everything is perfect.

Well, they were like little ones. Doesn't matter, you just put them away and you play. But it was kind of funny.

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When I played against Serena, there was like one orange one. Then, seven or eight in the same spot, like the blue ones, she had in her hair.

One of Venus' pearls. Patty [Schnyder] was playing against her and I thought, well, this girl can't really play. But she played a different level [against me].

She played so much better because she has nothing to lose against me. Once it came to be very close, she is very chokey. She's half a man already. Knowing how well you know him, what is your comment?

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It's been a short time. Not like we've been together forever. They have never seen a drop shot, a slice and all the mixture and variety I have. I had a big chance to win the French Open this year, and I didn't take it. Playing Mary there, you know, she's very tough. But still I beat her the previous like seven times. Just shouldn't have happened. It's just the way I am.

It's better than to keep it inside. Because I am the real queen! Kournikova cried on court and afterwards they fought with trophies and vases in the locker room. I win all the matches. Hingis said she'd have "lost to anybody that day", and she told the Swiss press she only played Berlin because her mother forced her to, that she didn't care whether she won or lost and that Kournikova's victory "didn't count.

Look at the rankings. I'm like 3, points up. There are no rivalries for me. I've beaten better players. Sorry I had to make it short. Novotna responded that Hingis was "stupid. You know, what can I improve?

Sometimes I ask myself. My technique is better, my forehand, serve, quickness. Everything is good now. What more is there to prove? She is old now. Her time has passed. Why on earth do you tire yourself out like that? It's not like you have a chance to beat me.

It was good for my English anyway. I'd like to give something to that certain person, it's important to me, to Richard [Williams].

I'm sure it's going to fit you. You don't have to ask me anymore. So, no, that's not encouraging at all. Serena, yeah, it's a different story. She's got so much willpower, it's amazing. I really admire how she can still get out there and motivate herself all the time over and over all these years. I mean, I had my break for three years, but, yeah, I was out there a lot younger. And I don't have the same body as them too.

So it's a little bit different when you can hit four aces in a game. I mean, I don't have that weapon. Many times they get sponsors because they are black. And they have had a lot of advantages because they can always say, 'It's racism.

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I have won 5 Slams, they have none. No subtlety, no finesse, just raw, loud power. To respect this style of play was always a bit tough for me, but of course I had to, because the rules of tennis don't state that having a beautiful game is required to become No. Maybe because I always beat her. At the time it was at the height of the Lewinski scandal. I've been on top longer and I am younger.

You could hear her from like 10 courts further down. She reminds me of me. What's so exceptional about her?

At one point I even believed she had a chance. During the US Open I played three events singles, doubles, mixed doubles and some people asked me if I want to stay overnight on the court. It's important that I feel proud of them [her escorts]. You don't have to be ashamed. It's a kind of a different society.

I don't want to name anybody, but it was sometimes a problem. I mean, the people I meet are the top people - whether it's Hollywood people, or the princess of Qatar or the Emir. And when I was in Colombia [on a charity visit in aid of the street children] it was the First Lady.

Or the top people at Unesco or Unicef. It's wherever I go. And they are looking at me [thinking] like, 'Who's this guy?

It's just a signature, what is that? You know, where are you gonna put it? Or is it gonna end up somewhere in the next garbage can?

Now I'm the hunted. The main thing I asked her was, 'How do you handle men? I know Jelena Dokic came to your house a long time ago to practice once. Have you spoken to her since Wimbledon or talked at all? Yeah, I saw her. She was in Toronto. Are you friendly at all with her now?

Why should I just turn around and say, Bye, you know, I don't want to see you again because I lost to her? I mean, come on. I didn't know how good friends you were before. I wouldn't be friends with someone, I would invite them to come to my house. Not everybody can get there laughter. Do you have any of your grade school report cards or anything to show us? They were saying that you didn't have any education.

I don't have any education laughter? I mean, I chose something else, education, going every day into the school.