Marvel and disney relationship problems

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Has A Serious Romance Problem

marvel and disney relationship problems

Nonetheless, Wharton faculty and entertainment analysts predict Disney's $4 billion acquisition of Marvel will overcome some major challenges. Today Disney announced it's buying Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion in will purchase back as many shares as it issues as part of this deal. a productive and fruitful relationship with Marvel Studios from the start of our. Marvel Entertainment, LLC is an American entertainment company founded in June and based in New York City, formed by the merger of Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. and ToyBiz. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, . However, Planet Hollywood had financial problems due to expanding too.

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He returns to Peggy on her deathbed, and she never lost sight of him either, but their love was always a mirage. After the death of her twin brother, she was immediately paired up with Vision. Take Quill and Gamora, for example.

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Unfortunately, Infinity War forced them into a scenario that would work better if we had more time to be emotionally invested in their pairing. As with Vision and Wanda, sacrificing Gamora could mean saving the world. I would argue that Steve and Bucky have the most salient love story in the MCU, and it seems the fans would agree.

But Marvel will never make them non-hetero, and Disney will continue its history of queerbaiting. Steve risks humanity for Bucky and unlike the Infinity War couples, it actually feels believable. Bucky loved Steve before he was Captain America and stood against the odds to protect him. After he was transformed to the militant Winter Soldier, Steve returned the favor, never giving up on the friend he knew was still in there.

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The best relationships in the MCU are currently the non-romantic ones: More of that, please. Less of letting romance serve as character development. They initially had the film production rights on the Hulk, as they produced the Hulk film. The film production rights eventually reverted to Marvel, who produced 's Incredible Hulk. Universal, though, continued to distribute the film under a deal where Universal would get the first chance to distribute any future Hulk movies.

This was all well and good, Marvel Studios was making money, the film distributors were making money, everyone was making money. However, inMarvel was purchased by Walt Disney.

marvel and disney relationship problems

Disney is a big enough company where they don't need to farm out distribution of their films. They can do it themselves.

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So they set out to get back the distribution rights for Marvel Studios films. Marvel Studios had a deal with Paramount for six films.

marvel and disney relationship problems

Only Iron Man 3 and Avengers were left. So Disney acquired the distribution rights to those two films from Paramount in The next year, Disney even went back and bought back the distribution rights to the first four films that Paramount had distributed Iron Man, Iron ManThor and Captain America: The problem was that Paramount's contract was limited to just six films. Universal, however, had a much more open-ended deal established when they allowed the film production rights to revert to Marvel.

I don't know the exact terms, of course, but similar to the deals Marvel made with Sony and Fox, it seems like the deal is, in effect, a perpetual one.

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Disney tried to get the distribution rights from Universal, but Universal is uninterested in selling. They plan on using their rights to distribute any future Hulk movie. Disney is not interested in another studio distributing their property, so we remain at an impasse.

The Hulk can continue to appear in other Marvel films, but Disney, for now, at least, seem like they are not willing to put out a new "Hulk" movie under this current arrangement. Things can change, of course. Time will tell on that front.

marvel and disney relationship problems

But as to the legend, it is a tricky one, as it is true that Marvel doesn't FULLY own the rights to the Hulk, but it is not true that they don't own the rights to the character in general, and they do own the most important right the film production rightso I am going with this legend as False Thanks to Paul for the suggestion!