Mcnally and collins relationship advice

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It's been six months since Andy McNally and Nick Collins left for their And although Nick and Gail have cemented their relationship, Nick can't. The fourth season of the Canadian police drama Rookie Blue starring Missy Peregrym, Ben Missy Peregrym as Officer Andy McNally; Gregory Smith as Officer Dov Charlotte Sullivan as Officer Gail Peck; Peter Mooney as Officer Nick Collins . apart for good and Sam finds out about Nick and Andy's new relationship. Meet Andy McNally, who is empathetic (almost to a. After dancing around a relationship, Sam and Andy take the plunge. Unsure of whether she can trust Sam, Andy leaves on an undercover mission with Nick Collins, leaving Sam sitting at.

Do you want to have something to eat at my place? Nick, can you lead my mom to the breakroom? Claire followed the cop when Andy went in the direction of the locker room to change. Once they entered the breakroom, the cop introduced himself. I was undercover with Andy for six months.

Thank you for taking good care of her, I don't know what I would do if anything had happened to her. He pulled it from his pocket and apologized that he had to take this call.

She understood and he left the room. Claire poured a cup of warm coffee into a paper cup turning around to see Sam Swarekwith a brunette cop that looked eerilylike her daughter. Andy was taller, but the resemblance was uncanny. Claire could tell they had been flirting until he looked up and saw Claire in the break room. He stopped walking as soon as he saw her.

The brunette cop beside him looked like she was not loudly asking whom her daughter was. At that moment, Andy walked into the room wearing jeans, sneakers, and a long sleeve white shirt. Andy and Claire said their goodbyes to Sam and the brunette cop and left the room. Andy paused and asked what had been on her mind all evening. He said you were working a lot especially overtime.

I wanted to see if you were okay after the undercover assignment. If you need money, I can help you out. Andy got out two spoons and the container of ice cream and motioned to the couch. Andy told her about how she and Nick became friends during the six months, how she still remembered Sam's number and how she saw Sam kissing Marlo. Noelle Williams stepped in and stood at Frank's side.

And all of us. Hell, I don't know what Sam was thinking when he told her goodbye. I say we start a bet. I say they're back together in two years. Second, that's a long time to wait for a turnaround. I could wait twenty years. This would be interesting. Andy reached Traci and forced herself not to mention the scene from Frank's office.

As much as she hated keeping things from Traci, she knew her friend had enough to deal with right now and didn't need to listen to her problems, too. How are you doing? Right now it still sucks. Andy had the suspicion Traci hadn't cried about it yet. She held her friend as she poured out her feelings in broken sobs and sniffles. It lasted almost ten minutes. But Andy didn't really have anywhere to be, so that wasn't a big deal. Well, she told herself, she didn't have anywhere she was needed.

Sam had told her to come to the Penny later because he had something for her. And as awful as it made her feel, she was currently considering leaving on the undercover op without saying goodbye. They needed to make a clean break, and they couldn't do that if she went to the bar and said a messy goodbye.

She was so wrapped up in it, she didn't realize Traci had pulled back and was studying her. Crying was an aberration for Traci, and now she looked back to usual self, with the exception of a little runny mascara. And I know that your face is saying something is up. We help each other get through the rough parts of life," Traci tilted her head as she spoke.

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And I didn't tell you when it happened because you had to process what happened to Jerry. And Frank just told me the undercover is as good as mine, and Sam wants me to meet him at the Penny because he has soothing to give me, but I can't leave after going to see him because we need to make a clean break.

So I don't know what to do. Both of them were acting different than usual that night. Andy guessed it was probably everything that happened with Jerry and the stress of leaving for the undercover op so soon. But whatever it was, it was making them act weird. Telling Traci when she was leaving wasn't going to be an easy conversation, so she might as well have it now, when they were both acting so out of character.

Andy braced herself, blew out a breath, and started talking. Sam Swarek sat at the bar at the Black Penny, a drink in one hand and a small velvet box held tightly in the other. It was getting late. But he knew McNally. She would show unless something physically stopped her. If she wanted to show.

Andy McNally

But she had to want to come. He couldn't let himself think different. She was a devoted cop, but she tended to break the rules when it came to him. He took another long pull of his beer. Every passing minute was making him second guess what he felt for her and what knew about her. When he'd walked in, he'd noticed Gail Peck sitting a little farther down the bar, doing roughly the same thing he was, minus the little velvet box.

He knew she and Collins had a thing going on, but he didn't know why she was at the bar without him. As far as Sam knew, they were in good shape. Unlike him and Andy. Finally deciding to see what was going on, he moved down to sit next to Gail. Sam nodded as he swallowed another gulp of beer.

The alcohol was slowly beginning to wok its magic.

mcnally and collins relationship advice

He never drank to get drunk, but he was sure he would start if McNally didn't show up. They sat that way, staring at their drinks and ordering new ones, for another hour and a half.

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It was one thirty in the morning. He knew she was right but he couldn't make himself say it. He thought he knew McNally, thought he knew everything about her, from the way she laughed to the way took on a challenge to the way she attacked her pancakes at breakfast.

He'd tried to memorize every little part of her so that he knew she wasn't different or hurt when she finished a shift. He didn't worry as much that way.

Which wasn't saying that much because he still worried a lot. We need to move on. He watched her hail a cab to settle his instincts to protect and serve and fight off the effects of alcohol to do so.

mcnally and collins relationship advice

He sat there for another twenty minutes, not knowing what to do with himself. He glanced down at the little box in his hand. He flipped open the top of the box with his thumb, looking down at the simple diamond set in white gold. He thought of all the reasons he'd bought the thing in the first place, of all the things he loved about Andy McNally. He snapped it shut, ending that chapter in his life.

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Tomorrow night, after he'd slept off the God awful hangover he planned on drinking himself into, he would take Gail's advice and begin to move on. She and Nick had found out from Frank they were definitely leaving that night. A few hours later, and they were in their cover apartment. The cameras, much like the ones Boyd had set up in Sam's cover apartment, could be turned off, but they were cautioned not to take too much time off the record.

Andy couldn't help but relive the hours she'd spent in his cover apartment as they toured their own. They were posing as a couple who were willing to do some dirty deeds to make some good cash, and the apartment was their sanctuary.

They wouldn't be able to do everything they wanted, though. Sam said it was a lot of book reading. She had also grabbed a blank notebook and a pen, thinking it would be… therapeutic, maybe, to write down everything that happened and everything she was feeling. She knew she and Nick were going to be playing nefarious characters, so she knew she wasn't going to be comfortable with everything they had to do.

Writing down could be a way she could get it all out. You spent so much time in the army anything seems like a palace. But I can't blame him. He was doing what he thought was best. Sam wanted to meet me. She could say whatever she wanted about wanting to make a clean break and letting him move on, but deep down she knew she wouldn't have left if she had gone to see him.

He weakened her defenses.