Megan boone and ryan eggold relationship tips

megan boone and ryan eggold relationship tips

If Liz Keen had to update her relationship status, it would be, "It's complicated."On The Blacklist's Megan Boone and Ryan Eggold. If Liz Keen. As well as one of its stars, Ryan Eggold. Ryan Eggold: Hm, can I say that? Most of my stuff is with Megan [Boone]. deal about him, I think the mask is off in many ways, but I don't think the true details Or in relationships. Ryan Eggold is a talented American actor best known for his roles in CW teen There was the rumor about his wedding with co-star Megan Boone and about.

It made me feel like he was going to say something very, very, very serious. That is one thing that James has an abundance of. You know, they have me being dragged and they have me, you know — sorry, there are some things that I feel like I cannot say — but I definitely am like — I had a cake of dirt along my forearms one night that I had to kind of wipe off with a towel.

Every week, I leave set having to get rid of some kind of fake wound. I participate a lot physically in the show. It is very vestal and it is a very physical role. The most — for me, the most rewarding things come from challenge.

megan boone and ryan eggold relationship tips

That is a very satisfying and rewarding feeling. It never gets complete.

Megan Boone and Ryan Eggold talk Season Finale of "The Blacklist"

I feel like every day, I wake up and I read something — I try to engage in something new that will inspire a new thought that will inspire a new moment on screen that will add to the episode. There are the collaborative elements working with other people. You know again, generally, as I mentioned, casting for pilots is a very difficult process. That is also, you know, adds to the difficulty.

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I can tell you. He was actually working on a film with Tony Kaled in New York at the time. See, Megan knows all of this.

I had never seen him before. I had no idea he was doing a move with Tony Kaled. I think even before he auditioned, we were like, okay, I think this guy might be the right guy. It was sort of like, oh, there he is.

That was true with him and you know, the same was true with Diego. Maybe he was still on Homeland, I have no idea, but he too was somebody who came in late in the process. Then the next guy walks through — and with Diego it was like that — he came late in the process as well.

The Blacklist: Are Tom and Liz Made for Each Other? | TV Guide

Like with Ryan, we were like, where have you been? Sure, Tom wasn't the mild-mannered school teacher he presented himself as, but by now, it's clear that Liz isn't the same sweet FBI ingenue we met in The Blacklist's series premiere either. Maybe these two have more in common than they thought, despite their sham of a marriage. I think once a relationship goes past a line and becomes abusive or sadistic in any way, there's just no going back to pure true love.

megan boone and ryan eggold relationship tips

It already has violence in it. It already has mistrust, so I always felt it was an oversimplification to just say, 'Oh, she still loves him.

Whether it's the suburban housewife dropping her kids off at school or it's the guy showing up to punch the clock to work at the steel factory, I don't think any of those people are quite what they appear to be on the surface.

megan boone and ryan eggold relationship tips

I think that you never say never, and anything can change. He has not gone through the normal, "Who am I? I don't think he's ever gone through those.

And that's kind of where we're headed with this character. He'll finally, whether he likes it or not, be forced to deal with himself and ask those questions. What was your reaction when you learned Tom's backstory when he was a kid?

I thought it was cool. I've been talking with [creator Jon Bokenkamp] for a long time about where they're heading. They are always slowly unraveling their interweb to us, where we get a little more of our characters as we go, which is an interesting way to do it.

Ryan Eggold Married, Wife, Dating, Girlfriend, Height, Body Measurements

I like that he's this orphaned kid who's streetwise and has to maybe steal things to make a living and get by. He's in and out of foster homes and doesn't necessarily have role models and someone to love him or care for him.

megan boone and ryan eggold relationship tips

So he develops these abilities. He gets trained by The Major to be the perfect agent of manipulation. His lack of love as a kid sort of allows him to divorce himself from relationships.

Are The Blacklist's Tom and Liz made for each other? He was recruited by The Major because he has qualities that make him uniquely suited to be a deep-cover agent. But what are they besides manipulation? Like Red said in the episode, similar to Red, he has sociopathic tendencies, which just means that you sometimes lack empathy for other human beings, which allows him to commit violence and manipulations and earn people's trust and betray them if he needs to.

And I think he has a street savvy because he's been in and out of different homes and he's had to learn to adapt to situations very quickly and quickly assess who's who and what's what.

The Blacklist Postmortem: Ryan Eggold Weighs In on Tom's Big Sacrifice

He's pick-pocketed a few times, he has slipped under the radar, he's stolen from shops. He basically starts out as a juvenile delinquent in some respects, and then gets trained to be very adept at some of those things.

Now that Tom is in the wind again, he needs a new assignment! What's next for him? What's next for Tom is in the realm of "Who am I really?