Mexico and russia relationship

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mexico and russia relationship

Mexico has impressive bilateral relations with the Russian Federation. During the last decade, Mexico has been exploring new opportunities. Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs José Antonio Meade met with Russian Senator Valentina I. Matvienko president of the Federation Council of the General . To mark the th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mexico and Russia, Foreign Secretary Claudia Ruiz Mass.

In just twenty months, 11 reforms were conducted, aimed at transforming the country, including energy sector reform, which opens up many new possibilities.

In this regard, it is quite noteworthy that at the Economic Forum in Davos in Januarythe Russian firm Lukoil became the first foreign company with which our Pemex signed a memorandum of understanding.

Mexico's economy is undoubtedly becoming more open and competitive. Our proximity to the United States opens opportunities for our partners: Therefore, Russian companies can take advantage of this and gain access to these markets by launching production in Mexico.

On the other hand, Mexico is investing in Russia too. Important ongoing projects include, for example, the Maseca group planning to build a plant in Russia, the construction of a new engine plant in Ulyanovsk, which began this year, and projects in the petrochemical industry.

Realistic in Our Judgments Prospects for cooperation in other spheres look quite promising as well. Mexico has supported many Russian initiatives and is constantly looking for common ground.

The positions of Mexico and Russia on key issues coincide.

The future of Russia- Mexico Relations

For example, both countries are working on the reform of the UN Security Council, and Mexico supports the expansion of the Security Council. In addition, Mexico attaches great importance to disarmament issues and the signing of an Arms Trade Treaty. This is a vivid example of spheres in which our two countries can cooperate. Russia, for its part, is carrying out an important work on a draft treaty to ban the deployment of weapons in space.

As for other issues, we cannot but state that there have been great changes in Mexico.

How Powerful Is Mexico?

Today, Mexico is exporting not only raw materials but industrial products too. Mexico accounts for 33 per cent of the total volume of Latin American exports and is the fourteenth largest exporter in the world. Tourism development, security, migration, small and medium businesses, civil society, entrepreneurial activity, and business associations are spheres that our both countries should give consideration to.

Mexico and Russia are also interacting at various venues, including the WTO. We want to expand trade, promote investments and connect our business community to their counterparts in these countries through the organization of business missions and participation in commercial promotional events.

mexico and russia relationship

It is also a common goal in the three countries to promote Mexico as a tourist destination. However, we have also set specific goals based on the prospects identified in each country. Russia is a big country and it represents a wide scope of opportunities. In the case of our Armenian counterparts, we have talked about the many opportunities in the IT and renewable energies sectors.

mexico and russia relationship

As for Belarus, we are aware of its potential in the production of tractors and agriculture machines as well as in its new industrial technologies. We need to do some work to translate this flow of information into real opportunities that can be explored by our business communities.

RIAC :: Mexico and Russia in Search of New Areas for Cooperation

Both Russia and Mexico are conscious that there is significant room to grow in our bilateral economic relations given the size of our economies and the possibilities of complementarity. We want to increase economic exchanges and investments. That said, I want to highlight that Russia has made significant steps regarding its economic engagement in Mexico. There are Russian investments in more than 80 Mexican companies, in fields such as transportation, hotels, and mining. In Marchthe company announced that, in consortium with the Italian company Eni, it had been awarded another contract.

This consolidates its presence in Mexico since it started to cooperate with Pemex in Last year Minister of Trade and Industry visited Mexico heading a business delegation in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, equipment and energy.

And this October, the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry also went to Mexico with a delegation of companies in the construction sector. On the other hand, how does Mexico engage Russia?

How do you view the possibility of effective trade exchanges between the two countries? Mexican investment in Russia is also growing. Other companies with presence in the country are Kidzania —with an entertainment center in the Moscow region- and Nemak —with a manufacturing center for automotive components in Zavolzhie, near Ulyanovsk. In addition, different Mexican governmental agencies have been encouraging Mexican producers from the agricultural sector to explore opportunities in the Russian market.

As a result, representatives from more than twenty companies have visited Russia in the last four months to get acquainted with potential partners. Therefore, I can confidently say that there is keen interest from the Mexican side to strengthen its economic ties with Russia. Our goal is to translate all these steps into a substantial growth in trade exchanges. Are the number of Russian tourists increasing compared to the previous years?

mexico and russia relationship

One of the main priorities of the Government of Mexico is tourism. Thanks to the efforts of our government in this area, in Mexico ranked sixth in the world in reception of foreign tourists, according to the World Tourism Organization, with almost 40 million visitors Out of this amount, only 37, Russian visitors entered Mexico by airplane an increase of