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In a candid interview, controversy's child, singer Mika Singh talks about his first Hindi film, brother Daler Mehndi and women!. Kapil Sharma And Sudesh Lehri as Daler mehndi and mika singh. . Urdu Latifay: Facebook Jokes in Urdu , Couple Funny Photos,. After i give advice,i always end my sentence with "idk tho" so you can never say i ruined your life. Mika Singh is younger brother of Punjabi singer Daler Mehndi. title with an additional letter "n" was based on advice provided by a numerologist. .. [2][3][4] Plot The film is based around the marriage adventure of Veer Arora (Pulkit Samrat).

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The song and video was a success in India, cementing Mehndi's status as India's biggest popstar at the time, [12] before later becoming an international success. The album had a mix of genres ranging from FolkRock and Pop. In Daler forayed into playback singing for films. He started with the song "Ru-Ba-Ru" for the film Maqbool. The same year Daler and A. And the outcome of bonding over social media and on the Coffee Run was a remix of Mehndi's hit " Tunak Tunak Tun " performed by the duo.

Welcomed by a packed audience at the Al Daiya Indoor Stadium, he broke his own record for the longest live performance without a break by performing for four and a half hours non-stop.

This was the second time the musician has performed in the country. The video game company Blizzard Entertainment incorporated the Tunak Tunak Tun dance as a character animation in their multiplayer role playing game World of Warcraft.

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Mehndi was one of the first celebrities to go and visit the soldiers at Kargil. He took upon himself the reconstruction of a block devastated in the Gujarat quake in Doodhiya village.

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Mehndi has constructed a Gurudwara Dukh Bhanjani Sahib where every morning people from all castes and religions join together and offer service in the name of god. Mehndi is the only known Indian artist to be invited by the President of Pakistan as a state guest. Performing came naturally at a young age — singing, playing instruments, creating, composing and dancing.

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How difficult was it for you to come out of the shadow of a successful elder brother Daler Mehndi? But we are different as creative people, so it was never a case of competing with my brother. A piece of advice that your brother Daler Mehndi gave you. Always be true to yourself.

Who are your inspirations as a singer? Artists such as Michael Jackson and Tupac have inspired me. Legendary Indian singers like Jagjit Singh have also been a great influence. Your reaction to being labelled as the bad boy of Bollywood. A classic song you wish you had sung.

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Your first impression of Bollywood. Do you share a good bond with them? Salman bhai is like my elder brother. I have sung so many songs like Jumme ki raat and Dhinkachika, but when I sang Aaj ki party, he especially recorded a promotional video for the song.

He is always true to his word. What makes you break into Mauja hi mauja in real life? When I see my pets at my Delhi farmhouse. You flaunt flashy cars and sport sunglasses all the time. I only like SUVs, and my favourite is the Hummer. The theme song of your life is: A childhood memory that is really close to your heart.

When I performed for my school at the age of 10 and received numerous awards.