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The Matheson children themselves. One is healthy and one is not. That could mean nothing, or it might mean that Danny's health problems are genetic and She loves Ben and Miles gives up on the relationship, but by then it's been too long. Nov 29, When Charlie tells Rachel that she's teamed up with Miles, Rachel asks if Miles has 'hurt her. Problem: only two matches in the box and they're pretty lousy. M in a circle, to stand for both their last names—Monroe and Matheson. so much of the relationship between Miles and Monroe and made it feel. May 22, Rachel attempts to save her by way of electrocution, but all that happens is that Nano! It's worth it to note that this moment includes Miles barging into the room after taking Monroe tries to salvage whatever bits of relationship he might have left with Connor but . Subscribe to EW for just $ an issue!.

They've been best friends, they've shared women, they've wrestled. Just enough to work up a sweat and and tussle Monroe's hair. Monroe to Miles, embodying the spurned lover: You care so much about the Republic, I don't care. The only thing I ever cared about was watching your back. That's the only reason I followed you into any of this.

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Obsessed isn't a strong-enough word for Monroe's feelings toward Miles. We're still brothers, and as much as I hate that, let me tell you, I do, that's never going to change. Monroe was pleading, practically on his knees, for Miles to come back to him. He went on about how they're better together than apart.

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And about how Rachel, Miles' one-time lover and sister-in-law, isn't Miles' family, Monroe is. Coincidentally or not, it's in these moments that David Lyons really delivers his best performances. Also coincidentally or not, this is when Revolution is at its best.

I mean, for a second, I really thought the two were about to embrace and shove their tongues down each other's throats during that final confrontation. But if we're at least picking that up on our gaydar, it means there's genuine characterization and emotion at play, two basic elements of writing that have been entirely absent from the series so far.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not laughing at any of this. Well, maybe a little. But there's no doubt that Miles and Monroe have, by far, the most compelling and clearly defined relationship in the series.

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Of course, this admission leaves the general none too pleased. But it just wasn't Miles' day. The militia leader had actually asked his brother to help him turn the lights back on, but in trying to take his place, Rachel bought her family enough time to move on to a location Miles would hopefully never find.

Is this loyalty or insanity? Rachel's leg injury is bad. Like, makes me cringe just thinking about it bad. Yet, Aaron Zak Orth refuses to abandon her, leaving Rachel no choice but to hand over the capsule she took out of Danny.

Apparently, that tiny little device has the ability to heal gruesome wounds! Thankfully, Aaron is a genius and no one blew up.

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But is that really worth the risk? Is Neville actually a sweetheart? Yes, Neville actually cares. They stumble upon Jason, who's barely holding it together, but he doesn't want to leave without Charlie. In another shockingly sweet twist, Neville offers to help his son, while Miles and Nora save the girl.

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And only a week after ordering her murder! You really can't predict what this guy will do next. Who should kill Monroe? Did you believe Jeremy? I love Mark Pellegrino.

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All Jeremy did was tell Monroe David Lyons the truth: