Minx and krism relationship problems

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minx and krism relationship problems

Speaking of which, pretty much any time Minx and Krism are in a video together to tell another human being, let alone someone I've been in a relationship with. In one of her Q&A videos, she mentions that her family never had any issues. Read Chapter One from the story Minx & Krism: Hide and Seek by NeonEcho (~ Neon ~) with She's followed Chandler to London, but there are problems that pop up, and when she can't do it alone, Will friendships and relationships hold ?. Due to issues with YouTube, she recently started a new channel with Krism called Krinx TV, where she now posts the majority of her videos. She also streams.

Minx's eyes glistened with unshed tears. Now tell me, who is Rachel! My mind flashed back to everything, to the pain and suffering, to the crying. Glass shards rained down as sharp as ice.

I flinched again and stared at Minx. This isn't just something I can talk about! Do you know what I've gone through?

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I can handle whatever shit you're about to say! Who is she huh, your mistress? Don't you dare say that about her! And what I've been through is ten times worse then whatever happened to you!

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It's you who doesn't understand! Now tell me Krism! I ran up the flights of stairs until i finally reached the roof. Tears were rolling down my face as I strode into the open air, my hair flying in the breeze.

I promised she wouldn't ever find out about you, I'm sorry. The concrete seemed so welcoming, so far but so close. I dangled a foot off the roof. No one would miss me, I could just do it. She was hyperventilating and panting. I stepped away from the edge as she smirked. Now stop before you hurt yourself. When i reached her she frowned. Look Krism whatever you tell me I won't be mad.


You'll never talk to me again. I deserve to die. Look, we can start slow. This was my final punishment, my fate. Minx would hate me and it would all be over. Now tell me why she makes you cry.

minx and krism relationship problems

She followed suit and scooted closer so our thighs touched. I looked down, my hair falling in my face.

minx and krism relationship problems

This is the last time you'll ever love me. Just explain what the hell is going on. I'll start from the beginning.

minx and krism relationship problems

Rachel is my sister. She was sixteen last time i saw her. She looks like a younger more beautiful version of me. We did everything together. Even things I hated Maybe you can meet some guys!

Rachel looked beautiful as always, in a poofy white dress that was too short for my liking. You're no saint yourself! Rachel forced me to wear a tight red dress, and even I had to admit I looked good.

But this just wasn't my scene. The music was loud as we walked in and I felt a bit overwhelmed as I sat in a couch, not wanting to be bothered. Rachel always loved stupid high school cliches like that. I would've preferred to stay home over that. Names Josh, I'm eighteen, how old are you? So don't waste your time on me. We can be friends.

But you look like you need to loosen up. You want something to drink? I was growing parched. I nodded and we walked to the kitchen. I chose a fruity red drink which helped me get a bit more relaxed. Then I had another, and one more. By my fourth I was up and dancing, and Rachel looked concerned.

I think you should go home or lie down. And what's your problem, why is my baby sister telling me what to do! You always have to be better then me! Well you know what! Come on, we're leaving. It'll be worth all the work and be pretty fucking nom at the end of the day.

Two Souls playthrough about choosing life over death despite her history of depression and suicidal tendencies. It's one of the most heartwarming moments in the history of her channel, bar none. I do have a heart sometimes, guys. While she does often get annoyed with them, many of the characters in both Danganronpa games endear themselves to her.

She's genuinely horrified and saddened by many of their deaths, especially in the many cases where the murderers are revealed to have sympathetic backstories or selfless motives, but they have to be brutally executed anyway.

When a Fuyuhiko is revealed to have just barely survived his attempt to intervene in Peko's execution, Minx immediately yells for Mikan to do something. She seems to get especially attached to Chiakipossibly even more than Kyoko from the first game.

At one point, Minx even tells her "please don't die. Just the way she latches on to the series' message about hope overcoming despair. During the first game's final trial, when it comes time to smash the Big Bad 's ideology to pieces and restore everyone's hope, you can even hear her voice catching on a few moments.

minx and krism relationship problems

The final part of Danganronpa 2 delivers three resounding ones: First, in a massive turnaround from her opinion in the first game, she is overjoyed when the real Byakuya enters the game and starts shutting people up, stating that she's so glad to have him around again. The second comes much later, as she listens thoughtfully to Chiaki's Rousing Speech toward the traumatized Hajime and expresses just how much she really has come to like Chiaki, telling her to start kicking some ass as the finale winds toward its conclusion.

And finally, the end of the trial: Minx is audibly tearing up at the events, quietly cheering everyone on and commenting on how sad it is that they're sacrificing everything for the sake of taking down Junko once and for all. It really shows just how much she's come to care about the characters and the world.

Minx had spent most of the game being very dismissive of Usami, but when she makes a reappearance during the shutdown sequence, she drops that completely and tells her to kick Junko's ass.