Miyuki and tatsuya relationship counseling

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miyuki and tatsuya relationship counseling

Will they stay as a couple until the very end? Could the author pull I feel the twist ending where Miyuki dies and Tatsuya destroys the world. Japanese Therapists in Harbor Gateway - Los Angeles, CA Cities | Counties .. Miyuki Kanda, Marriage & Family Therapist. Miyuki . Tatsuya Arakawa. Find Japanese Therapists, Psychologists and Japanese Counseling in Gardena, Los Tatsuya Arakawa, Marriage & Family Therapist .. Miyuki Kanda.

Volume 9 - Visitor I, Chapter 6 Prior to the sibling's enrollment at First High, they too would have naturally been caught inside the familial policy of secrecy, meaning their chances of being discovered by outsiders was slim.

miyuki and tatsuya relationship counseling

Even during this time, Tatsuya is under strict instruction from his mother to remain inconspicuous: Actions which could lead to the discovery that Miyuki-san is a Yotsuba Head successor are prohibited. It would be a very undesirable outcome for us to have Tatsuya-san's identity to come out.

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Maya's negotiation with Kazama was steered to obtain the most satisfactory result for the Yotsuba. Volume 8 - Reminiscence, Chapter 15 Working in collaboration with the military by extension means working with the "Electron Sorceress" Fujibayashi Kyoukowho can manipulate electronic information to an unfathomable degree, creating an almost watertight seal around the siblings information.

This leaves a situation where even Kokonoe Yakumo, a renowned information broker, cannot uncover any of their background information: Tatsuya squinted his eyes.

miyuki and tatsuya relationship counseling

The intelligence manipulation surrounding the two of you is truly invincible. Or should I say, worthy of its high reputation. In response, Tatsuya received it with a magnanimous look. The Yotsuba name had even more impact than the Saegusa name.

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The political utility of the Saegusa name was higher, but the Yotsuba name incited much more fear in people with influence. Volume 12 - Double Seven, Chapter 6 This fear is also shown when Erika stumbles across Tatsuya's secret accidentally, and warns her brother against investigating him too much: Volume 11 - Visitor III, Chapter 15 Even those not in the higher echelons of magicians should be rightfully wary of the Yotsuba family - after all, this is the clan that previously took down an entire nation in under 2 years!

Going from brotherly love to romantic love in a short time would be too out of character for Tatsuya. If you are just opposing this because your only reason is he can't feel love, he didn't engage in anything romatic so they shouldn't marry each other, then I'm afraid to tell you, sir, that marriage in Mahouka is not only about love.

miyuki and tatsuya relationship counseling

Hell, even love if out of the norm in many relationships, even in our world's history there are many examples about this. There are many political and social reasons. Powerful magicians marry other powerful magicians because one of their duties is to leave children that would eventually inherit the best traits of their progenitors. Miya and Tatsurou did not care for each other, but they married and gave birth to Tatsuya.

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The same thing is expected for Miyuki, to marry someone strong and leave strong offsprings. Maya chose Tatsuya as her partner because of several reasons. It is a way to chain Tatsuya more to the Yotsuba clan and prevent him from betraying them, it is part of her machinations and her vendetta against the world and it also prevents Miyuki from deserting the clan with Tatsuya because she is literally making her wish come true.

The part that Miyuki loves him romantically is a plus, because that strengthens the reasons I already explained.