Mortal instruments clary and jace relationship advice

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mortal instruments clary and jace relationship advice

Amidst the supernatural backdrop of "Shadowhunters" season 2, the romantic relationships between the characters still take center stage. Rune tattoos illuminate inexplicably, as Jace and Clary share a powerfully Clary is actually a Shadowhunter, a daughter of two Shadowhunters and, Clary enters a relationship with the ever-eager and persistent Simon, who's been . You'll also receive occasional tips on how to live a more imaginative. Jace told her of Shadowhunters and Downworlders, but before they could .. At the moment of taking a further step in their relationship, Jace injured Clary with a . bad for her and approached her to try and give her some comfort and advice.

It doesn't look like the Silent City Why is he getting better accommodation than Jace got for being a traitor? Magnus and Alec are still making time for romance.

mortal instruments clary and jace relationship advice

Because really, what's more important than love? Simon and Clary are all wrapped up in their own little relationship bubble. Look at how happy Simon is! If your heart isn't a puddle on the floor right now then maybe you don't have one.

But -- Jace can't keep the secret any longer! He has to tell Clary she's not his sister! It's possible that Valentine manipulated him into doing this. We do not trust that guy. Girl, we reacted the same way.

Does she look happy or sad? Jace's eyes are squeezed shut and his lips slightly parted. Clary's knees brace against the seat cushion and she raises her body up and down in a slow, steady rhythm. Each of her quiet pants displaces the damp golden hair at his temple.

She watches with languid fascination as a stubborn bead of sweat falls over the sharp cut of his jaw and slides down his neck to disappear beneath the collar of his shirt. Quietly tucked away in the back of the library, Clary straddles Jace's lap as he fills her and leaves her empty, over and over. The friction of sliding over him makes her body tremble, and she's not sure how she's managed to keep this torturous pace.

mortal instruments clary and jace relationship advice

Her thighs burn with the exertion, but she doesn't care. It's just so— "So fucking good," Jace murmurs, opening his eyes slowly. And it's too much for Clary—his tawny gaze saying things she can almost hear and the tension of his body making her want to scream—so she closes her eyes and just focuses on the feel of him inside of her, the first time without any barrier between them.

Jace's hands move from her hips to the hem of the dress bunched around her thighs. Cool air finds damp skin as he gathers the fabric and raises it to her waist. It steals her breath away, the sight of her body taking his in, over and over. A sudden shift of her hips elicits a low moan from Jace. As his head falls onto her shoulder he breathes faster into her neck.

His urging hands return to the now-naked flesh of her hips and Clary lets him guide her into a quicker pace. She's watching the backs of her eyelids again. Her head becomes so heavy, spilling over with pleasure, pleasure, pleasure, that she lets it lull backward and her body is all nerves and no bones.

She feels it, that hot churning deep inside of her, growing, and building and compounding toward— The click of the library door opening tears into her awareness like a gunshot. She freezes above Jace, her hands now clutching the chair in fear instead of lusty abandon.

She can't see past the rows of books, but there are definitely footsteps. Clary is already looking around frantically for her underwear, but long fingers dig into her skin, keeping her exactly where she is. His hold doesn't loosen. He resumes moving against her and his hands attempt to coax her tentative body to move in return. She pushes at his chest and attempts to rise, but only succeeds in giving him exactly what he wants: He half-smirks, eyes still smoldering.

Jace, I—" His left hand dips between her legs and finds her clit. He brushes her just so with his thumb and her entire body goes taught.

Jace presses his lips to her ear. He lowers his lips to her chest and sucks on her nipple through the thin cotton of her sundress.

Shadowhunters 3x02 - Jace Tells Clary His Feelings After Date

Clary's hands move from the upholstery to his mussed hair, holding his mouth against her. She can still hear Maryse and Isabelle moving through the library, but their voices are distant and muffled by the blood rushing in her ears and the feeling of Jace moaning against her breast.

She sucks in a sharp breath just as Jace goes tense and pulses beneath her. He works her clit as she rides his release, and she's coming undone within moments.

mortal instruments clary and jace relationship advice

Her teeth close around his shoulder to keep her from screaming. Bit-by-bit the orgasm subsides, Clary going soft and pliant against Jace's chest as the rest of the world comes back into focus. First, she hears Jace's slowing breaths and then, beyond that, Maryse and Isabelle's unassuming conversation. Clary sighs in relief. Her nose brushes Jace's as she tips her face down to his.

Her legs are weak and tremble beneath her when she stands, and Jace reaches out to straighten her wrinkled skirt so that it falls to her knees. As he stands and rights his jeans, Clary recalls having lost her panties somewhere in the Ancient History section. Retrieving them would mean risking discovery by Isabelle and Maryse. Clary bites her lip. Jace's lips graze her ear. Give them to me, she mouths silently. Jace shakes his head, grinning. He leans down to retrieve his sweatshirt from the floor and holds it out for her to take.

Clary shakes her head and leans in close enough to whisper, "That is not a fair trade! She shivers and looks down: Clary sighs and accepts the sweatshirt. It's almost comically big on her small frame, but it does its job, and Jace uses the excess material to pull her against him and kiss her deeply.

'Shadowhunters': Will Jace Choose Between Clary and Maia?

He tastes salty and almost sweet in a way that's uniquely Jace. And though she should be worried about being discovered, her eyes slip closed, and she thinks nothing could possibly touch her when Jace is holding her like this—like she's the strongest, most precious person in the world. And, with just a little subtle maneuvering, she's able to get her hand around to his back pocket where she saw him stick her— "I don't think so," Jace murmurs and pushes her gently into the chair.

He reaches for a book on the nearest shelf, tosses it to her, and then grabs one for himself. Settling into the nearest window seat, he begins talking loudly in a conversational tone. That's my favorite part. It ends with them turning into a giant tossed salad. The title on the cloth cover is written in a language she doesn't understand—possibly Arabic—and beneath it is an image of ship with a tall mast and wide sails.

She draws a finger over the embossed edges, even as she hears the soft click of Maryse's heels drawing closer. Clary," she says in surprise. As long as you're both here, you might as well join Isabelle for her herbal remedy lesson. Clary is what he wants, and he wants her every minute of every day. At night she's his and no one else's, but when the sun comes up, it's as if they're living on borrowed time. Every moment alone together feels rare and breakable. He grasps those opportunities with both hands and holds them close so that they don't slip away.

If it's not wrong to love Clary, then it's wrong to be so selfish with her. Either way, he's not at all sorry. If he can't have her all the time, he'll take her when he can. It's not everything he wants, but it's more than he deserves. He hears his bedroom door open and close, followed by the sound of sound Clary's bare feet padding across the floor towards the bed.

Jace finishes running the towel through his damp hair and then tosses it onto the counter. He leaves the bathroom to find Clary sitting on top of the bed covers, legs crossed beneath her and a book balanced in her hands. She's still wearing the sweatshirt he gave her earlier, but the dress is gone, replaced with a pair of long flannel pajama pants. Her hair is pulled back in a loose ponytail so that the pink color in her cheeks stands out. There's a brightness in her green eyes that he thinks he may have had a hand in, and the thought lightens the heaviness in his chest.

Beneath his thumb Jace feels the curve of her smile. He leans down and kisses it. You know, as a completely objective third-party. It's a powerful, heady feeling that never diminishes no matter how many times they're alone together like this. He thinks this must be what it's like for his heart to want someone as badly as his body does. It's never less exhilarating or less vital.

mortal instruments clary and jace relationship advice

He could never get enough of her. Decidedly not the reaction he was going for. Clary turns to face him. You're not worried about it being so quiet?

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It ebbs and flows naturally. Honestly he's never seen the sort of quiet that they've experienced the last couple weeks. After the fight with Valentine, the demonic activity in New York had flared and then slowed to a trickle. But the Clave couldn't afford to look a gift horse in the mouth Not now, while they were still recovering and regrouping. If something particularly nefarious is behind the lack of demonic activity, let the rest of the Clave deal with it.

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Hey, it's all for a good cause! They find out that Valentine is Clary's father. Even though her dad is an evil mastermind, Jace still wants to hang out with Clary! TrueLove Jace takes Clary to a romantic cemetery and teaches her how to use a Seraph blade. Jace teaches Clary how to flirt with vampires, then gets jealous. They go for a romantic ride on a stolen Vampire motorbike.

Together they save Simon from the Vampires. And Jace watches jealously as Clary hugs her best friend. Not used to competition, right? Clary sees Jace shirtless for the first time. Simon wants to leave the Institute but Clary decides to stay with Jace.

Izzy lends Clary a new dress and Jace is very impressed. He also gives her a new blade. What a generous guy! They find Magnus, lose him and then find him again. Jace will stop at nothing to help Clary get her memories back.

Magnus performs a spell and a demon tries to kill Jace! Clary sacrifices her memories to save him! Soulmates Jace is super grateful. Although not grateful enough to take his shirt off Clary gets captured by werewolves and Jace saves her! Ok, it's possible that Luke did a lot of the actual fighting Jace brings back the cure for Luke and supports Clary in her time of need. The lovebirds break into the police station together. Also Clary gets to slap Jace as part of the "mission". We're not sure which event is more important!

Simon dies and Jace holds Clary as she cries over his grave. Simon becomes a vampire and runs away.