Murdoc and noodle relationship test

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murdoc and noodle relationship test

Murdoc. 2-D. Russel. Noodle. These are the 4 main members of the band ' Gorillaz'. Have you ever wondered which one you were? If so, take this quiz!. 2d x noodle is the ship between: Stuart '2d' Pot and Noodle, the reasons a very special bond, but it's probably a daughter-father relationship. Murdoc x 2D Pregnant Test Gorillaz, Pregnancy Test, Toot, Violin, Music Music. Visit gorillaz | Tumblr Punkrock, Murdoc Gorillaz, Gorillaz Fan Art, Gorillaz Noodle, Gorillaz. Open I love this kind of relationship for Murdoc and Noodle.

murdoc and noodle relationship test

Yes, Murdoc has kidnapped most of the band at least once, and yes, he has put a hit out on Noodle and removed every shred of self-worth from 2D, but Gorillaz are the most resilient band around. Forgetting for a moment that it actually turned out you were just 23 minutes walk away from civilisation, what did you learn about yourself while you were alone?

It was a difficult time. The whole experience taught me a lot.

murdoc and noodle relationship test

Mostly, try not to eat your friends. Things seemed pretty amicable between you and the rest of the band in your latest video, all things considered. How are relations with everyone? Like the time I spent a year digging a tunnel from my room into a local sewage pipe. One night I made my move, crawled through yards of horrible stuff, then ran for it.

murdoc and noodle relationship test

The truth is, we all play a part in writing. Filthy little minx, that one. She flopped down in her usual seat. Why would make us do this? Plus, it would've been okay if we were to be publically humiliated. So, you have to suffer the consequences of losing.

I'd do all of you and 'D's chores for a week. Hell, I'd even kiss 'D!

murdoc and noodle relationship test

Just please, don't make me do this. What's that supposed to mean? Russel raised an accusing eyebrow at her, and she shook her head and shrugged, placing her finger over her lips to tell Russel not to say anything. I guess you're right! Noodle bit the inside of her cheek to refrain from laughing as Russel shook his head at their friend.

He's your boyfriend, after all. Russel sighed and walked out of the kitchen, flicking 2D in the head on his way out. His feet felt heavier and heavier with each step the closer he got to the bassist's door. Before he knew it he was standing at Murdoc's door. Gets force fed an entire fridge full of food courtesy of a ghost in the "Saturnz Barz" video.

We Skyped every member of Gorillaz

Friend to All Children: The music video for Dirty Harry implies 2D has the instincts, at least. His smiles and demeanor implies that the only reason he's playing at all is to keep the children distracted from their dire situation stranded in a desert the only way he knows how; through genre busting music and ethereal vocals.

He dances right past two boys in the middle of a slap fight, ignores blatant bullying and hair pulling, and is totally absent when a boy peaks up a girl's skirt, after stuffing a Dung Beetle's dung ball in his mouth. Has a wardrobe full of them, particularly in Phase 1. Bizarrely builds some pretty advanced machinery during his many escape attempts from Plastic Beach, such as the Donkatron.

He can play a lot of instruments, he composed a lot of songs, and he even wrote some of the lyrics, despite his rather unimpressive mental capacity. While his parents are suggested to have been idiots of a similar breed to him, they were also very loving and involved in his life, something that none of his bandmates can relate to.

Seems to have been given these in Phase 4, making him a rare male example of this trope. Interviews have revealed that he actually refers to the pants that he wears that accentuate his hips as "mom jeans", furthering this trope.

Spends all of Phase 3 in the throes of one, to the point where his expression in the videos is pretty much permanently one of complete terror and confusion. In one of the most twisted examples in all fiction, with Murdoc. Whether he likes it or not. Horrible Judge of Character: He worships a man like Murdoc Niccals and was in a long-term relationship with a woman like Paula Cracker.

Expect him to randomly mention how he has chlamydia completely unprompted during interviews. Even after becoming the Only Sane Man in Phase 3, it's still very clear that he's an idiot. He's very smash, but also a musical genius. He's supposedly considered incredibly good looking in-universe to the point of becoming an international sex symbol during Phase 2.

Out of universe, while he certainly has his fans, he's generally considered something similar to Ugly Cute at best or something out of the Uncanny Valley at worst. I Owe You My Life: His loyalty to Murdoc is due to his belief in this, when in reality Murdoc was the one responsible for almost killing him.

Surprisingly, Russell does the kicking in the Humility video by tripping 2D as he happily skates around Venice Beach. He's usually dumb as rocks, but he is generally a very nice person. Develops a fondness for switchblades during Phase 2, and is frequently shown flicking one in pictures. Since Murdoc's arrest, he has stepped up as the main creative force behind the band's music. He's thin as a stick, but he's very nice despite the fact.

Phase 2 played it more straight when he became a Knife Nut who fathered several illegitimate childrenbut since then all instances of him lashing out at others have been justified as being the result of him being under a great deal of stress. Like Brother and Sister: His relationship with Noodle, who describes it as a "zen bond". After her supposed death, he apparently retired from music entirely before getting forced back by Murdoc in Phase 3.

His pre-Gorillaz nickname — Stu-Pot. Also, he went into a coma, making him a vegetable Stu. In France, his nickname "2 Dents" is meaningful too in that "dents" means "teeth" in French, and he's obviously missing two of his front ones. Black, but they're sometimes depicted as being white. Whether this is merely a stylistic effect or if his eyes actually change color depending on the circumstances is unknown.

The music video for Humility reveals that his eyes actually do change color, swapping from white throughout most of the video before shifting to black after Russell trips him.

Whether this is voluntary or dependent on mood is debatable.

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While his attractiveness depends on your opinion of the art style, he's the designated pretty boy in-universe. Most so in the video for "Humility", where he wears short shorts and the camera pans on his well-defined butt.

Murdoc and 2D Explain how Gorillaz met

In contrast to Murdoc2D is almost always portrayed as being a friendly and considerate guy. Most of the timeanyway, since Phase 2 features him doing such things as fathering mulltiple illegitimate children. He has a lot of them, to the point where he's almost never seen without one throughout Phase 3. The very first image of him released for Phase 4 feature him sporting a sweet coon skin cap.

Compared to the rest of the team, 2D is much more likely to curl up into a fetal position when trouble arises. By Phase 3 he's become gutsy enough to attack Murdoc but is immediately overpowered by him in the ensuing fight. His lack of any survival skills bites him in the ass in the backstory of Phase 4, where he was forced to live off of rotten whale meat after becoming shipwrecked due to his inability to fend for himself.

He was living in Beirut before being kidnapped at the beginning of Phase 3. What he was doing there is anyone's guess. The most apparent example of this in the cast. By Phase 3, he became older, wiser and much, much more bitter. Phase 4 has a more traditional example of this.

While he's arguably dumber than he was in Phase 3, he's also generally much more calm and confident in himself than he ever was before. Older Than They Look: While 2D has gained a few wrinkles over the years, he hardly looks any different in his mid-thirties than he did in his early twenties.

If anything, he looks younger. He finally looks closer to his age in more recent artwork, largely due to his shorter haircut. Went from perhaps the least likely of the group to play this role to the only person around with any common sense.

This is saying something, as 2D is far past sane by that point. Driven home by the "DoYaThing" video, where 2D is clearly sick of how broken his life has become. Our Zombies Are Different: While he's not really a zombie, 2D — himself a huge fan of classic zombie films like Dawn of the Dead — clearly has a zombie motif going on, what with his seemingly eyeless sockets, getting revived from an inescapable coma, and having brain damage.

While not as extreme as Murdoc's, it is long enough for it to be able to reach into his nose with ease. Although, having no front teeth in the way can be a factor. Despite being the band's poster boy, 2D does almost nothing to advance the plot when compared to the other three, and instead just kind of stands around while stuff happens near him.

Repeatedly described as one, and while this is up to the viewer outside of their universe, it should be noted that his facial structure closely resembles the type used for females by Jamie Hewlett. Hewlett also seems to be drawing 2D with long, feminine eyelashes in Phase 5 artwork as shown here: His hair generally reaches down to just above his shoulders, though it varies in length depending on his current hairstyle.

murdoc and noodle relationship test

His real name is a play on "stew pot".