Ncis gibbs and jenny relationship advice

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ncis gibbs and jenny relationship advice

Gibbs also had a past romantic relationship with the (now deceased) director of NCIS, Jenny Shepard, who was. The complicated relationship between Gibbs and Jenny, and Gibbs acting childish. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Humor/Romance - Leroy Jethro Gibbs - Words: "Why are people coming to me for relationship advice?. Type of relationship: Friends/Son and Mother Jenny, the last director of NCIS had Tony do undercover work for her and her alone. Gibbs and the crew were unaware of this and there were mixed . Fan Site "How To" Tips.

This a drabble I put together after watching an episode and missing Jenny extremely. Please review, boost my spirits! His ex-wife and his, well, friend had just asked for his permission to further pursue a relationship. Standing there, catching flies in his open mouth, Diane waited for an answer. Tobias Fornell stood slightly behind her, and smirked at Gibbs, who was clearly uncomfortable with the whole situation.

This ordeal started with Gibbs and DiNozzo barging into Diane and Fornell's unaccounted-for hotel room, and then the cat was out of the bag. Diane rolled her eyes. Fornell's eyes drifted upwards and he raised his eyes at Gibbs, as the voice was clearly feminine.

Gibbs and Jenny - NCIS

A figure came walking down the hallway. She was tall, curvy, and had flowing hair. As she came into the light, Fornell scoffed. Sterling, what are you doing here? Jenny's appearance indicated that she was sick, solving the mystery of why she hadn't been at the office for a while. Fornell struggled to hold back a chuckle, and led Diane out of the house with a hand on her waist. Jenny finished descending the stairs and looked questioningly at Gibbs. Gibbs shook his head, almost still shell-shocked.

Whereas some merely look at whether they think the two make a cute couple, others look at how the relationship tension works for the development of the show. Jethro was not the one to end the relationship and so there persists a sense that, for him, Jenny is unfinished business.

ncis gibbs and jenny relationship advice

Despite agreeing on her first day that he would not let the past be a problem for them, he throws it at her at least as often as she throws it at him. It gives him a power in their relationship that he certainly did not enjoy with the previous director. This has, of course, allowed a whole new string of plots and story arcs. The probie director can make mistakes and hers are humdingers, especially in Season 4 "Brothers in Arms" and Season 5 "Bury Your Dead".

But she can also manipulate Gibbs by using her knowledge of him: Her knowledge of how he works means that some of his manipulative devices do not work on her "Don't give me the stare. I'm not one of your junior agents". She can quote his own rules for work and life back at him, especially the one about keeping secrets First and best, tell no one. Second best, tell one other person if you must. There is no third best. Their relationship is shown in stark relief when he is in a coma and Jenny cannot bring herself to leave.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs

When he awakes, he looks up at Jenny and at first blurrily mistakes her for Shannon. He then remembers making love to her in Paris and she tells him about their partnership and subsequent relationship after Shannon's death.

ncis gibbs and jenny relationship advice

After reading his file Jenny is appalled to learn his secret and his loss but is also hurt that he never shared it with her while they were a couple.

Her sympathy for him is genuine.

Her hurt, when he feigns not to remember their time in Serbia, is also genuine and she does her best to hide her emotions, but she exhibits realism when, on being left a photo of them at a mountain hut in Serbia when Gibbs departs without saying goodbyeshe answers a query about when the photo was taken with "A lifetime ago".

Her relationship with Gibbs is of the past and never really leaves you, but she seems unlikely to want to start it back up, at least for the moment. This was flagged up over a bourbon-based discussion when Mann was on secondment to work with Gibbs. Jenny purposely introduces her to the need to acquire a taste for bourbon a metaphor for Gibbs, who drinks bourbonand that once the taste is acquired, it never leaves.

Gibbs, who is absent from this discussion, is perturbed at what "his two women" could be doing in the discussion, but he refuses to speculate and refuses to let Tony speculate either, when Tony raises the subject during a stakeout. However, some time later, Jenny is not above showing curiosity about Gibbs and Mann's relationship, fishing for information when they exhibit hostility when working together a second time brought together after Gibbs had failed to phone Mann for the six weeks since they spent the night together.

Gibbs is vain enough to enjoy the silent hostility territorialism, unspoken cat fight over him between the two women.

Jenny and Jethro- Let's make

He exhibits this only by a smirk, but Gibbs rarely smirks. Jenny and Gibbs are shown as being close and he is extremely protective of her, following her during her hunt for La Grenouille and expressing concern for her well being and the sometimes unecessary danger she is placing herself in. And all of them, surely, are to be measured against his relationship with his one true love, Shannon.

Jenny's instability has allowed Gibbs to be repositioned as a more stable character, of wisdom and steadiness in the face of a crisis and with the perspicacity to see through the smoke to the real issues. He is in a position to be Jen's Jiminy Cricket conscience whilst having the 'freedom' to defy her when he wants, knowing that she is unlikely to truly make him pay for insubordination.

He knows that she, and previous directors, consider him their most valuable asset in the field. And their relationship means that she knows more about him in the field than almost anyone else.

ncis gibbs and jenny relationship advice

Her red hair is also a reflection of her character, while Gibbs apparently hotheaded always manages to keep his cool when under duress, albeit a smoke screen. He let you go. He didn't, he didn't fit into my five point plan.