Noctis and stella relationship trust

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noctis and stella relationship trust

Warning to Stella's fans: She'll be OOC for the entire story. I just think she is the perfect antagonist in Tifa and Noctis' relationship. . "As long as we get along so well and you are someone I could trust, then there's nothing. Will Noctis and Stella ever be a couple? Will they be enemies? Will one of them have a tragic ending? Is Stella a Mysterious Dragoon Lady?. Noctis Lucis Caelum is the playable character and main protagonist of Final Fantasy XV. Director Hajime Tabata has described Noctis's relationship with his father thusly: . Though Ardyn has been helping them, Noctis does not trust him.

That sound like city of insomnia was not a part of the world. I mean that sound like we cant expolore whole city. What do You think? But, in the Versus days, Nomura stated that we would be able to travel through that city…. They seem to be cutting a lot of content to release the game ASAP but it could prevent the game from being the masterpiece we were teased about for the last 9 years. Xervath Movies and games alike have set-pieces and scenes that get deleted.

This, to me, feels no different. Now to wait for roughly 3 months… grapes9h5 Seems like people are overreacting and misinterpreting, at least imo. I just hope that Luna gets some or most of the badassary they were planning for Stella, and that the sequences in Insomnia, at the start and later in the game where the big action will now have to be will be surprising and satisfying. Giovanni Reyna We just need to wait for this game, Square-Enix is not like Capcom, trying to erase all what you already work for, i still think the change are somehow worrisome but not to the extent of condemning the game.

Lol nope, my hopes still intact and this going to be a massive game in fact. Versus died a long time ago. I really really hope Luna turns out to be more Stella like than she seems right now, as in strong, competent, mysterious, and of her own ambitions. They dont where to go or what to do next. I want the original team back. Sounds even farther off from release than I thought.

Really good to know that it will be one self contained story, unlike versus which was meant to be an epic HalfLucan She was an antagonist originally, someone with similar powers to Noct.

Luna could well be the same she might be the girl in the flashback in the trailers but this time she might be a companion. Justice V Noctis gets with Cidney in the final heh. So they tried to change her but keep her as Stella. So easiest fix is to change her name and essentially swap her into a new character. Zach Hagler Yeah your probably right. Especially since we never really knew anything about her.

We were also promised that Stella was gonna be the most different female protagonist of the series, and while I liked Lightning and the other female characters of the FNC subseries, and I would have liked to see the contrast between Stella and Lightning. The real problem I have is that the more we learn about XV, the less it seems like Square Enix realizes why people fell in the love with the idea.

And why they are upset that there is still virtually nothing known about the story despite there now being a playable demo for it. The character dymanics were cool but at the same time, why should I care about them?

If it had been instead focusing on Insomnia and offered the first look at the story and Luna and all of them, I think it would have done a far better job of showing off why these changes were necessary. Why does Stella need to be reimagined into a whole new character?

What is the new changes to the story that needs this character to be different? When are we going to get the scene of Noctis and Luna meeting? When are we going to find out more about all of the unnamed antagonists?

Only daydreams and speculations for the most part. I understand Tabata knows what he is doing and is a very capable director. Nomura knew what his vision was, and its good to know they are trying to live up to what Nomura had planned.

I can understand Tabata is trying to interpret the story as best he can, based upon the original creators idea and script. If they wanted to release it ASAP then they would be going full on promotion already.

Sathil We will most likely have to wait for a postmortem for that information. Or maybe even see it for ourselves through the game. Several of the staff were working in parallel on Chrono Trigger, and development for Final Fantasy VII was interrupted when the other project became significant enough to require the help of Yoshinori Kitase and other designers. Despite having written the original plot, Sakaguchi focused with developing the battle system rather than the final version of the story.

It happened with every Final Fantasy, just read about it. Not that people will stop complaining about the fanfiction in their heads not taking place anymore as if it were going to. A thin layer of white steam was floating above them. Dear, you don't seem well. Both had long, blonde hair, both opted for dressing in white, both had blue eyes and, better yet, they were both princesses. Stella knew all about the planned wedding. It should not have been much time until the day Noctis and Luna would have officially become husband and wife.

More exactly, their wedding was set the next month. Stella was very happy when she heard this exciting news. She had offered to arrange their garden, to buy flowers of all colors, to write the guests list.

noctis and stella relationship trust

She also wished to help Luna step into her bride dress when the time would come and style her hair. Consequently, Luna often said she could have never asked for a better sister. My son is just telling me how bad he wants to enter the football team.

Thank you for bringing it. I'm sure your son is serious about entering that football team, right? Which means, you ought to stay as relaxed as possible. I believe you will give Noctis a wonderful child. Hearing the name of her lover, Luna felt her flesh turning into ice. Or perhaps it could have been Noctis's ghostly presence behind her, embracing her with his cold, dead arms. The thought pierced her heart like a heavy, sharp blade.

If until ten minutes ago this was the name that brought sincere happiness on her face, now it became a simple word, most likely part of a requiem. Is something the matter? That's out of the question! Again the blade stabbed her. Worse yet, her child began to stir harder. It almost made her pass out. Too much pain… "Have you not… read the newspaper? It was still there, left where it had slipped out of Luna's grasp. As she bent to pick it up, she managed to read the headliner.

She sat before her sister and delved into the content. Luna remained silent all the while, pushing her hands on her stomach to appease her son. With every sentence that Stella read in perfect silence, Luna's heart throbbed and pounded and writhed.

Suddenly, the younger sister let out a scared gasp. He was a man of honor! Emperor Idola's first order was to establish a provisional government for the Kingdom of Lucis. When interviewed, he stated that the victims of the attack will benefit from free treatment during their recovery. However, that is not at all helpful because a great number of the injured have already met their end.

The emperor does not wish to comment on this tragic event. As for our city, we are led to believe the empire will rebuilt it in the future, but we will no longer be under our noble king Regis's protection. It has definitely been an honor for us to be named your people. We pray to goddess Etro that she places your soul among the many heroes of our kingdom and that you receive your rightful peace. Stella's hand trembled on the newspaper. Luna took her cup of tea and sipped from it slowly. What interest does the emperor have in Insomnia?

His attack resulted in the destruction of the capital! The death of so many innocent people! And Stella's cheeks were left pale, chalky white. She was quick to understand what that meant. She kept reading, although she did not wish to. Asked about survivors, emperor Idola was not reluctant to inform the authorities that not even our prince, Noctis Caelum, made it out alive. His death marks the end of our days as kingdom. Although it is hard for us to reorganize in such dreadful conditions, the empire of Niflheim demands us to—" Stella could not read anymore, while Luna found the taste of tea like iron.

There must be something! Luna, we already have your dress ready! The sun on the sky was not able to warm their hearts. The flowers in the vase were not able to make them smile. About…" Luna stayed still as the child continued to kick her. She bit on her lip when the pain became unbearable. I would've… loved to see you two… on your wedding day!

I'm giving him the name of his father. At first, only small tears trailed from her eyes. When lovely memories of Noctis and her together flooded her mind, she lost control. She surrendered to despair. Her palms hid her face and she buried it there, releasing loud cries. Stella tried to comfort her, but there wasn't much she could do about it.

She just petted Luna's wavy hair. What am I supposed to tell him? He would have cried too if he had known how. Stella, frightened by what she saw, suggested that she should lie down in bed, instead of sitting at the table. Even though Luna wanted to run out in the street and convict the entire Niflheim population to eternal torment, she knew she had to keep strong for the sake of her child. I am here to protect you. He'd tell you all the myths of the earth.

The old gods, the impossible love between the sea and the sky… He used to tell me stories every time we were together. Sharp cramps comprised her body until she was finally lying there. Stella put her tea cup on the nightstand, although Luna didn't seem willing to eat or drink anything. Think about your child. He needs you to take care of yourself so that he can be well too. Please try to get some rest.

Once she was by herself, she sought refuge in speaking with small Noctis. She eventually drank her tea and even sang a song for her child as she massaged the place where he was. She told him of the waterfalls surrounding Altissa, of how people believed the location had been blessed by the gods, of how they managed to build a marvelous city in the heart of nature.

Every now and then you could hear the soothing sound of water as you were walking in the streets. She did not receive an answer, but, miraculously, the pain from his kicks receded.

He loved to stay awake at night. King Regis must have chosen the perfect name for him! Whenever the moon was high in the sky, he would lie awake. If I happened to be tired, he'd let me sleep.

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If not, he'd wake me up with a kiss and ask me to join him on the terrace. Due to traffic jams he arrived a little late, in the evening. Warm shadows were falling on the buildings of Altissa. People were returning home after another work's day. He parked his Audi R8 in front of my family's manor. Oh, I remember it well! His friends were also with him. There was… Ignis, his advisor, there was… Gladiolus, his spiritual shield, oh and Prompto!

Prompto always had his camera close. He was laying eyes on Altissa for the first time and the photographer within him was interested in taking as many pictures as possible. Unstoppable, his index finger kept pressing the button. The glass door leading to her balcony was open, bringing pleasant air inside. She took it in, hoping the beauty of nature would snap her out of her steadily installing depression. It was love at first sight, she told me afterwards.

They are good friends today. I often run into Stella sending him messages on Snapchat.

noctis and stella relationship trust

His replies are usually followed by images taken by him. I sure hope their relationship evolves well. Back to Noctis and I, we sat together in this balcony. We were… right… here. I told him of my life here in Accordo's capital city. Then he offered to take me out to a walk. Soon, we were outside — two ordinary people doing what ordinary people do.

He bought me ice cream. We sat on a bench. Then we strolled through a park. It was spring, if I recall. All the trees were in bloom. The scent was wonderful. We stood under their delicate flowers, hand in hand. He said he had something very important to ask me.

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By the time we finished our walk, the moon was above us. It was the most beautiful night in my whole life! That was when he proposed to me, saying he needed us to be together every day. I still bear the engagement ring he gave me. It is slim and silvered. Nevertheless, nothing could distract her from reminiscing her time spent with the one she loved most. The first thing Stella noticed was how teary Luna's eyes were, how tight her fists were squeezed and how lost she looked as her head was turned to right, towards the sun rays.

He may have been reluctant to talk too much, but he always told me 'I love you', even though he was repeating himself a hundred times.

Final Fantasy XV: Noctis & Stella Meeting (Eng Subs - 1080p)

Nobody knew him better than I did! He was… my light, my hope, my joy. And he is your father, Noctis. You must promise me you'll live up to his name. Who are you talking to? I was confessing to my son. I told him a story and now he is feeling better. The sadness could choke the strength out of her, which would undoubtedly harm her child. Stella blinked her own tears away and sat on the bed, tracing her fingers on Luna's cheek.

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Until then I will be here to offer you everything I can. How about you taste it? Her sister would be the most valuable remedy throughout her upcoming hard days. She ate what had been prepared for her, then rested her head on the pillow. What would Luna like to watch? Not now, to say the least. She found by chance a channel that broadcasted 'breaking' news. Fearing it would aggravate Luna's state of mind, she outstretched her hand towards the screen to quickly skip the image, but her sister had already caught a glimpse of it.

How did we end up this way? Her face turned stoic and cold. Barely did she blink as a reporter surrounded by collapsed buildings expressed his concern about the damage done to the Crown City. Luna furrowed after he finished speaking. Why did emperor Idola say he'd help the citizens? If nothing else, he made things worse! Many roads were blocked, imperial troops patrolled among children, bodies were covered, ready to be taken to the morgue. Noctis could have been one of these bodies. She placed her head on Stella's shoulder.

Please don't change the channel. I want to see what's happening in Insomnia. At times, Noctis would stand by his side and the cameras would be trained on the two of them as they stepped into the spotlight.

He was wearing a military uniform despite his considerable age. A wicked smile framed his full lips. Stella's gaze could have killed as she stared at the screen, while Luna held back the desire to scream.

Behold the one responsible for the tragedy… "Not only is the king dead," said one of the reporters, "but also our prince of Lucis is nowhere to be found. Will you turn your back on this? Does the death of king Regis not affect your conscience? Then she heard such an unpleasant voice, it could only have belonged to a villain like Idola. The welfare of my conscience should not be your concern. As for the future of Insomnia — no! The future of all Lucis, a provisional government is to be established here until the empire of Niflheim completely occupies these lands.

It is time you embraced reality: Lucis will be annexed to Niflheim. Enough people have already lost their lives, of that I am certain.