Nodame and chiaki relationship marketing

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nodame and chiaki relationship marketing

Well, in someway, Nodame Cantabile manages to do it. So for tonight What we will be unveiling tonight is his blossoming relationship with Nodame. Now, boys and ANIME = MARKETINGIn "Anime Marketing". Nodame. Nodame Cantabile is originally a series of Japanese manga drawn by more, but none were actually a real threat to their special relationship. Hi there While the Anime in itself was inconclusive as to the status of their relationship; the Manga was able to show us this: Chiaki had.

I liked that fact, because it made the show more representative of what an Orchestra truly is-- the ultimate ensemble in many ways. In order to get me to care about the entirety of the performance, they had to get me to care about alot of the different people in the orchestra- and that worked.

This was something that was missing for me in the anime, which focused much more solely on Chiaki and Nodame.

nodame and chiaki relationship marketing

As before, I don't normally mind limited animation-- this was just a situation where I thought greater full-body movement and facial expression was essential to understanding the drama occuring during the performances. Also, I did mention the wonderful attention payed to the hands of performers in the anime-- although it only occurs in a limited fashion. In the end though, the animated hands just didn't give me the same emotional and dramatic oomph that I got from watching the body and faces of the actors in the la version.

In the la version, I really feel all of the passion of the performers, and that goes a long way for me as a viewer.

Chiaki Shinichi

There was just a powerful feeling of mixed sadness and real joy coming from it. Watching their faces-- straining so hard, almost crying, and yet happy too.

nodame and chiaki relationship marketing

As if it were real-- that they were truly feeling those things because making the show was special for them, or some such thing. It didn't feel like acting almost. Gets me just thinking about it. The acting by the guy who played Chiaki, btw, in this last performance was utterly amazing-- you can see the utter commitment to the music and to the members of the orchestra in his face, the gratitude.

That was something to watch. Still, I did like both versions a lot. I really liked a lot of the changes they made for it too-- cutting the music festival, Masume's drum performance, and the trip to Chiaki's parents but keeping all the main plot pointsintroducing characters sooner, keeping Stresseman in the show here and there in the later eps to highlight Nodame's situation, and most importantly having Chiaki spoiler[have his "moment" with Nodame] before the final performance.

Nodame Cantabile was a thoroughly enjoyable read which I highly recommend. The plot follows Chiaki and Nodame as they move through music university, collecting friends including a rock and roll violinist, a flamboyant timpanist, a gifted concertmistress, and an impoverished contrabassist. The plot is episodic. Chiaki helps found an orchestra; Nodame enters her first competitions.

Nodame Cantabile – Too Old for Anime

All the characters make plans for their careers after graduation. The supporting cast is strong, especially the rocker friend, who grows alongside the protagonists.

nodame and chiaki relationship marketing

At first, I found the characters to be exaggerated, especially Nodame. Nodame becomes likeable in her awkward genius.

nodame and chiaki relationship marketing

It was fun to read her because that character type is usually written as a male female misfits are usually faux-geeks who just need the right dress, whereas Nodame dresses up for her competition and still looks bedraggled.

I worried for her as she worked herself into a fugue to prepare for a competition with a cash prize.

nodame and chiaki relationship marketing

I have a weakness for genius heroes, and Chiaki is an appealing and well-rounded one.