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The popular CBS television series "Northern Exposure" has passed a milestone that it should have avoided. off his medical school loans, and Maggie, the quirky, independent bush pilot -- "did it," as they put it. Marriage, kids and then divorce? Quiz—How many old-school gadgets can you identify?. Mary Margaret O'Connell (born ), known as Maggie, is played by She has a love-hate relationship with Joel, who she thinks she has sex with once. Joel Haim Fleischman, M.D. is the central character of Northern Exposure, played by Rob Throughout the series, Joel has a love-hate relationship with Maggie.

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The fantasy world of Superman as a teenager continues to make for satisfying drama with dollops of comedy in its second season, as the concentration is on the development of story arcs and characters, rather than the monster-of-the-week formula that dominated too much of the first season. Though, of course, there's still some of that.

Movie Superman Christopher Reeve guest-stars as a mysterious scientist in Metropolis who knows a bit too much about Clark Kent's origins; Lex gets married; this show's version of "Who Shot J. There's also a cliffhanger finale, as Clark, under the influence of red kryptonite, heads to Metropolis. Plus loads of interesting bonus features for fans. Widescreen, audio commentary on two episodesmaking-of featurettes, deleted scenes, outtakes, DVD-Rom applications, etc.

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For several episodes toward the end of the season, Diane is in Europe with Frasier, and in the season-ending cliffhanger, Frasier proposes and they are about to marry, with Sam winging his way to Europe to stop them.

This is also the final year for beloved bartender Coach, as Nicholas Colasanto died shortly after this season. His death left a hole in the cast, which would be repaired the next year with the arrival of Woody Harrelson.

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This season on "Frasier," Shelley Long makes a guest appearance as her "Cheers" character Diane, and the series continues in high comic style.

Holling comments on how good a sardine sandwich tastes in the outdoors and Ruth-Anne responds that bourbon tastes better out of a tin cup. They are appreciating and apprehending the world through their senses. The importance of the senses in this storyline first becomes apparent when Walt tells Holling that he glimpsed a grey-headed chickadee aka the Siberian Tit.

One of its defining characteristics is its birdsong, which Holling quizzes Walt about. When Holling and Ruth-Anne begin to approach the grey-headed chickadees, it is their song that Holling emphasizes to her.

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They listen attentively and both can hear it. They decide on their plan for approaching the birds. Once they begin tracking the birds, all conversation stops.

All we hear is birdsong and wonderful Schwartz-ian incidental music.

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This lasts for 90 seconds, which is a fairly leisurely stretch of time on a television series. We watch Ruth-Anne and Holling looking and listening. Ruth-Anne looks particularly intently through both her binoculars and her camera and Holling listens so concentratedly that he seems to use his hat to funnel sound waves.

When we see them later in the Brick, they are recounting their adventures in birding. They both knew that if they located this species that the moment of spotting it and photographing it would become something they would look back on and would become part of the larger narrative of their birding life lists and, by extension, the narrative of their lives.

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We even see Holling echo what he said when he noticed the Northern Cross constellation: Men and women; love; friendship. We really enjoyed seeing Uncle Anku again.