Now and then here there ending relationship

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now and then here there ending relationship

Now and Then, Here and There: devoid of logic *Spoilers* Unfortunately the stock characters don't end there, there's the cliche "mean-spirited" .. did to shake your perception of humanity and question your personal values in relation to it. Now and Then, Here and There (a.k.a Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku or "The Me That's However, the one thing he does manage to do by the end of the story is Domestic Abuse: There is a lot of parallels to this with Hambo and Abelia's relationship. Now and Then, Here and There (今、そこにいる僕 Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku) is a thirteen Her relationship with Shu changes her to be more protective and open with Shu By the series' end, she'd given up on supporting Hamdo's ambitions and.

When the system started malfunctioning they both just kind of stood there for 5 seconds. When Shu was hanging over the edge the bad kid was going to shoot and for no explainable reason didnt for about 10 seconds until shu was finally saved. The girl in the village waited way too long to shoot at nabuca.

Abelia missed at 5 feet away. The biggest plot whole is why didnt somebody just kill Hamdo. Abelia even let him die in the end.

He had only one single security guard. I could have killed him myself. Not to mention how anyone so stupid could ever get power is beyond me. They wanted the water to power Hellywood just so they could fly it a days journey on foot and then Why wouldnt they just use their cannon to blow the village up or use transports to get foot soldiers there?

now and then here there ending relationship

No reason thats why. Why was hellywood threatened by a place with maybe 10 soldiers. Sis was about the dumbest one of them all.

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O if you go to war you will orphan these kids. However if you stay here you will get killed and the kids will be burnt and raped to death.

  • Now and Then, Here and There : devoid of logic *Spoilers*

Clearly you should let them be burnt and raped to death instead of trying to kill Hamdo. Sis even points a gun at that guy from the village. Shu rides on a motorcycle with Lala-Ru in tow, but it lands in quicksand, and Shu fends off a carnivorous plant that had latched onto Lala-Ru with its red vines. It is revealed that Lala-Ru becomes weaker each time she uses her pendant as well as that her powers are taken for granted especially if needed on demand. Shu destroys the carnivorous plant using grenades he found in a backpack left behind by a nearby corpse.

As the two continue their journey, he says to her that not all people in the world are bad. Shu has to keep Lala-Ru's identity a secret from Sis to avoid any trouble that could arise. Sis allows the two to stay with her in exchange for working in the fields with the other children. Later at night, Soon says that she misses her father, but she is unaware that he was one of the assailants who was killed in Hellywood. Also, Elamba tells Shu that his entire family was killed by the Hellywood army, for this is the reason why he wants Hamdo to be assassinated.

Shu is perplexed after hearing all this, and he starts to cry when Lala-Ru comes to see him.

Now and Then, Here and There

Elamba, already over there, continues to persist on persuading Shu to help his faction in an attempt to kill Hamdo. An injured soldier named Kazam, claiming to have deserted Hellywood, is taken into the village to be treated for his wound.

However, this is just a ruse for Hamdo to find the location of Zari-Bars without any sign of suspicion. Hellywood prepares to launch using water as its source of energy. The nozzles first fail to respond, but Abelia manages to fix the problem in order to prevent the battleship from toppling over. At night, Sara, revealed to be staying at the village, goes into a fit of rage when she sees Lala-Ru right in front of her.

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Not only does Sara faint from trauma and stress, but she also finds out to be pregnant. One of the faction members tells Elamba that there is a secret weapon within Zari-Bars capable of destroying Hellywood. Lala-Ru, although to have lived for thousands of years, seems to be a lost and lonely child, according to Sis.

Sara sneaks out at night to the head spring to drown herself, but Shu eventually yet painfully manages to stop her from doing so.

now and then here there ending relationship

Kazam fails to convince Sara to leave the village with him before it becomes invaded by Hellywood. Elamba tells his faction of Lala-Ru's true identity, hanging Sis to a post as punishment. After the faction points a gun at Lala-Ru and threatens to come with him to see Elamba, Lala-Ru uses her water powers to drown him and bring everyone outside.

Sis is on the verge of dying while Sara watches over her. As Shu and Soon run to a shelter to save the children, Nabuca and Boo soon find them there. Nabuca tells Shu that he must kill to save himself. Soon, overhearing Nabuca being the one who killed her father, attempts to take revenge. The two, after being chased by more soldiers, are separated at an operating bridge in the water tower, where Shu grabs Lala-Ru's pendant before he plummets into a tunnel to the outside, one of a barren wasteland.

Nabucafinding Shu at a lower-level bridge over a large furnace, starts to attack, and the pendant unknowingly drops off the bridge. Shu stops when he holds Nabuca's knife instead of his wooden stick. Shu also saves Nabuca from falling when the bridge nearly collapses. Shu is arrested and sent to see an aggravated Hamdoconcerned of the pendant's whereabouts. It is explained that Lala-Ru has the power to manipulate the source of water within the pendant, which will help reconstruct the battleship.

Hamdo orders Abelia to do whatever means necessary to torture Shu. It turns out that the girl is from America and is named Sara Ringwaltwho was abducted by mistake.

Abelia orders Shu to be hanged after another failed interrogation.

now and then here there ending relationship

As an enemy battleship approaches Hellywood, a missile is launched from the rig and successfully makes impact, thereby making a statement for any future attacks.

Abelia is given the order from Hamdo that all male soldiers will scout the whole tower to find the missing pendant. A frustrated Abelia suspends the search of the missing pendant for the remainder of the day, for it was found neither in the engine room nor the prison cells.

It is revealed that all the soldiers were kidnapped from their hometowns and sent to Hellywood for unknown reasons. The only way to be released is when the war has ended. Taboolgrowing impatient, beats Shu up for not saying where the pendant is located. However, Tabool is caught by Nabuca and is to be given lashes as punishment, yet Shu rejects the offer of handling the whip.

Nabuca later advises Shu not to run away, lest he be killed by his fellow crew members. However, the match ends due to Shu's reckless style of combat. Two unknown assailants later invade the battleship and try to assassinate Hamdo. Though Hamdo is able to shoot down one of the assailants, the other one escapes and uses Boo as collateral to prevent Nabuca from shooting. The assailant is then attacked by Shu, allowing Boo to break free and stab his hand, and enabling Nabuca the chance to shoot him in the chest.

now and then here there ending relationship

Shu is troubled upon seeing Nabuca fire a bullet at the assailant in the head right in front of him. All troops are to travel through a sandstorm to recruit more women and children from a nearby village. She flees from Hellywood at night, cuts her hair off, and runs deep into the desert. Tabool believes that Shu does not deserve to drink water because of his nonviolent views, while Nabuca tells him that there is no way around this. The Hellywood army begins to attack the village, recruiting women and children by force.