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parent child relationship articles and blogs

USA - UK - Switzerland About Blog Get articles on family relationships and healthy family dynamics, parent child. The parent-child relationship consists of feelings, expectations and behaviour. It starts building with the time of conception. Many of us h. It is no secret that the relationships we have with our children teach us more than any other relationships we have. When it comes to evolving as a person.

Research has shown that some young children who experience trauma may have fewer and less severe trauma-related symptoms if they have a healthy attachment to their primary caregiver; whereas, traumatized children without a healthy attachment are more likely to experience negative long-term effects of the trauma 4. In order for a child to develop normally, they need a healthy PCR. Children develop attachments to those who pay attention to them and meet their needs1.

In PCRs, the parent becomes a model for the child. The child observes how the primary caregiver responds to them and to other people around them. Children with a healthy PCR learn how to form healthy relationships, to behave appropriately, and to take care of their physical and mental health.

parent child relationship articles and blogs

They also learn how to ask for support when they need it and they develop skills for coping with challenging situations, which helps build resilience. Building a Stronger Parent-Child Relationship There are many different ways that parents can strengthen the relationship with their child.

Consistency and mutual respect are key aspects of a healthy PCR. Consistency can be created by developing a daily routine, setting and following clear rules and consequences, being available to the child, and regularly modeling healthy behaviors.

Parents can show that they respect their children by encouraging them to try new things, letting them explore and learn from their mistakes, and allowing them to exert independence in an age-appropriate manner 7. All children can benefit from having someone that listens to them, praises them for their accomplishments, and recognizes their individuality.

parent child relationship articles and blogs

Teens may feel more connected to their parents when they are given time to talk freely about whatever is on their mind, as well as when they feel that their need for space is respected. Parents can build a stronger relationship by taking short breaks when tired or frustrated, or by engaging in other self-care activities, such as taking a walk, reading a book, or getting a haircut.

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Parents can also seek out support from family members and friends. It can be difficult for parents to take care of their children if they are not able to take care of themselves first. Role of the Parent-Child Relationship in Trauma The quality of the PCR can have a profound impact on how a child experiences and responds to a traumatic experience.

Many children with unhealthy PCRs do not feel safe and are unable to connect with or trust others, and they tend to avoid relationships 6. Technology, as some claim half in jest, is perpetually in beta stage. The high turnover rate of technology tools, and the ease with which the digital native adolescent adapts to it, leaves the parent often in a state of lag. The communication gaps and mismatch can affect the parent-child relationship in subtle ways.

This is, however, passe, and may be restrictred to merely one generation of parents who belonged to the era of digital revolution rather than assimilation. When I was an adolescent, my social circle was well within the grasp of my parents because of geographic limits.

The expanse of social media makes this more difficult.

Parent-Child Relationship In The Digital Era

While mortification was limited in the past at being dropped by a mother at the movie theatre or such like, now the easy access to data and information can sway the relationship between child and parent.

The electronic tether is, nevertheless, a double edged sword. While it provides timely support to adolescents from parents and guardians, and an instant reassurance to the parent, it has been accused of stifling developmental progress through overreliance on parental and other guidance and helicopter parenting by the parent herself. Yet another concern is a probable decline in time spent with one another. While the digital tools indeed allow possibility of better communication between the parent and the teen, it has been shown that joint media engagement drops off markedly for children who are six or older.

Thus it seems that parents and children must put in more conscious effort to spend more time together, either using the digital tools, or excluding them in order to keep the relationship smooth and updated.

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It is undeniable that in terms of parenting and parent-child relationships, the digital era is vastly different from the one that preceded it, but it must also be acknowledged that digital tools have indeed benefitted parenting in that the village that takes to raise a child is now a global village. Parents themselves are different today and as it has always been, parents have to adapt and mesh their parenting attitudes and activities with the digitally rich environment that their children are born into.

It takes conscious effort and constant course correction to bypass the pitfalls of digital tools and enhance the riches that these tools bring into the parent-child bond.

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