Patrick stewart and ian mckellen relationship

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patrick stewart and ian mckellen relationship

Patrick Stewart on kissing Ian McKellen, cross dressing and a wife half . years before Sir Patrick's best friend Sir Ian McKellen married them in. Sir Patrick Stewart has married jazz singer Sunny Ozell, in a ceremony conducted by fellow thespian Sir Ian McKellen. The Star Trek actor, Ian McKellen is not only a talented actor but he is also one of the most Learn about his relationship with Patrick Stewart, if he is gay, and whether or not he has .

The film pays a great deal of attention to Shatner's interviews with Stewart at his home in Oxfordshireas well as at a Star Trek Convention in Las VegasNevada ; Stewart reveals the fear and personal failings that came along with his tenure as a Starfleet captain, and also the great triumphs he believes accompanied his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

He portrayed Captain Ahab in the made-for-television film version of Moby Dickreceiving an Emmy Award nomination [47] and Golden Globe Award nomination for his performance. In lateduring the 11th and final season of NBC 's FrasierStewart appeared on the show as a gay Seattle socialite and opera director, who mistakes Frasier for a potential lover.

The first episode was broadcast on 19 January Stewart also appeared as a nudity-obsessed caricature of himself in Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant 's television series Extras. In lateit was announced that Stewart will play John Bosley in the film Charlie's Angelsslated for release on 27 September One of these—a version of Charles Dickens 's A Christmas Carol in which he portrayed all plus characters—became ideal for him as an actor as well, because of its limited performing schedule.

Stewart brought the show back to Broadway inwith all proceeds going to charity — and the show of 28 December's revenue, specifically, going to the 11 September campaign of the Actors Fund of America.

patrick stewart and ian mckellen relationship

He was also the co-producer of the show, through the company he set up for the purpose: Stewart had wanted to play the title role since the age of 14, so he and director Jude Kelly inverted the play so Othello became a comment on a white man entering a black society. He has, they say, overcome the technique-destroying indignity of being a major American television star.

When Stewart began playing Macbeth in the West End insome said that he was too old for the role; he and the show again received excellent reviews, with one critic calling Stewart "one of our finest Shakespearean actors".

When collecting his award, he dedicated the award "in part" to Tennant and Tennant's understudy Edward Bennett, after Tennant's back injury and subsequent absence from four weeks of Hamlet disqualified him from an Olivier nomination.

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Stewart had previously appeared only once alongside McKellen on stage, but the pair had developed a close friendship while waiting around on set filming the X-Men films. Stewart provided the narration for Nine Worldsan astronomical tour of the solar system and nature documentaries such as The Secret of Life on Earth and Mountain Gorilla.

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart just gave the gayest interview ever / LGBTQ Nation

He also was the narrator for the American release of Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real. He supported his home town of Dewsbury in West Yorkshire by lending his voice to a series of videos on the town in Stewart also recorded a narration planned for the prologue and epilogue for Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas but the final movie use another voice the original narration appears only on the first edition of the film's soundtrack.

He has made as of 6 August nine guest appearances on Family Guy in various roles: He also appears as a guest character in the mobile game Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff's Comicon event. To unlock him, you need to give him 1, Blam!

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart just gave the gayest interview ever

Stewart also appears as narrator in Seth MacFarlane 's film directorial debut, Ted. Stewart reprised his role as Picard in Star Trek: Legacy for both PC and Xboxalong with the four other 'major' Starfleet captains from the different Star Trek series.

In addition to voicing his characters from Star Trek and X-Men in several related computer and video gamesStewart worked as a voice actor on games unrelated to both franchises, such as Castlevania: Lords of ShadowForgotten Realms: Demon StoneLands of Lore: He also lent his voice to several editions of the Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia.

He also did voice-overs for RCA televisions. Inhe was also the voice of television advertisements for Currys and Stella Artois beer. Currently, he is heard during National Car Rental television spots.

He voiced the narrator of the Electronic Arts computer game, The Sims Medievalfor the game's introduction cinematic and trailer released on 22 March Inhe narrated "The Connected Universe", a crowdfunded film directed by Malcolm Carter on the ideas of self-styled physicist Nassim Haramein. For instance, he said, "the physical harm Born in in Mirfield, Yorkshire, he had a tough childhood in a one up, one down terrace house, with a former Army father - now believed to have had PTSD - who was violent towards his mother.

Thanks to a schoolteacher, he fell in love with Shakespeare at an early age and after a scholarship to Bristol Old Vic, joined the Royal Shakespeare Company and became a regular on period TV dramas as well as cameo in Coronation Street. The show ran from towith 20 million viewers an episode, and spawned four spin off films. Sir Patrick was a star: But success came at a cost.

When the show ended, he was typecast, one producer even telling him: Since, he has constantly battled against type - leading to a diverse career where he mixed indie films, Shakespeare, Seth MacFarlane comedies and, of course, the X Men franchise. But to bring back Jean-Luc Picard in retirement?

Is Ian McKellen Gay? Relationship With Patrick Stewart, Who is The husband

To me, it would be a backwards step. I love that people still come up to me and tell me how they used to watch it growing up. But I really have no interest in reviving it at all. And yet it brought about an enormous change for me. Star Trek changed all that. There is a little bit of a negative aspect to it, but it was mostly for the better But remembering those days on the bridge is not as easy. Asked to name his favourite scenes, Sir Patrick practically guffaws.

Darling, it was 25 years ago! Ageing brings with it some problems but it also brings with it many. Your experience of the world is build up, your experience of people is greater.

Your knowledge is greater. I look on ageing in that sense of being an advantage for me. But nevertheless I do what I can, so for me ageing has not been a problem. Not after seeing his latest film, the ultra-violent Green Room.

patrick stewart and ian mckellen relationship

Sir Patrick plays Darcy, the owner of a neo-nazi clubhouse, forced to gruesomely hunt down and kill a visiting rock band after they witness a murder.