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After a shaky start, Person Of Interest has grown into one of the smartest, most In fact, on a couple of occasions, spoilers actually increased my enjoyment of the show. . Apart from the aforementioned Reese, Carter and Finch, the show is full of memorable (and Almost Nobody Aces This s Car Quiz - Can You?. Following much speculation, CBS has confirmed "Person of Interest" will ' Person of Interest' Officially Ending After Season 5 Mary Poppins quiz . viewers Carter,Fusco,Reese and the whiz kid finch were all exciting .. She's alive in comics now and she and Illyria have Hulk/Bruce Banner relationship. Person of Interest: Favorite Reese and Carter Moments Carter's response sums up their current relationship as she tells him it's her job and.

The only thing will work is them to get together, break it off, because of some lame excuse it can never happen again…we are better off as partners, whatever…its safer this way. So we can at least get some satisfication that the non-courtship is making them uncomfortable as half the audience who watches the show in hope of a happy ever after. Reagan May 12, at 2: Carter being a good cop in a barrel of rotten apples and Reese being the CIA agent with higher morals than his former handlers, Snow and Stanton, etc.

Mary Well said Reagan, that is correct. I am one of those that posted the vids on youtube and I have to thank you for posting the link. I have had some very positive comments regarding the whole scenario and I find myself going back and forth on it. While I would love to see them get together, I would hate for it to ruin the ratings and show as a whole. I want POI to be around for many seasons.

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I have watched each episode many times and when I say many, I mean at least 10and I have analyzed scenes with Reese and Carter together. Some of it has been very subtle, but it was there. The writers may not intend to delve deeper into it until season 2, which is fine with me.

If they do want to go there, they really need to take it slowly. Some viewers are just not ready for it yet. I have never seen Reese react to any other female on the show as he does with Carter. He is different with Zoe. I also agree that Reese and Carter almost act like a married couple at times.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading your thoughts and analysis. So I did not have the chance to hate Carter, then have the writers try to redeem her…Plus, since Reese was willing to forgive her for him getting shot…I realize I should too. I think I was not convinced of the subtle flirting until the episode he was sitting in the back of her impala and that amazing smile…wow, that smile along was a flirt. He flirted with me when he smiled like that.

The writers are smart if the relationship happens, then it will happen in a way that we can respect the coupling…some will be unhappy, but thats a personal problem. May 13, at 9: I think these guys have a different perspective and way of doing things. Oh yeah, I was on that train and left holding a ticket and no ride. Now have the latest epis seemed different from when Reese was doing his thing and basically being all over Carter, yes.

But I think they have so many balls in the air that they just have that one on hold for now. They are also trying to appeal to many groups so we had our epis now they have to pay the music for some of the other audiences but I believe we will see more between Reese and Carter in S2.

I think they were hoping that the network would see the possibilities in that relationship and allow them to continue to tell the story. The best thing that people could do is pick up on the relationship and vote for it with fan videos and letters to the network, etc. I know I used to watch soaps and know how this can influence things. What you gonna do…not mine it? I just see her role growing. She has already moved beyond Fusco in her work with Finch and Reese. He is the creator of the Machine.

The Machine sees acts of violence that are about to happen and indicates the Social Security number to Finch and his associates who then make sure the person is safe.

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The Machine was actually meant to pick out terrorists. Nathan Ingram helped Finch in creating the Machine. He was the liaison of their company to the U. He dies later on in the show. Finch's Machine generated the social security number for their 'Person of Interest'. Finch's Machine contacts Finch via public phone and tells him specific words, which actually relate to the books in Finch's library.

Finch uses the books to find out the Person of Interest's Social Security number. Reese and Finch then must look at their Person of Interest and work out if they are a perpetrator or victim. The code words actually relate to the book's Dewey Decimal System number which when combined generate the Social Security number.

Over time, Shaw starts responding to Root's flirtatious behavior, and in the episode "If-Then-Else", before sacrificing herself to save the team, Shaw pulls her in for a kiss.

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After Reese successfully got the teacher through to safety, there was a final gun fight. What did Reese and Finch discover about the teacher. The teacher really was a teacher, Charlie Burton. The teacher was an undercover police officer who was trying to trap Reese.

The teacher was John Reese's ex-lover's husband, who was plotting to kill Reese. The teacher was actually Carl Elias, the boss of a crime family. Reese is missing, beaten, shot and currently burning in a torched car.

He frees himself from the trunk, rolls out to safety and there stands Carter. We waited twenty episodes to find out how Jessica died and what led John Reese to the suicidal homeless man seen in the Pilot. The one scene the two do share is on the lonely stretch of highway as Carter tries to stop Reese from doing to Jennings what she is certain he did to Peter Arndt.

Carter learned an awful lot about who John Reese is in this episode. There are times that Carter gets the best lines. She also managed to knee cap a guy in this episode as well as T-bone a vehicle. Reese has definitely made an impression. He makes it clear that the dangers are real in her pursuit. Every Carter and Reese scene.

Just go watch the episode.