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psychology journals and relationship

When considering whether you should declare a relationship or connection please At the point of submission, the Journal of Pediatric Psychology's policy. Freedman et al. Published online: 4 Dec Article. Does multicultural personality moderate the relationship between cross-group friendship and allophilia?. Next article >. Swiss Journal of Psychology (), 77, pp. The research focused primarily on self-esteem and the parent-child relationship.

It is advantageous to include children in the processes of urban design, for it will contribute in producing public spaces that draw the attention of children and their families, and encourage them to use these spaces that are secured and near their houses.

Methodology The addressed inquiries and their explanations were analyzed via previous papers and researches that cover different disciplines; societal, methodical, medicinal and structural. The paper will also contain a case study that will be checked to ensure that urban planning has incorporated strategies to design a child friendly environment. A case study was selected, different accommodation plans were surveyed and examined in addition to a variety of implements that were utilized in the research, which includes inspecting the area, questionnaire, data and facts in addition to individual interviews.

Literature Review Different papers will be analyzed that discuss several disciplines; medicinal, societal, methodical and structural. The influence of open spaces on the growth and improvement of children will be considered as well as determining the components responsible for separating children from the outside. This section will examine papers and articles focusing on societies and cities that are described as child friendly. Theses papers will include projects of world-wide corporations, and other projects that aimed to create child friendly spaces and settings.

The city must be based on societal balance, hence, the opinions and observations of children, who are considered the frail and unprotected part of the community, ought to be previewed and comprehended side by side with the remaining parts of the community.

It is indispensible to allow children to express their opinions regarding their surroundings that they live in, get information from and spend time in. Children usually own what can be described as vigorous and energetic terminologies and expressions that they use to alter and attribute new purposes and objectives for the normal and ordinary items and matters.

Such domain of figurative procedures and approaches must be properly examined and analyzed so that a child friendly space is actually created. This is mainly attributed to the fact that children tend to utilize and comprehend their surroundings simply as an immediate result of their lifestyle and what they need.

Piaget was fixed on the relationship that links the child to his surroundings, and he analyzed the manner with which knowledge, perceiving time, space and number are improved in a child.

Piaget lay out a hypothesis dealing with the stages the child go through to acquire perception of space. This phase of pre-operation suggests that it is possible that the child could be capable of effectually deliberating certain successions and arrangements; however, the child is not capable of inversing or speculating these conjectures significantly. The second phase occurs when the child is around 9 to 13 years old, during this phase the child is able to understand the proposed or projected space that can be analytical or illustrative in the circumstantial conditions, since the child at this age is capable to perceive and effectually perform amid successions of familiar connections and progressions of different challenges and circumstances.

psychology journals and relationship

Throughout this phase the child is able to understand the meaning of Euclidean spaces in addition to being able to connect different spatial relations. Both Piaget and Werner observed a distributed arrangement of attainable systems visible in infants, which on his first interaction with his surroundings begin his growth into maturity [ 2 ]. Throughout his work, Piaget focused on the maturing and development of a singular being, however, Werner focused on improving a hypothesis that influences the entire experimental approaches; cultural, biological and societal.

According to Werner the improvement occurs in a similar manner and via similar phases, even though the outer circumstances may vary [ 3 ]. The models of human conduct are basically the result of the fraction and strain that occur between the child and his surroundings.

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What do urban children need from their physical environments? It is essential to comprehend the way urban and public settings influence children and their requirements to be able to construct and direct cities which function for the sake of children. The children require protection, balance and safety that the appropriate accommodations offer, it is essential for them to live in wholesome and secure settings.

The children must be given the opportunity to have fun and enjoy their time, and they must be presented with psychological and societal improvement offered by the various, invigorating and available districts and neighborhoods.

Relationship of Children Psychology and the Use of Public Parks: Case Study of Jbaiha Amman Jordan

However, the conflict facing provincial jurisdiction and their associates is to thoroughly contemplate and consider their endeavors concerning the public health, improving accommodations, streets structure, property ownership administration et cetera, in addition to the way these endeavors may advance in case they were performed to produce favorable results for the children [ 4 ].

Such fatalities are mostly caused by illnesses that can be avoided and averted [ 5 ]. Children are considered to be influenced to a greater level than grownups due to the following: Generally, older children do not understand and value the importance of being hygienic and clean, in addition they tend to play and spend time without thinking of the consequences.

Car accidents are accountable for a great rate of injuries and deaths amongst Children and the city in the Middle East The child across the Middle East is viewed as a critical and vital linkage that connects generations.

Up to a short time ago, concepts such as matrimony, raising children as well as childhood were built on certain established beliefs and suppositions connected to the community with its diverse age groups.

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The Middle East with its paternal communities is known for cherishing and treasuring children especially the males. Yet, there still remains a small proof of the significance of having a cheerful and a happy childhood or a childhood in general as a fundamental phase in life [ 6 ].

Certain districts and cities in the Middle East and North Africa or MENA domain have demonstrated an exceptional and unmatched development in the numbers of population, which greatly influenced the most unprotected and weak category in the community and that is children. It is essential to assure that children are being raised so that they become wholesome, creative and effectual grownups, since children are the hope for a better future [ 7 ] Figure 1.

Jordan's population pyramid by sex and age General census of population and housing of Jordan Throughout the following 15 years, those children and teenagers will be of age to have children of their own and to be a part of business and employment.

psychology journals and relationship

It is located in the north-west of Amman, it extends over 6 square kilometers 6. Local case study selection: Housing schemes are integrated neighborhoods unlike residential area which were built on different stages and provided with services and open spaces later. Abu-Nsuir was chosen as a study case in this research because it is considered an excellent example for housing schemes. The area of Abu Nsuir advantage of the organization and a unique arrangement between the Amman areas, it built and organized special provisions and areas that were previously the organization assesses citizen analgesic that it is inflicted not by pointing out that the organization of the region Ultimate level of cleanliness and vast green spaces Beltagy Another reason for chosen Abu- Nsuir that it is a residential area contains many families and children can be useful in the research study.

Abu-nsauir neighborhoods location, Authers, For the purposes of this study, the public open space was chosen is alhussain park it is located between the resident houses and it is considered the largest park in abu nsuir. A triangle shape park which covers m2 approximately, the park is fenced from all the side, it is accessible from 3 points, Alhussain park has several facilities, and it is considered the largest park in abu nsuir neighborhoods, the park is used by almost all age groups, and its main users are neighborhoods residents.

Sometimes families from outside the neighborhoods visit it in the weekends with their children Figure 3.

If the manuscript is published, Conflict of Interest information will be communicated in a statement in the published version.

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Conflict of Interest in Industry Sponsored Research Authors whose manuscripts are submitted for publication must declare all relevant sources of funding in support of the preparation of a manuscript. The Journal of Pediatric Psychology requires full disclosure of financial support whether it is from industry e. Authors are required to specify sources of funding for the study and to indicate whether or not the text was reviewed by the sponsor prior to submission, i.

In addition to disclosure of direct financial support to the authors or their laboratory and prior sponsor-review of the paper, submitting authors are asked to disclose all relevant consultancies within the 12 months prior to submission, since the views expressed in the contribution could be influenced by the opinions they have expressed privately as consultants.

In the event that a previously undisclosed potential competing interest for an author of a published paper comes to the attention of the editors and is subsequently confirmed with the authors, the undeclared interest will be published as an erratum in a future issue. Conflict of Interest Policy: For example, an editor or reviewer with a financial relationship e.

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Similarly, those at the same institution or recently in a mentor-mentee relationship have conflicts of interest. Conflicts can occur for other reasons, too, such as academic competition, personal relationships, intellectual passion, and personal beliefs.

Before accepting a review assignment, external peer reviewers should disclose to editors any conflicts of interest that could bias or be seen as potentially biasing their opinions of the manuscript and they should disqualify themselves from reviewing specific manuscripts if they believe it appropriate. Reviewers are encouraged to ask the editors for guidance if they are not sure if a potential conflict of interest exists so that the editors can help judge whether a reviewer should be disqualified.

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Associate editors report conflicts of interest to the Editor-in-Chief for reassignment of the manuscript. Special Cases Submission by an editor: A paper submitted by an editor will be handled by an editor who does not have a conflict with the submitting editor. The handling editor will select referees and make all decisions on the paper.