Punishment and discipline in master slave relationship

16 BDSM Punishments for Effective Behavior Training

punishment and discipline in master slave relationship

But how does this work if the submissive or slave actually likes to be In this way the sub/slave will not only be properly and predictably disciplined, but there must be punishment in a Master/slave or Dom/sub relationship. Punishment of slave is a penalty used in BDSM slave training by a Master showing If you are to live in a 24/7; Master/slave relationship; many new behaviors. for another. Read on for more creative BDSM punishment ideas. It's also a key tool in BDSM relationships. The trick is . Master Carl to Slave Tara says.

Both for the dominant as well as for the submissive partner: Here everyone can live out their respective preferences in the respective role completely individually. How to keep an evil overview between spanking your ass, tickle torture and ginger in unusual places can be read here! The excitement of BDSM is basically that a submissive person sub submits to a dominant person dom. Both roles can of course be played by both sexes! The lustful power gap can be limited to the bedroom and the own four walls or even turn the whole world into an erotic playground - depending on the inclinations and experiences of the partners involved.

If the sub screws up his task, he must be punished! There are no limits to the fantasy of punishment But otherwise everything from inserted and remote-controlled sex toys in public to physical punishments at home may be present. Besides many popular "classics", which we are about to introduce, the punishments are of course also based on a creative desire and a very individual integration of one's own personalities, life situations and preferences - what makes Team A horny may leave Team B completely unimpressed.

Hard work is definitely part of it! The most popular punishments — for her and for him Spanking The supreme discipline of ass-whipping is usually fun even for those who don't understand themselves as BDSM followers. But especially the experienced BDSM fans love it. The particular pleasure pain during spanking is besides the punishment ritual also a real hotter.

Especially when spanking the buttocks and thighs, the stimulated and well supplied with blood nerves in the pubic region act like a boiling volcano for the increasingly pulsating sexual organs. The power for the Dom therefore lies not only in the humiliation caused by the beatings themselves, but also in the fact that he can now forbid the extremely horny Sub any further sexual acts The professional BDSM hardware meets all your wishes: Figging The wonder of the word continues in practice - because Figging literally makes you hot!

In figging, an approximately finger-sized ginger root is peeled and artfully carved into a kind of anal plug or anal dildo, which is then inserted into the anus. The essential oils in the ginger provide for an immediate pain by a sharp burning, which is completely harmless however despite all intensity.

When carving, leave a slightly wider platform at the back to grip the ginger well and avoid "complete disappearance".

16 BDSM Punishments for Effective Behavior Training

Figging is a really special punishment that the sub can't possibly ignore. Similar to spanking, the blood circulation and the nerves in the abdomen are stimulated very strongly and make sexual acts on the primary sexual organs incredibly intensive and the orgasms much more blatant - if the Dom allows this!

Tickle torture This BDSM and SM punishment dates back to the Middle Ages and was mostly used as interrogation torture, but even today it still provides very truth-intensive moments of power. The sub can live out his lust between total loss of control and almost unbearable touches, while the dom enjoys the loud calls for mercy while exploring the most intensive body regions. The basic requirement is that the sub is absolutely immobilized.

Because only in this way is he completely subservient to the tickle of the dom. The regions of the body that react particularly sensitively are of course the most popular - these can be the primary and secondary genitals, but do not have to be!

Getting a handle on this is very important otherwise you will lose control of your situation all together. As with any other aspect of the BDSM lifestyle communication is key. If your slave is unknowingly disobeying often then it is time to sit down and have a discussion. This will be the time to clarify things or maybe even address things that you both have not thought about before entering into the relationship. If a slave is knowingly being disobedient chances are they are doing it for attention.

Think of it that way. Another reason a slave is being disobedient is that they secretly get sexual satisfaction from being punished.

Slave Punishment & Discipline Training to Change Behavior

They may never come right out and say this to you. In their mind the Masters needs and desires are the only ones that matter so if the Master knew the punishment was a sexual turn on they may even lose their role as slave all together. The mentality of a Master will vary widely from person to person. Just like anything else in this lifestyle not everyone will agree with everything. Some will ask why bother making your relationship stronger when you can just replace the slave?

punishment and discipline in master slave relationship

Some Masters will not care at all and add another slave to pick up the slack. It is also training to adjust attitude. One of the uses is to teach and practice proper behavior. Slave punishment focuses on bad behavior, intentional or not: Because behavioral modification is significant; punishment can be administered to the slave even if the bad behavior is unintentional.

The slave may not like the consequences that her Master applies, but she accepts them because they apply to her and are for her betterment. Punishment is NOT role play. It is to correct a real problem using real punishment. A slave must agree to accept punishment during training and grant her trainer the authority to punish her. It is not forced abuse. It will not work in the long-run if not agreed to by both parties.

The objective of punishment is not to cause physical harm or be a way of taking out anger against the slave but to correct behavior. Slave Punishment for bad behavior does not always involve corporal punishment. Punishment is anything administered by the Master that is very uncomfortable to the slave for the purpose of changing behavior.

It could be having the slave stand in the closet, go to bed early, restriction of privileges, ignoring her, caging, bondage, refusing to allow her to serve you for a period of time or many other forms. A slave can be told to hold a ping pong ball to a wall with her nose for a period of time. She can be placed in various positions then the Master starts an egg timer and the slave must remain in that position until the egg timer alarms.

She is then given a second position to hold, and the egg timer is reset. This can go as long as you wish; you can keep setting the timer and giving her new positions.

Discipline (BDSM) - Wikipedia

Challenging positions can be used for punishment. Let your imagination be your guide. Many egg timers can be set for 30 minutes or more if you wish to make her hold a position that long. Punishing a slave can be the taking away of privileges; loss of the use of a computer, car, or television. Another slave punishment is to have her repeatedly write out a sentence on paper.

This is helpful is he is not with his slave and wants to see a positive action taken by her before he gets home.

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He can tell her to write what she has done wrong or what she needs to do on paper several times and show him when he gets home. He can also sent her some place another room to write while he does something else.

In the bondage section of this website, I discuss some uses of bondage as discipline or slave or submissive punishment. If the slave is a heavy masochist, then something other than corporal punishment might be warranted. It goes without saying that punishment is not intended to be fun or provide pleasure.

punishment and discipline in master slave relationship

A slave should not be allowed to misbehave to fulfill her masochist needs and never rewarded for bad behavior. Being placed behind the couch in the living room or den for an afternoon can teach her a valuable lesson. If she makes a noise or disrupts you in any way, her time behind the couch can be extended. The use of physical bondage is not necessary, using mental bondage by instructing her to remain quite, still and out of site.

In general, the more she loves pain, the less it should be routinely applied as punishment and the more care it takes in administering pain as punishment. The slave should have full knowledge of what behavior is expected of her so she can properly serve.

What is expected of her should be constant and clearly defined by her Master. This is why written rules, positions descriptions, and protocols are necessary.

punishment and discipline in master slave relationship

The importance of discipline training and communication cannot be understated in the overall training process. As I have stated in other portions of this website, not all Masters believe in using written rules, guidelines, and protocols. That of course is their decision. It is my opinion that written rules helps provide a clear path for the slave and a stronger foundation for her change. Slave Punishment is a type of coercive power: Coercive power is one of the 5 forms of interpersonal power a Master has over his slave s.

Coercive power although important is not always the best and most effective form of power a Master has over his slave. The slave agrees as part of the correction process and healing processes that she will accept her punishment.


I divide corporal punishment into two categories; immediate and formal.