Red and lizzie relationship

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red and lizzie relationship

The audience has known for a long time that Red has another daughter, but a lot of answers in the history of her relationship — or lack of relationship — with Could this reveal create a bigger wedge between Liz and Red?. Spoiler tag just in case - as will be touching on the reveal in the last episode. And sorry, this ended up being a ridiculously long post, but. Let's back up: Wednesday's finale finds both Liz and Red — or is it “Red”? .. Now what is going on with red and his relationship with Liz.

The outcome of this next episode is going to pivot the back part of the season in a really muscular and fresh way. We had a whole episode where Liz went out to the woods to sort of lose herself and move past it and sit with that anger — that hatred that she has.

She is someone desperately trying to hold onto any sense of normalcy and trying to be an above-the-board cop. Her thirst for revenge, which Red has warned her about, is unhealthy and will get her no real answers or conclusion. Did it alter the way you told the Ian Garvey story at all? No, I loved how people felt about it.

It was really hard to do; it was hard for the show.

red and lizzie relationship

Alan Alda is a great actor. We were lucky to have him and we blew him up. Ryan was with us from the pilot, is an incredibly intricate part of the recipe that has made the success of the show, and yet it felt inevitable that this needed to happen. How far do you have to plot ahead on a serialized-procedural mix like this? When we start the season we know our end of the season, we know our midpoint, and we know a couple of other signposts that we want to hit along the way.

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Along the way we sometimes wander and along the way we sometimes improvise a little bit. Finding ourselves painted into corners is oftentimes not only terrifying but exhilarating, and some of our best stories come from that.

But it is something we think about a lot and it is meticulously plotted. It is difficult sometimes to find the right balance of procedural versus serialized, because it is a procedural.

red and lizzie relationship

Have you created signposts for future seasons at this point or do you take it year by year? Yeah, I mean, I suspected it. I felt a lot like an audience member, I think.

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Well, I feel like what they should know is that the mythology of the show has never been the whole show. We move forward with Red at a very different place because of the war with Kaplan in season 4, wrapping up with Red completely broke and all of his connections in the criminal underworld have been diminished. We take that natural relationship that we already have with our dedicated audience members, the ones who watch it religiously, who will be interested to go along with these characters on the next chapter of their journey.

How do you think this will change Liz going into next season? When it comes to playing Liz, I really roll with the punches, so I try not to anticipate very much because I really know a week ahead of schedule what is going to be happening in her life and in her story. I can tell you where Liz is coming from: Having learned that Red is her father, she has a new sense of her own genetic makeup and the potential for a certain kind of behavior, a criminality, so I think that awareness will give her freedom to behave in different ways.

Can we really trust these DNA results? In season one, Liz flat out asked Reddington over the payphone, "Are you my father?

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Now, Raymond Reddington is her father but this man is not the original Raymond Reddington. That's an example of how we have feathered storylines to point us toward this reveal. There are moments like that in each of the five seasons. This reveal opens up endless possibilities for where the story can go in the new season. How much will season six be about Liz, and to a lesser extent Jennifer, figuring out who this man is? I think it opens us up to some really interesting stories.

Megan has been fantastic this year. The growth of her character -- watching her grow over the five seasons, but more specifically this season; I don't know if she's embracing the darkness, but she's certainly changing.

That is going to strongly influence how she handles this new piece of evidence that, remember, she knows but that Raymond Reddington doesn't know that she knows. It's going to be really interesting and compelling to see how she plays this, how she works with Jennifer to embrace the inner double agent within her to work the system and work Reddington to get to the ultimate truth. How does that shake up their dynamic moving forward? What this reveal does and what's exciting about season six is it snaps into focus so many of the tools that Elizabeth Keen has been acquiring over the past five years, not only from Reddington, who she certainly has been influenced by and learned from, but also from Tom Keen, her husband who was also not only an impostor but a spy.

What she's learned from both of these men in her life will influence how she handles this truth and what she does to move forward. I wouldn't expect it to be super squeaky clean.

She has some skills that are a little bit on the dark side.

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That's a very interesting character to explore and to follow into the next season. How does Liz's end goal change now that she has this piece of intel on Fake Red? I don't think she knows yet. I don't think she knows enough to have a well-informed agenda just yet. That's part of the promise of season six -- taking this bombshell, stepping back, looking at every possible angle and trying to figure out the best, most clever way forward. To the extent that that involves Jennifer, to the extent that that involves the task force and what they might know and how much uses and bends the law to get what she needs, she's in a position to become a strong and formidable character.

That's something Reddington should be concerned about. And if I can just mention, you had said Fake Red before. It's worth pointing out, this is the same guy we met in the pilot, the same character, the same charisma, the same strange sense of humor.

red and lizzie relationship