Relationship violence and college students articles

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relationship violence and college students articles

Domestic violence widespread on college campuses Print Article 80 percent of sexual assaults go unreported by female college students. Research Article. in. Violence and Victims. | Volume 21, Issue 6. Domestic Violence Beliefs and Perceptions Among College Students. Nabors, Erin L., MA; Dietz. Violence in the school and university student dating scene is all too common. This article is the final part of our four-part series on teen and often the student's family has modeled unhealthy relationship behavior at home.

College Women Among Highest at Risk for Partner Violence

Young Victims Learn to Accept Abuse as Normal Although teen and young adult dating relationships that are violent have a significant number of characteristics that are similar to traditional domestic abuse situations, there are also some differences that impact how campus administrators, faculty and police prevent and respond to incidents.

They might be in class with that person. If they experience violence in a dating relationship, they might begin to believe that abuse is normal. Anne Munch, who is a consultant and was formerly the prosecutor for Denver, Telluride, Colo.

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With boys who are exposed to domestic violence at home, it dramatically increases their chances of repeating that behavior. This point is particularly noteworthy since breakups are the times in violent relationships when abuse most often escalates or becomes lethal.

Sexual Assault on Campus: A Survivor's Story

Educating students on healthy relationships and breakups, however, can help, as can guidance for students on how to interpret the messages being targeted at youth and young adults from the media. We make sure that young people are looking at those critically and not just taking them as OK behavior.

relationship violence and college students articles

In most dating abuse cases involving undergrads, however, the dynamics are different. Pages 1 of 4 Next. As a result, survivors face the prospect of a nuisance designation and a possible eviction as a result of calling police for help.

More than a dozen cities in the Cleveland area had a law like this, as do more than 2, cities nationwide. Are You Fleeing Domestic Violence? Working in small teams, students were charged with identifying a policy issue and advocating to decision makers that a law needed to be changed. The class tackled a diverse set of difficult issues involving discrimination, funding for child care, criminal justice reform and health policy. One group decided to tackle CANOs.

relationship violence and college students articles

Armed with hundreds of pages of public records documenting the local enforcement of CANOs against survivors of domestic violence, the students -- Calla Bonanno, Vanessa Hemminger and Marissa Pappas one of this column's authors -- approached Euclid, Ohio, an inner-ring suburb of Cleveland with about 50, residents. The students had a compelling case: The effects of Euclid's CANO wasn't merely a theoretical worry but an urgent issue happening regularly in the city.

To bring attention to the issue, the students first approached the city's law director, then worked their way to the mayor, and ultimately were invited to present their work to the City Council's Public Safety Committee.

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Two weeks after their presentation, the council unanimously adopted the proposed change, removing the designation of domestic violence as a nuisance activity. The semester ended, but the students' fight continued.

relationship violence and college students articles

They got an op-ed published. A Cleveland reporter wrote an article about their work. The local NPR affiliate invited them to appear on a popular live radio show. And while engaging the media, the students continued to reach out to other cities in the area, meeting with law directors and council members. Within a few months, six other cities amended their CANOs.

College Dating Violence and Abuse Poll | Break the Cycle

The students were not the first to point out the pitfalls of nuisance ordinances. Indeed, local advocates for fair housing policies and for domestic violence survivors had raised the issue for years but had failed to get any traction. National organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union had sued cities in other states over similar laws.

So why did the students succeed when others seeking similar changes failed? Although we can't say for sure, the students likely benefited from several factors.

relationship violence and college students articles