Richard and kahlan relationship quizzes

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richard and kahlan relationship quizzes

Hide and Seek - SongFic; Richard and Kahlan play a game of hide and seek .. Together navigating the ups and downs of a new relationship and expectant. Can Legend of the Seeker's Kahlan and Richard Hook Up Without are in, the sexual part of their relationship has been forbidden to them. My foray into fantasy was fueled by a K-Circle quiz in , Harry Potter and LOTR Kahlan Amnell – The Mother Confessor and Richard's love interest. .. Eventually one relationship triumphed, which most people could live with since it was.

What if Richard relents to Nicci's suggestion that they make Kahlan feel better? What will be Kahlan's reaction when her Seeker returns to her after he has slept with another? To love4lotsfor the request.

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Kahlan's Big News - This came about because of my frustrations of not thinking there was enough Richard and Kahlan reuniting times at the end of Confessor.

So the fic is based more on the books than the TV show, though the characters look like the TV series, meaning Kahlan has blue eyes instead of green and Richard brown instead of grey, like they are in the book. Reflections - Just something I thought would be interesting. Darken Rahl reflecting on his childhood and his rise to power. Takes places before the series begins. Probably more book-Rahl than TV-Rahl.

Occurs somewhere between Ch. I really loved Verna and Warren in the books and was sad for how it ended. So I wanted to give them the night of passion they deserved. What does Kahlan get from the Creator on the day to celebrate the birth of the Confessors? This was just something that had been mulling around in my brain for a while with all the X-Mas music going around during the holidays. Just for a little fun and holiday cheer. I wrote this as a birthday present for one of my most dedicated readers.

Hide and Seek - SongFic; Richard and Kahlan play a game of hide and seek that turns into something a little bit more fun. This one was written for ForeverRK 8. Thanks to klynnrhiannonfor the suggestion. Practice Makes Perfect - Richard decides to teach Kahlan how to use a bow and arrow. He gets more than he bargained for. Even though this is two chapter in length, I consider it a one-shot. Picnic Surprise - Richard surprises Kahlan with a picnic on a day marked for lovers.

Kahlan then surprises Richard. Rockslide - Richard and Kahlan are separated from their companions by a rockslide.

richard and kahlan relationship quizzes

Written in honor of the "birthday" of Legend of the Seeker. Title Image made by ForeverRK. Plus plan a surprise for Cara. The Sands of Time. Dastan and Tamina get married. The idea for this one got started after I read the comments of bellathedisenchanted.

After some thought my originally intended sequel Hand of the Gods changed from a separate to story to become part of Persian Nights. Dastan and Tamina take their daughter Neelam to the temple in the mountains. Awkward Surprise - During the middle of the night, Alexis goes to the kitchen for a glass of orange juice, only to find an awkward surprise awaits her.

Someday - Two years late, it finally arrives. Nighttime Inspiration - Castle can't sleep. And without him in bed, neither can his muse. Discombobulated - Kate wakes up in a strange bed, but not with a stranger. On Bended Knee - Castle's proposal goes wrong, but in rather humorous way. No spoilers for Season 7.

Rated T for suggestive undertones. Add on to Secret Santa. Moving On - Kate has one last thing to do before she puts this case to bed. Rated M for sexual themes, and language. Prompt fill from castlefanficprompts prompt: Running Late - After a late night with Castle, Beckett ends up running late to work and accidentally wears Castle's shirt to the precinct.

Prompt fill from castlefanficprompts. Based off a prompt from lousiemcdoogle. Must Be The Genes - "Hey, if you guys have kids in a few years, and I have kids in a few years, they can grow up together. Based off a prompt from Shutterbug Inevitably Together - It didn't happen that first night back home.

Not even that first week.

richard and kahlan relationship quizzes

Castle and Beckett work at reclaiming their intimacy and reaffirming their love. Leap of Faith - A fire began to build inside her, and Kate jumped out of her seat, abandoning her phone—and temptation—on her desk as she rushed out of the bullpen, bypassing the elevator and making straight for the stairs.

Embolden - It had happened so fast. One moment she was offering to buy him a burger and the next they were tumbling into her apartment, ripping each others clothes off.

Eye of the Beholder AU. Based off a prompt from tumblr. Tag to Kick The Ballistics. If The Loft Is Rocking - Alexis and Martha hear noises coming from the master bedroom, only discover it's not what they thought.

Set during Season 7. So with the "villains" taken care of, there's still that pesky army of zombies to deal with. So, you remember where that Deus Ex Machina Slyph dropped them?

You know, the place with all the disembodied souls that used to belong to the zombies? Yeah, Richard grabbed all of those while getting his sword, and apparently, all you need in order to end the Zombie Apocalypse is a bunch of disembodied souls that can take up residence in their bodies and turn them back into humans.

The book then wraps up with a full twenty pages of Richard explaining the ending to us. If, at the end of your book, the resolution to your climax needs twenty pages of further exposition after the fact to even make sense, you're kind of doing it wrong.

Richard's love interests

Just take my word for it, and find a better way of resolving things that makes sense while it's happening, not after you go into excruciating detail explaining it to us afterward. New characters, new world, new story. I'd be interested to see what he could make of those things, but I don't think I'll come back for more Sword of Truth if he decides to continue after this one.

He's ruined it enough for me. And the dialog, while still repetitious, is not repetitious to the point that you find yourself considering suicide. All in all, this book is considerably better written than the previous four or five that Goodkind has published. Is it as well written as his earlier work? But it's a definite step above the crap he's been churning out lately. Although, I will admit, that if I had to read the phrase "homogeneous soup of the eternal now" one more freaking time I was going to punch a proverbial basket full of kittens.

richard and kahlan relationship quizzes

Through most of the book, Richard and Kahlan seem a bit more like themselves instead of lobotomized automatons spewing repetative and soulless dialog whenever Goodkind needs someone to exposit, though they do still seem like shadow puppets of their former selves. Until, of course, you find out what a lying douche Richard has been through the entire book, that is.

And I was actually invested in the plot and the characters from the beginning of the book. I shouldn't have to count that as part of "the good" because it's something that should, generally, be a given in a work of fiction. But the fact of the matter is, that it hasn't been for a long, long time with this series.

I keep reading in hopes that Goodkind will recapture some of the magic and adventure from his earlier career, only to find the story sinking deeper and deeper into awful and bland mediocrity. This story really doesn't have much need to exist, now that it's over.

It was sold as the continuing adventures of Richard and Kahlan It just sort of seems like Goodkind wanted to write more, but didn't want to go through the effort of coming up with a new world, new characters, or even work up the will to write it out very well. The entire five book story I'm counting The First Confessor as part of it, because it really sort of is is lazy, badly written, and didn't really have much reason to be told. I pretty much already ranted about everything I wanted to during the synopsis part of the review.

I'd just like to reiterate how extremely let down I was by Goodkind's choices with Richard's character in this book. It left me feeling absolutely disgusted with him. I blew up about Zedd's death in the previous book, because of how disrespectful it was to the fans and to the character. What Goodkind did to Richard in this book. This is a thousand times worse. And it is for this reason that I'm giving this book 2 stars instead of 3.

Because Goodkind absolutely, irrevocably, utterly and completely destroyed Richard as a character for me in this book. That was unforgivable, and the reason that I refuse to read a single other book in this series if Goodkind decides to write more. There is no recovering, or going back from that. There's no getting better, patching it up, or making it go away. Richard, as a character, is now completely broken, and cannot ever be fixed. I'll stick to the original eleven Sword of Truth books, thanks.

And yes, I will eventually get reviews of all of them out. I haven't forgotten about them. Oh yes, and one more thing. The sheer number of abandoned and forgotten plotlines introduced in The Omen Machine that were never even addressed, much less resolved makes my head hurt.

The sudden obsession with prophecy that all the people of the world seemed to have? Ludwig Drier turning Richard's own nobility against him, by making them believe he serves the Keeper? Unrest in the Empire?

What happened to all of that? I mean, they were completely stupid plotlines to begin with, but we're not even going to address these things at all after they were introduced in the beginning of this story arch? Did Goodkind just forget about them?

Or did he just decide that following through with them was too much effort so he didn't bother? It's an interesting challenge to make sexy what, by its nature, has to be a chaste relationship. I will tell you that that we have not seen the last time where circumstances create the conditions by which these two characters may in fact be able to fulfill their sexual desires for each other. Specifically, she struggles with how to continue the line of Confessors while remaining true in her love to Richard.

Also, her responsibilities as a Confessor may be compromised by her desire to continue the quest with Richard—she questions whether or not she's continuing on because of her personal feelings for him or because that's the right thing to do. She plays a very mysterious character called Sister Nicci.

richard and kahlan relationship quizzes

We don't know for a while if we should trust her or not. Richard begins to manifest powers and abilities that he didn't know he had, and in order to deal with those, he has to separate from the group. He goes off with the Sisters of the Light to a place called the Palace of the Prophets.