Riley and zane ending a relationship

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riley and zane ending a relationship

That said, it seemed pretty clear that Riley had hooked up with that guy who " an older guy", so they probably did not have an entirely chaste relationship. tells Toby that Rick died near the end of "Time Stands Still: Part 2". Editorial Reviews. Review. " Stars This is a character driven novel that beautifully shows When It's Time (Go Your Own Way Book 3) - Kindle edition by Zane Riley. series by Zane Riley and it follows the relationship between Lennox and Will, He gets some pretty great news at the end of the book which was a bit. With Lewis' help, Zane rescues the girls. At the end of the episode, before the girls find out that they lost their powers for 12 hours, Rikki and Zane break up, but .

Inspired by the song "Walls" by Tom Petty. K - English - Romance - Chapters: Both involoving Zane and Riley. Follow Riley on his journey through heartbreak, tragedy, and a struggle to find himself. Somwhere Only We Know by The Aluminum Monster reviews With all of the family stress and hard times going on in Riley's life, sometimes, he and Zane just need a place to escape to.

Rated T for language.

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After a talk with his dad he runs to make everything right. But as the night continues on, Riley worries that he's not ready to do what's expected at the end of most dates. T - English - Romance - Chapters: Except when Riley's around.

T - English - Humor - Chapters: The Aftermath by adriannaisme reviews After the breakup, Riley couldn't help but regret what was happening.

riley and zane ending a relationship

Riley started to experiment. He tried thrusting his fingers in and out; on every down stroke, bumping into the small nub he'd found. When the constant kneading slowed, the tingling electric feeling dimmed and Zane's hips dropped a centimeter or two. He noted that and quickly drove his fingers back inside and began the rubbing again. Zane's back arched and his hips shot back up, and Riley grinned, obviously pleased with himself.

After one particularly hard thrust against his prostate, Zane moaned a strangled, "Please," causing Riley to slow his movements once more. I'll do anything you want, babe. You just got to tell me," Riley countered, dropping his head down to place a kiss on the soft skin of Zane's inner thigh. I want to see you. I don't want to hurt you, like, at all. Best of both worlds? He rolled them, putting Zane on top, and he straddled Riley's waist. He snapped open the bottle again and put a handful directly onto his cock, sucking in a breath as the cold gel slid over the head of his throbbing cock.

He wrapped his hand around the base of his cock and held it steady for Zane as he steadied himself above, pressing their foreheads together. A low, masculine moan escaped his lips as he pressed his slicked opening against Riley's hard length. He sank down an inch or so and watched in pleasure as needy hunger crept over his lover's face. Taking a deep breath to steady himself, he relaxed his muscles.

riley and zane ending a relationship

It was impossible to tell who cried out first, but as Zane impaled himself on Riley's cock, he had a fleeting thought that even their screams were harmonious, their simultaneous moans of pleasure like music in the stilled air.

Riley's hands flew to Zane's hips as his back arched and he thrust deeper inside, a whine escaping from the back of his throat. He reveled in the full, complete feeling having Riley inside him gave him. It took a moment for him to adjust, but then he braced his hands on Riley's muscled chest and drew up off him. Riley moaned like a dying animal and tried desperately to follow, bucking his hips up impulsively.

Zane felt sexually powerful in a way he never had before. He had been a submissive in his other relationships, and he felt an odd surge of pride at being in control of his encounter. Every moan, every curse, every drop of sweat that Riley exuded, he had caused that. Riley was writhing beneath him in a lust-filled haze… because of him.

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Zane reached up and gently tugged his nipple, grinning when Riley spasmed and nearly bucked him off. He dropped down again, sheathing Riley's cock inside him once more, giving a tiny twist of his hips as he bottomed out.

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Riley let out a string of nonsense words, the strange syllables sounding delightfully foreign as he groaned them in a fit of ecstasy. Zane had a feeling he was talking in Greek again, like he sometimes did when he lost control of his emotions.

Only this time, instead of punching someone out while spitting a line of Greek curses, he was whimpering the words in a moment of utter bliss. Who knew he could purr for God's Sake! And that cry was just the first of many.

Zane rode Riley slowly. He was so unbelievably turned on by what he was doing to Riley, his own excitement and pleasure took a back seat. As Riley's breath began to rasp through his lungs and his whole body shivered beneath Zane, he sped up. Using a hand on Riley's chest for leverage, he arched himself back a little so that on every other stroke he hit his prostate and saw stars flash before his eyes. There was a moment when Zane wondered who this new, confident, sexy Zane was.

Because it couldn't be the Zane who was terrified of being played earlier, who had practically begged for things to be different this time around, who had doubted Riley's ability to keep his promise that it would be. That Zane wouldn't have had the balls to lean down and lick a path up Riley's chest, or suck on the bruise into the hollow of Riley's throat.

That Zane wouldn't have pulled one of Riley's hands from his hip and closed it around his leaking erection. That Zane wouldn't have experimented with squeezing and twisting and teasing until Riley's lashes shone wetly, and he was panting as though he'd run a marathon.

He didn't know who this new Zane was, but he was sure as fuck keeping him around; because having Riley underneath him like this, aching for him, was one experience he was determined to repeat.

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As many times as Riley would let him— oh, please let him. He heard the words and thought for a moment that he had said something out loud while he had let his mind wander. A glance at Riley told me differently. His head was thrashing back and forth, his face scrunched up in pleasure.

And Zane could hardly refuse. Of course, it helped that he was ready to explode as well. He felt that signaling tingle beginning in my spine, and it spread out like wildfire. Sound faded and his eyes fell shut. Zane threw his head back and ground down harder onto Riley's cock, trying to melt their bodies together so he could live in that feeling forever. It wasn't long before Zane felt Riley's muscles tensing and he gave a hoarse cry as his back arched and his cock jerked again and again inside him.

Zane followed him over the edge almost immediately. Every muscle in his body tightened and the fire began pulsing through him in waves. As the fire dissipated, the shivers set in. He could feel the air drying the sweat all over his body, raising prickles in its wake as he slumped bonelessly onto Riley's strong chest.

Riley had collapsed back onto the bed, gasping for breath. He closed his arms around Zane, pulling him further into his heaving chest and holding him tightly. His spent cock slipped out of him, bringing a warm, sticky dribble that ran down both of their thighs, but they were both too exhausted to care.

Riley turned them sideways slightly, settling Zane in the crook of his arms and throwing a leg over his hip. He pulled him in, ignoring the sweat and the wetness of Zane's cum all over both of their stomachs.

They stayed in that position for a few minutes, their heartbeats slowing and their breathing falling into sync with each other's. Zane felt safe, protected, warm… loved.

riley and zane ending a relationship

He couldn't see Riley's face, but the soft kiss that was laid on his forehead moments later confirmed his suspicion that Riley felt the same way.

At least, he sure hoped so. A big part of him was already missing the persona he had created of himself while he was riding Riley, the Zane that had everything under control and everything going for him. That niggling of doubt Zane had been feeling earlier, that little piece of him that screamed about falling into old patterns, returned in full force, causing him to shiver almost violently.

He considered the question seriously. Zane honestly wasn't sure if he was or not. Being dumped when school started because of football and Riley's reputation at school had been a devastating blow for him, and if he was being honest, it broke his heart.

riley and zane ending a relationship

And yet, after all that, he had taken Riley back without really considering the consequences. He had given his adorable puppy-like boyfriend his barely-healing heart again on a silver platter, and he was just waiting for it to be broken again, smashed into tiny shards until half the pieces had been lost forever between the couch cushions.

Was he really that self-destructive? He was just too in love to let go. At least that would be something else to focus on, though, to block out the dull throbbing in both his heart and his ass. After quickly using the already-stained bed sheet to clean up the mess on his stomach, Zane sat up and bent down to retrieve his boxers from the pile of discarded clothes on the floor, wincing as he did so. Riley watched him warily, a frown knotting his eyebrows together in the middle.

Zane felt a large hand on his shoulder and looked up to see Riley giving him that worried-puppy stare, his blue eyes wide with concern.

riley and zane ending a relationship

Though there was the tiniest twinge of physical pain caused by their actions that evening as he pulled his boxers over his thin hips, the thing that still hurt the most was Riley's homophobic remarks in the locker room, his insistence that he wasn't who he was, his inability to express what he was feeling in a good, natural way.

Riley had hurt him. There were little bruises developing on the flesh just above his jean line, Zane noted; Riley really had left his fingerprints all over him, hadn't he? He helpfully offered Zane his bundled socks after he had pulled on his own underwear, and Zane couldn't help but chuckle over that again.

Riley was surprising in so many ways, and the sock thing was just another object in that box. It was cute, a sign that the real Riley definitely wasn't football-Riley. He was just about to give up and ask to borrow one when he felt Riley's hand on his arm, insistently pulling him back towards the bed.

As if reading his thoughts, Riley pulled him into a rough hug, his hands finding their place on Zane's hips to pull him closer. I'm not going to be an idiot again. Things will be different this time. He wanted to laugh at the sight, the big footballer standing there looking vulnerable and lovable, his lower lip being gnawed at with vigour. Riley couldn't say the words, as much as he wanted to, as much as he needed to.

But Zane looking at him expectantly, so he sighed and settled for, "I'll see you tomorrow at school, right? Riley sighed again, flopping down onto his admittedly soiled sheets without a care. He groaned, mentally acknowledging the unconvinced look in Zane's eyes when he said everything would be different, that he'd be better.

Zane didn't trust him not to make those mistakes again. He was going to have to change that. The next morning, after putting his dirty sheets in the laundry wouldn't it be a lovely surprise for his mother to find those unclean in the basket? In the end K. After learning the difficulties of being teen parents, Jenna and K. After a bumpy road to coming out, they managed to reconcile at prom thanks to Anya.

Simpson, this couple started off as a one-sided crush on Degrassi. Snake finally got the girl in Degrassi: The Next Generation and married Spike. Joey and Caitlin Jaitlin Joey and Caitlin are star-crossed lovers. They were constantly on-again, off-again, with Joey notoriously cheating on her all summer!! The two decided to get married one night at a casino as a result of heavy drinking.

After realizing that there was in fact a lot of love between them, they chose to stay married.