Rukia and renji relationship counseling

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rukia and renji relationship counseling

He actually showed more of a connection with Rukia for the entire series, but that clearly went nowhere cause she ended up with Renji for no. Rukia has phone sex with the wrong person, Byakuya is way too Rukia learns about couples counseling, Byakuya thinks shes dating. We've seen new life created in a couple of ways in Bleach. Tbh. I'm convinced they are the offspring of rukia and renji but soul reapers aren't.

His reputation did not help him in his efforts to blend him in, either.

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He walked straight to the Kuchiki Mansion. He knocked on the door hard, desperate to get inside. Rukia answered the door. She looked surprised to see him.

rukia and renji relationship counseling

She looked at him for a second, then nodded and let him into the house. They went through the house until they got to a room with Renji in it. She then left the room so that Ichigo and Renji could talk alone. He then looked surprised. I'm going to do 'that'. You don't want to hurt her. Thanks for your advise.

Renji Abarai

I'll see you later. If you need more advise, I suggest you go to Byakuya. By the way, how's married life for you? Are you and Rukia having fun?

Want me to tell you about it? I'd rather die than hear about your nights with Rukia. He wandered around, not knowing exactly where to go, when he bumped right into the person he was trying to find. Tell me what you need advice on. It would help ease the discomfort of it all. Ichigo made his way to the 8th division barracks. Usually our swords do not seek out each others company and can not keep from fighting.

rukia and renji relationship counseling

They reached the 6th division and were greeted by Byakuya, Renji, and Kyoraku. Zabimaru was out in her materialized form and running about.

How Rukia & Renji Became a Couple Revealed?

Sode no Shirayuki was shaking demanding to be let out. The three zanpkteau left the room. I'm glad to be here. How are things at the 8th division? Say has anyone found that boy in the 3rd division that went missing last month? They said there was a mysterious light in the sky that night.

Byakuya cleared his throat audibly. Zabimaru had come back in looking upset.

You might have baby zanpktuo soon. A large bang on an adjoining wall echoed loudly. They must have started work on it early. Then a woman's moan. Another large bang and a male and female both moaned loudly.

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When this happened in my division we just had a meeting about discretion and proper behavior. Byakuya was not happy at the thought of having to give that lecture. Then Rukia covered her mouth. Renji fell over on his cushion spilling tea on Byakuya who luckily had not gained control of his senses.

Jushiro Ukitake blushed and Kyoraku smiled. Zanpaktuo are an extension of the soul. So what the soul wants, even if the master doesn't realize it, the zanpktuo can act out on its own. In this case the extension of Byakuya and Rukia' souls seem to be in love or at least desire each other. How can that be. That's impossible he's her brother!

rukia and renji relationship counseling

There's nothing to worry about. They're not blood related. Seems like Kuchiki-sama has been keeping something from us. A swirl of snow and cherry blossom petals now danced and twirled outside of the window like pink and white ribbons.

Byakuya was no longer making eye contact with anyone and Rukia was blushing like mad. It seems there is much to be discussed.

rukia and renji relationship counseling

Rukia why don't you take the rest of the day off. She grabbed onto his sleeve shaking her head trying to say something she couldn't manage to get out. I'll see you tomorrow. Renji left in a huff nearly tearing the door off of its hinges when he went to open it and Byakuya had moved to the window. If he looked out of the window he wouldn't have to make eye contact with anyone, especially Rukia.

There would still be a question of how they got super powers, of course - and presumably Urahara had something to do with that. Much more likely, to my mind, is that Ururu and Jinta are artificial children created by Urahara. Jinta is normal; Ururu is a construct. A third possibility is that only Ururu is a construct, and Jinta is a normal ish human kid.

Ururu has done a lot more to be suspicious about - like when she fought Ichigo with so much power that he ran for his life.

Rukia Kuchiki

Or when she struck an Arrancar hard enough to make him bleed. So perhaps she is the only construct. They were created to fight Hollows. One idea is that they were created as a weapon against Hollows. They were created to fight the Quincy. There has been no indication that this is the case.