Saitama and genos relationship tips

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saitama and genos relationship tips

Explore Angry German teen's board "Genos and saitama" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Genos x saitama, Manga anime and One punch. Hello everyone! I'm Mokugyo, a proud anime lover and writer of the Anime Study column here on Lately, Japanese people have been enjoying. Saitama met Genos after the latter was defeated by a monster and tried to Bang passes advice onto Genos whenever he needs it and Genos holds a certain.

It doesn't have to be a romantic relationship. The relationship can be male and male or brother and sister. What is most important is if the relationship between the character has weight. If you they work with or against each other. Do they need each other to grow as characters? Did they make long term positive or negative changes in each others live? Which leads me to Saitama and Genos Saitama as we all know at the start of the series is emotional flat.

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He doesnt feel enthusiasm, anger, or sadness in battle and it extends into his personal life. His exists is boring because he hasn't gotten a real challenge in ages.

He also doesn't get any motivates from the people he interacts with. Besides a monster, a cashier, or a stray person he saves Saitama doesn't exchange more the a few words with anybody people. That is before Genos. Genos is the first person in the series that Saitama speaks to and opens up. Not by choice but by force because Genos would not leave him along.

Its a relationship Saitama doesn't want anything to do with at first because he isn't looking for a student and he doesn't need more then 20 words in his life.

Genos wants unmatched power. His reasons for needing this for power is to defeat a crazed cyborg that ruined his life.

saitama and genos relationship tips

So its unsurprising that after witnessing Saitama 'One Slapping' a monster with ease that he would beg Saitama to become his sensei. The goal being to become stronger. What actually happens is why I they are my OTP. Genos doesn't give up and Saitama just learns to deal with it. And they become friends in a way. Genos is stubborn, persistent, highly enthusiasm, direct, and doesn't quit.


The silence this time spoke volumes. The guilt gnawing at his stomach was certainly enough to make him doubt that resolve. Saitama jerked his head from the window and looked, but it was too late. Damn, that kid was fast. Or was pretending not to hear. He looked as put-together as ever, with a collared fleece pulled over a button-up shirt.

Saitama shrugged, trying to play off his good mood casually. He was just… scary. Five freshman students coming to his office hours in tears and one stern talking-to later had resulted in a working relationship that worked for them both. Except for the part where Genos got to bother him daily about advising his graduate thesis. He immediately regretted it, practically feeling Genos deflate as he walked beside him with his hands buried in his jacket pockets.

You should do school however you want, man. Until Saitama said yes -- which he had no intention of doing. Some saltines, water, and a short sitting nap was all Saitama needed to feel a little less grumpy. I am likely not well versed in current etiquette. He gestured for them to go left, but then got back to his point. Genos stopped, rounding up beside him, his eyes a dangerous golden glare.

He looked softer when he was lost; cute, if Saitama was being honest. What kind of teacher dragged his student to dinner with his family? Saitama hummed, scrutinizing his student but finding nothing else to make him worry.


Saitama hung up the phone, dropping it against his desk with a dull thud against the plywood. There was a second thud -- this one not from inside the office. It sounded like someone had tripped; Saitama tilted his head and strode to the door, opening up and peeking out to see if someone was hurt -- but found his assistant hovering nearby, rubbing his upper arm as though it were sore. What will happen if you arrive home without someone? He sat up in his chair, pressing his elbows into his thighs so hard it nearly hurt.

saitama and genos relationship tips

He steepled his fingers and leaned his chin against them, spinning his mental wheels but everything seemed stuck in mud. You can be the someone?

He clearly thought the idea was brilliant. Damn, he was handsome when he smiled… Bad idea, bad idea… It flitted like a failing neon marquee at the back of his thoughts, but Genos was smiling and really, it sounded like a great idea. Visiting home might be less terrible if he got to bring someone from his real life with him on the trip. This felt wrong, otherwise. It felt like he was taking advantage. He had to do something -- anything, to not make this weird. But as soon as it did, Saitama felt the neon in his mind flare, white-hot and bright and urgent.

An honest-to-God smile, and he looked happy. He was so fucked. Genos watched, genuinely perplexed, before turning to look back between Saitama and his mother.

This was weird, officially. Besides, mom turned it into an office, I guess. The room was well-kept, with a double bed in the center of it, furnished with clean white sheets and a comforter.

It looked like what Saitama imagined a hotel room might. The room was small and he had no idea how hard it would be to get it. The glowing green digits on the microwave read 4: No, he was up -- not for a run, not for any reason, really.