Shae and tyrion relationship quiz

shae and tyrion relationship quiz

Their relationship makes me uncomfortable on a very basic level, because the mere fact that Tyrion is paying for Shae to stay with him and be. Shae was a prostitute who had begun an exclusive relationship with Tyrion Lannister during the time when he was fighting in the Lannister army as part of the. First of all, Shae's mere presence in King's Landing put a lot of people in danger. Tywin is already aware of their prior relationship, so every.

However, during an unexpected turn of events, Jon finds himself living with the wildlings, who have the complete opposite point of view when it comes to love and lust. So do you remember the name of his first lover? When we first meet the character, he seems solely interested in the carnal satisfaction that women provide for him. This helps explain why Tyrion takes so long to let his heart warm to another woman, which also happens to end in yet another tragedy.

Question 7 True or False: Jon and Dany are actually brother and sister.

Maybe it was because the revelation that they were related came late in the series. Or maybe it was simply because Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington are both very attractive.

Lysa Olenna Brienne The whole first season of Game of Thrones is really just a set up for things to come, which ultimately start getting rolling as soon as Ned Stark is executed. Though the head of House Stark may be dead, Ned left a number of strong-willed children, as well as his wife, behind. They take up arms against the Lannisters, especially his wife, who is just as headstrong and uncompromising as her husband was.

So do you remember what her name was? Robert Baratheon Lancel Lannister Renly Baratheon Ever since she was a child, Cersei Lannister was told by a forest witch that she would outlive all of her children. However, like everything else with the Lannisters, nothing is as it seems on the surface, and the legitimacy of these children has long been debated amongst the other noble houses.

So who actually fathered Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen? Question 10 How many times was Margaery Tyrell married? Nor was she unafraid to try and subtly manipulate her many husbands. So before Cersei exacted her revenge, how many times had Margaery been married? Question 11 Who was Lysa Arryn married to before her death?

For whatever reason, too much time in the impregnable Eyrie made Lysa unwilling to trust anyone outside the bounds of the Vale. Therefore, when her sister comes calling for help, Lysa still refuses to get involved with the affairs of the Seven Kingdoms.

Though this one character is somehow able to weasel his way into her trust and gain her hand in marriage.

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Question 12 True or false: Jaime Lannister has never been married. True False Aside from Tyrion, Jaime may be one of the few Lannisters with any real redeeming qualities. To save himself from falling into a pit of despair, he learns to use his brain for once instead of his brawn — which means he must learn to make people trust him for the first time in his life. Question 13 Who was Tyrion forced to marry?

In order to keep the influence that he needs over the Seven Kingdoms, Tywin knows that he needs to pick the marriage pacts of his children very carefully. But unfortunately, Jaime is forbidden to marry, Cersei is growing older, and Tyrion is the bane of his existence — meaning he is willing to let his outcast son marry the daughter of a traitor. Question 14 Who is Jorah Mormont in love with? Missandei Lyanna Stark Doreah For a while there, Jorah Mormont seemed like he would join the list of many Game of Thrones characters who have met their demise.

Unlike in the novels, where Jon Connington has contracted greyscale, in the show, this deadly disease is carried by Jorah. Fortunately, thanks to Sam being in the Citadel, Jorah is back alive and well… for the time being at least. Lysa Melisandre Selyse Though many of the marriages in Game of Thrones are more political than romantic, the relationship between Stannis and his wife may be the least loving of them all.

shae and tyrion relationship quiz

And second, the only person Stannis is seen romantically involved with is with Melisandre — though this is only in hopes that their bond will win him the Iron Throne. Question 16 How many times has Daenerys been engaged? But in the books, she is actually currently married to her second husband. However, in both the series and the novels, the character has still been engaged the same amount of times. Do you know how many that is?

shae and tyrion relationship quiz

While a marriage to Jon Snow might seem inevitable, things are bound to grow more complicated when Dany discovers that Jon has a stronger claim to the throne than she does. Sam Mance Tormund Though both Gilly and Sam start off as more annoying than endearing, over time, they have become one of the most romantic couples in the series.

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Question 18 Who is Missandei in love with? She helped translate the conversation between Dany and Kraznys mo Nakloz — the owner of the Unsullied — despite Dany already being able to speak Low Valyrian. Question 19 True or false: Arya Stark has never been married.

True False Despite being the second youngest Stark child, Arya has had one of the longest and most interesting journeys before ultimately making it back to Winterfell alongside her brother and sister. For someone so smart, this pact was remarkably stupid: Tyrion assumed people who were completely opposed to giving up slavery would be happy if they only had more time to be forced into change. It was easy for viewers to see this coming, but Tyrion overlooked it entirely.

I drink, and I know things. Tyrion pouting into his goblet after his father becomes Hand of the King helps dull his senses while other players skillfully maneuver power around him.

And his functional alcoholism likely fueled the sarcastic anger that previously made him the enemy of many, including the Small Council. Lots of wine helped fuel those numerous Joffrey slaps, too, as well as the insane decision to hide Shae in King's Landing. And his tendency to visit brothels and inns keeps getting him in trouble, too, from getting captured by Catelyn Stark to getting captured by Jorahm Mormont.

Sure, he drinks and knows things, but it seems like he'd know a lot more if he drank a lot less! During his final conversation with Tywin, Tyrion asks him what happened to his first wife, Tysha.

However, the Tyrion of the books takes this question very seriously: He asks himself the question, merchants the question, travelers the question, and even a few actual questions. This is a minor singer who tags along with Catelyn when she captures Tyrion and manages to ingratiate himself with her sister in the Eyerie.

Before they arrive at the Eyerie, though, the party is attacked by some of the clans who live in the Vale, and in the books, Tyrion takes the opportunity to try to maim the singer.

Marillion has spent the entire trip up to this point composing songs that help to mock Tyrion. Considering how he has been mocked all of his life and periodically lectures people like Jon Snow about armoring themselves against insultsthis is a really strange reason to risk everyone's lives to maim someone: Her false testimony against him during his trial, along with the fact that she started sleeping with Tywin, was part of why he was so angry with her during their final meeting.

When this meeting was shown on television, Shae attacked Tyrion, and he was forced to kill her in self-defense. In the books, however, it was much darker. In the books, Shae does not attack him or make any aggressive moves towards him. If the cold-blooded murder of someone he claimed to care about wasn't bad enough, Tyrion basically put Shae into a no-win situation: Ultimately, Shae did the only thing she could to save her life, and Tyrion murdered her in cold blood because of it.