Slade and terra relationship

DC Comics Has Retconned Deathstroke's Relationship with Terra

slade and terra relationship

Terra is the name used by three fictional characters published by DC Comics. The first Terra . In DCU: Last Will and Testament, Deathstroke takes credit for Terra's insanity by claiming he gave her the same serum Due to his connection with The Red, Beast Boy was the only one who could sense the evil intents of Brother. Prior to meeting and joining the Teen Titans, Terra (in the comics) had a relationship with Deathstroke while being only 15 at the time. Slade attacks Terra but offers to help her with her powers. . series where she continues her relationship with Beast Boy and plans to seek revenge on the titans .

Instead of pursuing Black Adam, the Titans stay behind to bury their fallen comrade. She had been born in an underground world called Strata and sent away by its members to establish relations with the surface world. She allowed the Stratans to surgically alter her to resemble the original Terra, believing surface-dwellers would more easily accept her if she reminded them of one of their own.

slade and terra relationship

They used an element called "quixium" to grant her earth-based powers similar to that of her predecessor, a process that, when combined with the original Terra's DNA, had the unfortunate side-effect of total memory loss. A new Terra named Atlee appears in Supergirl 12 Januarysporting a new outfit and black hair.

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She emerges near a party Supergirl is attending, fighting a creature from a civilization under the Earth's surface. While Supergirl expresses disdain for the superhero activities which interfere with her personal life, Terra counters by saying that being a superhero is simply the right thing to do; she does not comprehend Supergirl's complaints.

Together they defeat the monster by collapsing the ground under it. The Terra miniseries revealed that she is a member of an alien race called Stratans who live below the Earth's surface in a massive subterranean cave called Strata which is actually the empty spacesuit of a long dead cosmic extraterrestrial, [25] and possesses a rare mutation granted by a unique ore called "quixium" that grants her the earth powers she wields.

Terror Titans During the Final Crisis crossover, a group of teen supervillains calling themselves the Terror Titans begin abducting teenaged metahumans to use as competitors in the Dark Side Club, an underground arena where the young heroes are brainwashed and forced to fight to the death for spectators and wealthy patrons.

slade and terra relationship

After learning of the abductions, Terra goes on the run, eventually meeting up with fellow teen superheroes AquagirlMoleculeOffspringZachary Zataraand the Star-Spangled Kid.

While deciding on a course of action, the teens are ambushed by the Terror Titans, who proceed to overpower and capture them, killing Molecule in the process.


Atlee and the others are taken to the Dark Side Club and subjected to the Anti-Life Equationwhich causes them to become slaves to Darkseid and his cadre of followers.

After winning several matches in the tournament, Terra is made a member of the Clock King 's Martyr Militia, a team of brainwashed superhumans he plans to use on an attack in Los Angeles.

While resting, Atlee is offered a spot on the Teen Titans by Wonder Girlwhich she politely declines, saying that she wishes to distance herself from the tragedy surrounding the membership of the previous two bearers of the Terra identity. She and Power Girl begin a close friendship, going to movies and even shopping together at an IKEA -esque Scandinavian furniture store. Atlee also decides to drop her Australian accent, instead claiming that her new cover identity is that of a spy, something Power Girl finds quite humorous.

Power Girl notices that Atlee's demeanor has changed, and begins to suspect that something is wrong. It is eventually revealed that Atlee had been kidnapped by Ultra-Humanite and had her brain removed in order for him to place his brain in her body, due to Power Girl crippling his body in a former fight.

Eventually, Power Girl is able to retrieve Atlee, now trapped in the crippled simian body of the Ultra-Humanite, and bring her back to Strata. In this occasion, Atlee expresses no desire to stay in Strata, asking Power Girl to bring her back to the surface world, to which she has grown a liking, as soon as possible. The New 52[ edit ] Atlee debuted in the New 52 continuity in Starfire 3.

Mostly she and Harley watched as Power Girl reluctantly agreed to go on a date with him, got mad, and pummeled him as she has in similar situations in the past. They were just deciding what to do with him, as he had been previously buried in a cocoon, when he wandered off and got hit by a truck. Atlee and Harley then decided to hit the town with a few of Harley's friends. Powers and personality[ edit ] Despite her horrific ordeal at the hands of the Dark Side Club [27] and her earlier appearances as a serious, keeps-to-herself, quiet and polite young woman, [28] Atlee's personality is on the opposite end of the spectrum from the original Tara.

As Tara mostly hid a brooding, dark personality, Atlee's true self seems to be the one of a cheery, peppy, and nonsensical adolescent, completely innocent about surface life, and hailing from a society who apparently banished malice and human greed from their lifestyles.

As a result, she takes an early veneration for Power Girl, seldom leaving her side. Atlee's powers are currently limitless, while she limits herself to "harmless" feats such as growing large formations of rock with the slowness needed to avoid a geological hazard, and using floating rocks as projectiles and to levitate around, [29] Gerard Shugel, the Ultra-Humanite, while residing in her body, was able to shift nearby tectonic plates with ease or cause volcanoes to erupt at his will.

He surmises that Atlee has always had this amazing amount of power, but willingly chose to limit herself in fear of the damage she could cause. Future Terra[ edit ] The future Terra, of the Team Titans, is re-imagined as a resistance member, fighting for the freedom of hundreds of alien worlds.

She partners with Nightrider until they are folded into a larger resistance cell.

Earth OneTerra is a founding member of the team, and in a relationship with Cyborg. On this earth, Terra remains loyal to the team. Flashpoint[ edit ] In the alternate timeline of the Flashpoint event, Terra joined the Amazons ' Furiesand it was through her that New Themyscira was saved from destruction when Aquaman flooded Western Europe. Terra appears in the Teen Titans animated series, voiced by Ashley Johnson.

Like many characters in the series, Terra's backstory and appearance were modified for the cartoon series. The character was portrayed as a more sympathetic and tragic heroine rather than an irredeemable psychopathic villainess. Terra is a teenage girl with long, straight, blonde hair and superpowers similar to those of her comics counterpart.

Terra can manipulate the ground, rocks, and earth-like material around her. But unlike her comic book counterpart, Terra has little control over her powers, which is a source of shame for her, and is ultimately what leads her to betray the Teen Titans. Introduced during Season 2 of the series, Terra first encounters the Teen Titans while being chased by a giant scorpion monster. After defeating the monster, she leaves with the Titans, among whom Beast Boy immediately develops a crush on her.

Terra and Beast Boy spend time together as friends after their first meeting, with Terra confiding to Beast Boy her problems controlling her powers, which he agrees to keep a secret. Later, during an encounter with Sladethe villain tells Terra that he knows everything about her, including her lack of control over her powers and all of the disasters that she has caused as a result, and that this is the real reason why she is constantly on the move. Slade offers to train her in exchange for her servitude, which Terra refuses, although Slade would plant seeds of doubt regarding whether or not Beast Boy would keep his word.

When Robin asks Terra to be a Teen Titan, she happily accepts, but runs away after Robin tells her that she will need help controlling her powers, prompting her to believe that Beast Boy had broken his promise.

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In reality, Robin had merely figured it out on his own. Terra flees the Titans Tower and ultimately agrees to work for Slade in exchange for training on how to master her abilities. After some time secretly training under Slade, she returns to the Titans Tower as a double agent.

slade and terra relationship

At this point, Beast Boy confesses to Terra his infatuation with her, and the two go out on their first official romantic date. While they are away, the Titans Tower is attacked by an army of Slade's robots that were able to infiltrate because of information Terra provided to Slade.

She defeats the Titans one by one and attempts to crush them in an avalanche. When it becomes apparent that Terra has failed to kill the Titans, Terra's suit is revealed to be a fail-safe, which allows Slade to control her. Slade forces her to attack Beast Boy, nearly killing him. Terra is able to overcome her costume, and triggers a volcanic eruption that kills Slade and threatens to kill the Titans as well.

In the end, Terra ultimately incapacitates herself to save her friends and the city by turning back the full force of the volcanic eruption, and is transformed into a solid stone statue in the process. While she claims to have no recollection of her previous life, it is revealed that the statue Terra turned into had vanished.

slade and terra relationship

After failing to convince the girl to return, she ultimately tells Beast Boy to let go of the past. Slade takes it instead and eliminates his opponent, earning him the nickname. Slade enjoyed the name of Deathstroke the Terminator and allowed it to spread.

The last thing the comic book giant wanted was a legal battle or confusion regarding either character. Known for completing just about every contract he takes, there are over eliminations associated with his name. Every government agency, hero, and villain in the world knows of his existence.

Slade Wilson provided inspiration for the iconic Deadpool character In a weird and psycho kind of way, Slade enjoys these accolades. To him, they are like trophies on a wall. This is the life he ultimately wanted, an enviroment where he finds his sick and demented joy.

Despite his numerous adaptations, his mental joy in being who he is will never change. Slade Wilson is a merc for hire, not the merc with a mouth. Although, Slade Wilson provided inspiration for the iconic Deadpool character. She adapted the name Ravager, a name that previously had belonged to her half-brother Grant. The Titans however changed the course of her life. They offered her a home and family, allowing her to be free and chose her own path in life.

All in the name of building a better future for herself by becoming a better person. Despite the games being ten years apart, Slade Wilson appears as Deathstroke, wearing the same iconic black and orange in both games. Some minor changes were made, however. His look is slimmer with shoulder pads that bulge up towards his head.

Mark Rolston is the voice actor for Deathstroke in the games. He also voices Firefly and Lex Luthor in Batman: Mark is also a playable character in Batman: Arkham Origins if the game was pre-ordered. Via Teen Titans Go! The two adaptations differ vastly from one another, mostly because of the audience that is targeted, but also through animation style and writing.

While his appearance remains mostly unchanged a common thread no matter what adaptation Slade is inmost fans would agree that Teen Titans Go! This causes Terra to become emotionally devastated and side with Slade completely. At the Tower, the Slade bots are destroyed, but it's revealed Terra also gave Slade the info on each Titan's weakness and data. Robin asks everyone to give Beast Boy some time. We last see Beast Boy in dog form, in Terra's room laying by the gift he made her.

slade and terra relationship

Aftermath Part One Terra, now fully allied with Slade, is given a neuro suit that lets Slade control her powers and improve her abilities. She attacks the Titans who retreat. Beast Boy asks the Titans to find a way to give her a second chance as he still cared about her.

Meanwhile, Slade has Overload, Plasmus, and Cinderblock attack various points in the city. Cinderblock, Overload, and Plasmus are defeated but Terra attacks the separated Titans and shows them zero mercy and defeats each one, including Beast Boy. The Titans escape and decide she deserves no more chances. Aftershock part Two Jump City is now abandoned and run by Slade. Though she says she has no regrets for betraying her friends, she remembers the good times she had with them and now feels more alone than ever.

The Titans return and attack her with no mercy. Slade tells her to keep fighting and offers his strength to fuse Cinderblock, Plasmus, and Overload into one being. Terra escapes but, Slade, disgusted with her, smacks her down for running and starts beating her. Because of this, her conscience, combined with the abuse she received, makes her turn against Slade and she tries to take off her suit.

Because it's wired to her nervous system, it's becomes an impossible feat. Slade says she now belongs to him and will never make her leave, filling her with despair. Beast Boy, wanting personal revenge on her for breaking his heart finds her sobbing. She begs him to kill her, shocking him. Slade, then takes control of her causing her to unwillingly attack Beast Boy.

Beast Boy tries to tell her to fight back and not let Slade take control of her. He is knocked down and Terra is forced to make a large spike stone flying above him. Realizing they were her real friends, she finally fights back against Slade, ultimately beating the villain into submission.

Though she is able to stop it, she became petrified as a result.