Soma and erina relationship help

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soma and erina relationship help

It looks like Soma and Erina's relationship will finally start to blossom as in " Shokugeki no Soma" chapter , the son of Erina'. However, with Sōma and the others' help, Erina finally mustered the courage to resist her father and relinquished her status as the 10th seat of the Elite Ten in. Soma's first relationship is a De Factor kind, it only works because of the Erina Nakiri or known as the God of Tongue by the culinary world and the you for as long as we're together" kissing her hand and helping her up.

I really think, I would be happy if they both ship together. This is the reason they almost clash. She likes to irritate him and we know this thing happens in love. They look good together and if they come together, than it would be great.

Those who have seen the OVA alreasy have a feeling for this. Takumi in OVA despite having all the girls talked from the point of view of Megumi and when all of Polar Star dorm when went for the fun time near a lake, Megumi called Takumi also.

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That's why she left Erina, when beaten by Hayama, thinking that there is no place for failure with Erina. Its not possible though but can be awesome, if we thought of them together. The same reason is stand true for Eishi also. Similarly Erina felt alone without Hisako when she left her.

Presently, they were all on a break, students are all home for a month vacation Soma stayed since his father flew off to another country while his brother headed back to Cross Academy, leaving him to stay with his girlfriend since Polar Star dorm is the only safe place for her. Soma who's having an interview with his number one fan from the journalist club Mitsuro, "You see… my relationship to Erina is De Facto, or in layman's terms in effect as it was legal or she had agreed as you guys had seen after I asked her out.

Although the flow of our relationship at the moment is a bit of a rocky road for me, I'm working my way to her cold heart but I hope I can make her fall for me like I did to her from the first time I laid my eyes on her" Soma sheepishly chuckled. Soma preparing the motorbike.

Erina who's wearing cute summer dress secretly took a quick picture of Soma preparing, she giggled and uploaded tagging Alice, Hisako, Ikumi, Megumi and other Polar Star girls who immediately commented as she captioned it, "Off to Somewhere" After they left, Erina enjoyed the ride since she gets to feel Soma's washboard abdomen.

Pulling over a single building, she blinked, "Welcome to my family's diner" he greeted her as he opened the door for her, she's remained silent and thought, this is where Juichiro-sama was practicing and this is where her boyfriend or the man who defeated her grew up and trained to cook, it wasn't like those high end restaurants but the look of the place was rustic and classic Japanese diner, she did not complain.

She sat by the counter and he made her some of their food from the menu. When he served her the dish she ate it quietly, Soma did not dare to ask how it was, he just let her eat it in peace, eating half of it, she looked at Soma who's smiling at her, she took a piece of meat and brought it up to Soma's mouth to feed him, when he was about to bite, "Well… well… well…" said by the Urban Life Planer lady. After she left with her goons, "What was that all about" Erina looked pissed.

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After sharing the dish, Erina feeding him, Soma taught her how to arrange the place, after that he taught her some few dish she could help him later when the customers goes in.

To her surprise the place was shortly flooded by people, now she knew how Soma train and move fast just like that training camp where he had thirty minutes time remaining yet he had finished serving over two hundred servings. She took the chance that it was a great training to work on her cooking speed. After finishing with the shop, both sat by the counter Soma smiling, "So how's your first time?

After her bath Soma took his and got changed in to something comfortable, a pair of gym shorts and cotton shirt. Both told their goodnight and slept. Morning later Erina Nakiri woke up facing her boyfriend who comfortable slept cradling her head with his arm, Erina felt that the irritating guy may not be so bad after all.

Taking a quick picture of sleeping Soma who she remembers supposed to be wearing a cotton shirt, now half naked cuddled with her earlier.

soma and erina relationship help

She posted it and again tagged her friends who later on replied on comments blowing her up with questions especially her cousin who's jelous since she gets to stay with her boyfriend while Alice and Ryo are away from each other. Waking Soma up, she ended up being wrestled back to bed and cuddled, pinching Soma by the rib he winced, "Sorry" said Erina.

Opening his mother's closet, "Look for anything that can fit you or to your liking" said Soma. Thank you" and she started looking for some clothes, she found another plain floral dress, a sleeveless one which looked like a summer dress yet it was simple.

soma and erina relationship help

Wearing the dress after they tidied up, Soma matched the dress when Erina insisted to take over his wardrobe and looked for something that would match her dress, with a pair of white shorts and gray shirt that has the Yukihara logo by the chest, she finds it okay since he doesn't own any multi colored shirts at all, Soma found it amusing that Erina likes to match, he reminded himself to get more stuff that would match her casuals.

Heading to the market they stumbled upon some few people that knew Soma well, Soma introduced Erina to them and they happily accepted her, "Soma-kun! Please meet my girlfriend Erina" Erina internally cheering to herself as the girl looked devastated after knowing Soma's already taken.

soma and erina relationship help

Heading back, Soma gave her a pink helmet, "I asked a friend to customize that, do you like it? Taking the helmet and wearing them, like the usual Soma would fic it for her and settle her first before speeding off.

An hour and half they arrived back to Totsuki, Fumio greeted them, "We'll just grab some few things and be heading back to the diner" said Soma and Erina nodded thanking Fumio. After they left, "Just like Joichiro" she snorted remembering how sweet he is to his wife.

soma and erina relationship help

Arriving back to the diner, they settled Erina's things first as he gave space from his closet for her. For a month both operated the diner, Erina actually enjoying the life in a small diner since she gets to experience new things like competition against shops from the mall near the station, Soma and her acting like married couple as they do shopping and sleep together which she now enjoy and loves the touches Soma gives her.

Soma promising her the courtship that he would perform as they are together still in its effect since he had been surprising her with small yet sweet things, she gets to post it on social media letting others know that Yukihira Soma is taken. The time that Erina had spent with her father caused her to develop a severe fear of her father, leaving her terrified whenever she is in his presence. Unlike her normally confident and haughty self, she would be completely timid and submissive to her father's actions and requests, even if it is not what she wished to do.

This included unwillingly firing Hisako from her position as her secretary as her father's grip on her is still intact even after ten years without his presence. Alice Nakiri Alice is Erina's maternal Danish cousin.

The two cousins grew up together as they were both a part of the Nakiri family and actually had a very friendly relationship. Erina was a bit mean to her in their childhood and Alice has used such experiences as a subject to teasing her cousin in the present.

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Nevertheless, Erina was generally happy to be with Alice and even wanted to communicate through the mail when she moved to Denmark, though this endeavour was ultimately stopped by Azami.

In the present, Erina holds some respect towards her cousin and acknowledges that she is a skilled cook, but still nowhere near her level. Alice, in turn, loves to poke fun at her cousin at any opportunity. Erina is more than willing to hang out with Alice, such as their pool outing. At the very least, their familial ties are strong, but partially fueled by a rivalry founded by a common respect for the other's abilities and talent.

Leonora is Alice's mother and Erina's aunt. Because of the similar personalities of Alice and her mother, Erina finds her aunt a bit annoying at times.

soma and erina relationship help