Soraya and general taheri relationship quizzes

The Kite Runner: Soraya and General Taheri by brandon mints on Prezi

soraya and general taheri relationship quizzes

Soraya. Amir's wife. General Taheri and Jamila Taheri. Mother and father of How does Amir and Hassan's relationship change after the kite tournament?. The first time we meet the general, we find out that back in Afghanistan, It is during this first exchange that Amir sees Soraya (General Taheri's daughter). Both Amir and Soraya were brought up by powerful, overbearing yet loving fathers. Both Baba and General Taheri were important people in Afghanistan, yet .

Amir realizes that Hassan knows that Amir watched him get raped. He also realizes that Amir told Hassan this.

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Baba cries when Ali and Hassan make the decision to leave the house. Which country invaded Afghanistan in the s? Amir and Baba travel to Pakistan in the back of a truck along with other refugees. What happens to Kamal and his father? Kamal had suffocated on the fumes and died.

What does Amir like about America? For Amir, America was an escape from his memories of Hassan. How does Amir finally stand up to Baba? He stood up to Baba by telling him that he wanted to be a creative writer instead of a doctor or lawyer. Where does Amir meet Soraya?

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Amir meets Soraya in the flea market that Baba and Amir visit often. What is the scandal surrounding Soraya Taheri? Soraya had had a relationship with a man that did not work out well and had not been courted since. What disease is Baba diagnosed with? Cancer What secret does Soraya share with Amir? Soraya tells Amir that when the Taheris lived in Virginia, she ran off with an Afghan man. When her father found her and dragged her home, she found out that her mother had suffered a stroke that paralyzed the right side of her face.

How much does Baba spend on the wedding? Amir majored in English and Soraya majored in teaching. Why does General Taheri refuse to allow Amir and Soraya to adopt? Afghan society stresses the importance of bloodline succession and adoption would mean the exact opposite.

Why does Rahim Khan call Amir? He called and told Amir he was very sick and asked him to come visit him in Pakistan. Where is Amir going at the end of Chapter 14? He left for Peshawar, Pakistan. How did Rahim Khan get the scar of his forehead? Rahim Khan got the scar on his forehead at a soccer game when a man next to him cheered too loudly. A Talib pistol whipped Rahim Khan, thinking he had made the noise. How did Ali die? In Ali died from a land mine explosion.

How did Hassan and Farzana die? Farzana ran out screaming and they shot her too. What does Rahim Khan want Amir to do in Afghanistan? To find Sohrab and take him to Mr. Baba and Sanaubar Why is Amir so angry at Baba? Amir wondered how Baba could have broken his own cardinal rule about not lying, how he could have lived with himself after betraying Ali.

What does Amir decide at the end of Chapter 18? That he would bring Sohrab to Peshawar. Why did Farid dislike Amir when they first met? Amir had fled to the privileges of America. He had abandoned his watan, his homeland. How does Amir begin to redeem himself? Amir began to redeem himself by forgiving his own wrongdoings to Ali and Hassan in the past and more importantly by rescuing Sohrab.

Who is the beggar Amir meets on the streets of Kabul?

soraya and general taheri relationship quizzes

What does he tell Amir about his mother? Amir learns she was pregnant on that day, with Amir, and very beautiful and very happy. How does Amir eventually gain access to the orphanage? No heat or hot water. Very little food or supplies. The Taliban refused to pay for renovations or improvements. Why does Farid attack Zaman? Zaman is attacked by Farid because he revealed that a Talib official had taken Sohrab a month earlier.

Sohrab is in a large house in Wazir Akhbar Khan where Farid and Amir agreed to meet the official for their appointment. He remembers this story because it makes him happy.

It was dilapidated and falling apart in What is still inscribed on the pomegranate tree? Why does Amir look for it? The Sultans of Kabul. What happened during half time at the soccer match? During the halftime show the Taliban brought out two accused adulterers.

The official personally stoned both of the accused to death, after which other Talibs buried them. He did it because he said death by stoning was a just punishment for adulterers. Who is Amir meeting at 3: Amir is meeting the Talib official at 3pm.

The Kite Runner: Soraya and General Taheri by brandon mints on Prezi

What is the last solid food Amir will eat for a while? How does Assef recognize Amir? Assef never forgets a face What did Assef do in Mazar?

Assef went through houses and cleansed people. Amir remembers laughing while Assef beat him, and feeling relief. He had looked forward to that, and felt healed for the first time. How do Amir and Sohrab escape? Farid helps them escape the compound in his car. Name 3 injuries Amir receives from Assef. Amir has a wired jaw, several broken ribs, and a punctured lung. What does Rahim Khan tell Amir to do?

Rahim Khan tells Amir to forgive Baba for his sin and to forgive himself. What is important about the card game Amir and Sohrab play while in the hospital? The card game that Sohrab and Amir played in the hospital was the same game that Hassan and Amir played as children. He also realizes that Hassan always let Amir win since Sohrab was a pro at the game. Why did Rahim Khan lie about the Caldwells? How much money does Amir give Farid for his help? Why did Sohrab go to the mosque?

Sohrab felt dirty and very sinful for hitting Assef with a slingshot. He thinks that God will damn him for his actions. What does Amir ask Sohrab while they are at the mosque? He asks Sohrab if he wants to go back to America with him. What two things does Sohrab know about San Francisco? Golden Gate Bridge and the weather. What does Faisal tell Amir are his options for adoption? The move to America was for Amir, to give him a chance at a good life. Amir found it a place where he could put the nightmare of what happened to Hassan to rest, but for Baba the move made him sad and feeling alienated from his homeland.

In the summer of at the age of twenty, Amir graduated high school. Baba was very proud of his son, so proud he bought him a used car. He bought it so Amir could drive to the community college, where he would study English and pursue a creative writing career.

Amir's career choice dismayed Baba, but he eventually accepted it. The two men began to go to garage sales and then sell their finds the next day at a flea market. The San Jose flea market had a whole section comprised of Afghan vendors. Through the General, Amir was introduced to his daughter the beautiful Soraya, with whom Amir was instantly attracted. That night Amir asked Baba about Soraya, because he remembered hearing some gossip about her.

Baba told him there was a story about her and a man and things not going well. She had no boyfriends after this man. Baba used her story to illustrate the point that one incident can change an entire life. Amir only thought of her as "my Swap Meet Princess". Amir couldn't get Soraya out of his mind.

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The seven days between flea market days seemed an eternity to him. But it was months before he worked up the courage to speak to her. He asked her the name of the book she was reading.

This may seem like a small thing, but in Afghan society it was a very bold thing to do. Her reputation would come into to question for talking to a single man, while she was unchaperoned. As he was about to leave, Soraya's mother returned to the stall and she showed Amir she approved of his being there. This made him happy, but he knew the real test would be if her father approved.

The two of them would go on talking, while her mother joined them in the conversation,this went on week after week for a while.

Then one day Soraya's father, the General, showed up and kindly, but firmly told Amir his attentions to his daughter were not wanted. This dismissal crushed Amir, but he didn't have time to wallow, because soon after his father caught a cold.

The cold turned into him coughing up blood, which led to a trip to the doctor. The doctor told them a spot was on his lung and he would need to see a specialist.

soraya and general taheri relationship quizzes

After seeing a couple of specialists and enduring more tests, Baba was diagnosed with cancer. The cancer was inoperable and advanced, he was going to die. Baba forbade Amir from telling anyone the news and he went about his life as usual as long as he could. He soon became more ill and was becoming weaker all the time.