Suigetsu and karin relationship marketing

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suigetsu and karin relationship marketing

i feel emotionally involved in sasuke and naruto's relationship tbfh naruto narutoshippuden itachiuchiha uchiha itachi sasuke sasukeuchiha obitouchiha. Sasuke and Sakura are two of the main characters in Naruto, and SasuSaku selection from Lady Tsunade's medical library in the Mowhawk Fish Market. . that explains Sarada's birth and Sasuke and Sakura's relationship. When Sasuke went off to fight Itachi, Suigetsu challenged Kisame. . Suigetsu was babysitting baby Naru, the fourth child, while Karin went to the market. being truthful about having a relationship with Tsuki because he just.

He sorta encouraged Karin to bring up her feelings but it was always in a teasing way. Not really in a supporting way. He wanted to cut them apart probably because his situation was complicated.

He was observant of both Sasuke and Karin to the point of analyzing their goals and actions and possibly even possesive of both in the sense of where he fit in this new dynamic. His feelings for Karin would be a cluster of sentiments hate her, resent her, friend, possibly finds her cute, wants to protect her slightly jealous of her closeness to probably the only friend he had made in ever, comrade.

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It is a complex relationship presented as platonic with elements of hmmm, and possibly that is probably the only way we can interpret it shipping aside. All the bonds in Naruto are strange and multidimensional and complex and Taka is no exception. But that is what makes it all so facinating. Thank you for this little-luffy-lover18 yes, until arguablyThe Last there are not more than a few romantic bonds in Naruto and these are only in the old Generation MinaKushi, Tsunade Dan.

Manybonds in Naruto was what I like to call Borderline Plantonic and very agape in nature. His view on the matter is more spiritual in nature than what shippers are used to.

suigetsu and karin relationship marketing

So SuiKarin is just another borderline platonic bond with the complexity of a novel yet and simplicity of two teammates who cannot stand eachother.

The punchline being they are stuck next to eachother for pretty much ever as bonds never break. So I agree it is not romantic, that is way too simple of a classification.

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He hated them both. Mangetsu did not want him to be a ninja and Tsuki kept nagging him. They argued all the time about money or Suigetsu or how irresponsible Mangetsu was being, and so on.

So when Mangetsu went MIA, Suigetsu did nothing but listen to the sound of his sister's cries while attempting to feed him self, when he was only seven. They came over to his house with Mangetsu and talk about missions. Tsuki cooked dinner and Suigetsu was ordered to stay in his room away from them. He never listened to his sister and always left his room to be near the cool swordsmen.

Four Suigetsu really wanted to kill Haku, the annoying little prissy boy that was prettier than his sister that Zabuza took in. Zabuza trained Haku only days after meeting the boy while Suigetsu had been pestering him to train him for years. So he felt no love loss when in the prison of Orochimaru he heard of Zabuza and Haku's deaths. Five Kisame was the only one of the Seven Swordsmen that Suigetsu never got along with. Kisame was by far the strongest of the group and the one that tried to discourage him from being a ninja.

Kisame was the one that got along with his sister all too well. Mangetsu really did not care because Kisame was training him.

suigetsu and karin relationship marketing

Kisame's sword was the first one Suigetsu wanted to take but he thought that having Zabuza's sword first was good enough to beat Kisame. When Sasuke went off to fight Itachi, Suigetsu challenged Kisame. Suigetsu made a mistake in getting mad at what Kisame said. To this day, he almost regrets leaving his broken hearted sister crying out for him not to leave. Two days after leaving Kiri, he met Orochimaru. Orochimaru bribed him with power and Suigetsu found himself training in a prison cell or a room that you can't leave without permission as Kabuto called it.

Seven It was a few years since being in Oto, and he gotten used to it. Then Uchiha Sasuke comes as Orochimaru's apprentice and Suigetsu realizes that things were going to get more difficult.

Sasuke was a wimp from Konoha, and Suigetsu picked a fight with him a day after Sasuke coming to Oto. Even injured from his battle with Uzumaki Naruto, Sasuke still beat Suigetsu.

Suigetsu really hates Sasuke, at first. But learns to respect the Uchiha, grudgingly. Eight After Suigetsu's attack on Sasuke, Kabuto got permission to play with Suigetsu as his new lap rat. Suigetsu went through gene splicing, which was very painful, and turned to water. Kabuto found a way to stabilize him and locked him in a freaking container of water. He was not able to get out of there until Sasuke broke him out.

Nine He never actually met Juugo until they freed him from his cell. He heard of the stories and thought that this guy would be interesting to fight. As for Karin, she visited Kabuto a lot and in turn saw Suigetsu trapped. She was and is always will be an annoying woman that is obsessed with Sasuke. The only reason he stays is that Sasuke needs him and the fact that he owes Sasuke for freeing him.

He really hates this team.

But the day he sees Sasuke crying over loss of his brother does Suigetsu gain true respect for his leader for a reason he does not even know why. Ten He never imagined that he would be apart of collecting Jinchuuriki under the order of an ancient Uchiha. What was even worse that he could not fight Kisame, which sucked. Then they have to go and catch the Hachibi Jinchuuriki while the rest of Akatsuki go get the one from Konoha.

Suigetsu knew why they were not going to Konoha because Sasuke might falter and betray them. But Suigetsu knew that when Sasuke is dead set on things he goes all out for it. He finds that Jinchuuriki are some scary motherfuckers.

Eleven Suigetsu sat in a leak proof cell in Konoha. Sasuke was held up in the hospital probably going on trial. Karin was in another room and Juugo was under the watch of Hatake Kakashi, just in case Juugo had a fit.

suigetsu and karin relationship marketing

He did not even know why he followed Sasuke to Konoha with Sasuke's Konoha friends. He needed water, really bad. She handed him a glass of water. Suigetsu did not say anything, but knew now that he owed his life to Sasuke more than ever from saving him from death or life imprisonment. Well, he thought, looks like I'm staying in Konoha. Sasuke's best friend, Naruto and Suigetsu did not get along. It was not that they hated each other, but rather Suigetsu's only two friends were Sasuke and Juugo and to some extent Karin but friend is pushing it.

suigetsu and karin relationship marketing

Sasuke and Naruto had this unbreakable bond that Suigetsu really wanted to have. But Naruto was not that bad, because he took up any offers to spar with anyone.

In essence, Suigetsu was jealous of Naruto because he wanted to be Sasuke's best friend. Thirteen He had his own section of the Uchiha district that he shared with Juugo, sometimes but he was usually with Sasuke or Kakashi.

Suigetsu supposed Sasuke saw him as a relative or something. Suigetsu knew all the happenings with the drama of Sasuke's choice of a wife. Suigetsu thought Sasuke was really stupid for pushing the pink haired Sakura away, because she was hot and so much more fun to be with around than Karin. But still Sasuke married Karin and Suigetsu watched everything.

Sasuke did not love Karin, Karin knew that. Haruno Akira was born before Uchiha Sanosuke, and anyone with half a brain could tell they were both Sasuke's sons.

Suigetsu watched Sasuke struggle with decisions of what to do. Suigetsu was grateful that the baby Sanosuke was not a screamer like his mother.

suigetsu and karin relationship marketing

Then when Karin was pregnant a second time, Suigetsu was the one to stand in for Sasuke in the delivery room. He has no idea how woman could go through childbirth more than once.