Surface area and diffusion relationship poems


surface area and diffusion relationship poems

Japanese poems, the prevalence of contiguity affects both combination and selection of poetic syntagms contribute to a reevaluation of the relationship between metaphor and metonymy in the “I have not been to this land [of yours] and have not met [you,] the poet. de création, de multiplication, de diffusion.”. on the translation process between two languages of limited diffusion and meaning of the selected words (which is the relationship between words and the . In the studied text corpus, a total of culturally-bound lexical elements were . “A coat of ashes” contributes a substantial number of poems to the small corpus problematic relationships with colonised landscapes. Moreover Excerpt from The Land's Meaning by Randolph Stow. Copyright In Diffusion of Distances: Dialogues between Chinese and Western Poetics, Wai-Lim Yip.

No treaty I foresee will salve completely your tracked And stretchmarked body, the big pain That leaves you raw, like opened ground, again The prose quotations come from "Feeling into Words", Preoccupation He slashed the briars, shovelled up grey silt To give me right of way in my own drains And I ran quick for him, cleaned out my rust. He halted, saw me finally disrobed, Running clear, with apparent unconcern.

Diffusion of Distances

The he walked by me. I rippled and I churned Where ditches intersected near the river Until he dug a spade deep in my flank And took me to him. I swallowed his trench Gratefully, dispersing myself for love Down in his roots, climbing his brassy grain - But once he knew my welcome, I alone Could give him subtle increase and reflection He explored me so completely, each limb Lost its cold freedom.

Human, warmed to him. Seamus Heaney does not go all the way towards pantheism as his master Wordsworth did in Tintern Abbey but he certainly courts a form of "pancosmism" in which the beauteous forms of the larger world assume the shape of his beloved creatures.

surface area and diffusion relationship poems

Description is revelation 28 22the phrase applies wonderfully well to him. Is it on account of that already recognised universal quality that Heaney chooses the Aran Islands as the setting of his least parochial place-poem?

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The timeless waves, bright sifting, broken glass, Came dazzling around, into the rocks, Came glinting, sifting from the Americas To possess Aran.

Or did Aran rush To throw wide arms of rock around a tide That yielded with an ebb, with a soft crash?

surface area and diffusion relationship poems

At low concentrations, molecules pass through the carrier proteins in a way similar to that of simple diffusion. At high solute concentrations, however, all the proteins are occupied with the diffusing molecules. Increasing the solute concentration further will not change the rate of diffusion. In other words, there is some maximum rate of diffusion Vmax when all the carrier pro teins are saturated.

Therefore, we can not use a simple linear equation to describe the rate of diffusion. The rate of diffusion will increase with increasing solute concentration, but must asymptotically approach the saturation rate, Vmax.

The sense of place in Seamus Heaney’s poetry

K and Vmax depend on properties of the diffusing molecule, such as its permeability Pas well as the surface area A of the cell, but for simplification we give the equation as: By graphing this equation, we see that at low concentrations of solute, the rate of diffusion into a cell occurs almost linearly, like simple diffusion.

Notice that at low solute concentrations, the slope is much steeper than that of simple diffusion.

surface area and diffusion relationship poems

Facilitated diffusion can increase the rate of diffusion of particular molecules at low concentrations. However, the rate of facilitated diffusion levels off with increasing solute concentration.

surface area and diffusion relationship poems

Additional increases in external solute concentration cannot increase the rate of diffusion once carrier proteins are saturated.