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takumi and natsuki relationship

Takumi said "maybe" when Itsuki asked him if he and Natsuki had sex to Kyokk until Project D is over so I have no idea how the relationship. What happened to Natsuki? By the time I get to that point, I stopped caring about Takumi's love life after all the destroyed relationships. The question for Initial D fans is: Why such a hate towards Natsuki? and that fact almost ruined her love relationship with the main guy Takumi Fujiwara until.

After the race, at a convenience store Ryosuke offers Takumi a chance on a racing team composed of expert racers, on which Takumi has been undecided.

Until he discovers his girlfriend being dropped off by the older partner he confirms the suspicions of her and he runs away from her, but she kept running towards him. Outrunning Natsuki and back to his car where he tearfully drives away, he is upset and their relationship ends with Natsuki regretfully crying. Later Takumi apologizes to Itsuki and he joins Ryousuke's team as the film ends. Some changes are significant, while others are minor. He is the de facto leader of the Akina Speed Stars.

He is like a combination of the Anime Itsuki and Iketani. Itsuki is not the son of Yuuichi Tachibana nor is he even family related. Bunta Fujiwara is portrayed as an abusive, easily angered, alcoholic womanizer.

Bunta is portrayed as a wise and often secretive father, who nurtures Takumi's "gift" of touge racing. He likes to drink, but is not an alcoholic. Team Emperor is portrayed as a semi-professional street racing team.

[AMV] Initial D Takumi x Natsuki

Itsuki tells Takumi that Natsuki Mogi is cuckolding him after noticing Mogi in another man's Mercedes-Benz driving out of a hotel. Takumi then sees Mogi in the Mercedes on the highway and also when he goes to Mogi's estate in the end. Takumi stakes out a family restaurant and sees Mogi entering the Mercedes together with a middle aged man. In the manga, Takumi goes to the love hotel parking lot and sees Natsuki riding in a black Mercedes.

His engine makes a small popping noise and then his car stops. Ryosuke later helps Takumi.

takumi and natsuki relationship

When he angrily drives off, Natsuki is left crying. Takumi later joins Project D at the end of the film.

Side By Side From the Original Version of Initial D(头文字D)影评

Natsuki does not realize Takumi discovered her secret until he acts cold to her at school; she tries to reconcile with him. Takumi eventually amicably parts ways with Natsuki at the end of Third Stage, and joins Project D about a year after the discovery.

Only Takumi and Bunta are ever seen using the gutter technique. Ryosuke knows of it but has never actually attempted it. The engine, carbon fiber hood, tachometer, and light weight headlamps are installed all at once during the re-tuning after the AE86 breaks down.

Awakening was released in August 23rd,the second movie Legend 2: Racer was relased in may 23rd and third movie Legend 3: Dream was released in February 6th A live-action movie based on Initial D was released in There are also numerous video game adaptations of the material, notably the Initial D Arcade Stage series, which brought the competitive arcade racing scene to life.

InShuichi Shigeno began working on a new racing manga called MF Ghostthe first chapter of which being released on September 4th, It is eventually revealed to be set in the same universe, with Ryosuke Takahashi being the founder of the MFG League and describing it as the next step in Project D, while Takumi was the main character's teacher. It is effectively the sequel for Initial D. Not to be confused with the Will of D.

When the car makes its anime debut in Fourth Stage, the Impreza is wearing the "Sonic Blue Mica" paint, and said color becomes the default paint job for the vehicle in subsequent games released from that point on. The anime left out several things from the manga, such as who's responsible for sending the letter to Takumi warning him of Natsuki's "practices" and the race between Seiji and Keisuke preceding the final duel between Kyoichi and Ryosuke in Second Stage, as well as the opponents Keisuke faces in the first half of Fourth Stage.

takumi and natsuki relationship

At the very least, Keisuke's missing battles are reincorporated in the Battle Stages. The live-action movie is very guilty of this, with Keisuke, Iketani, and Kenji all removed from the story. All Love Is Unrequited: Two words - " lonely driver ". If there's a potential romance involving a main character brewing in the series, it's going to be shot down.

takumi and natsuki relationship

The Speed Stars bemoan this to no avail particularly Itsuki. In First Stage and both Extra Stages, Iketani and Mako Sato have mutual crushes on each other, but thanks to a series of mistakes, misinterpretations, and plain bad luck, both remain convinced the other party hates them. Extra Stage 2 puts the final nail in the coffin of their crush, as although the two reconcile their friendships, Mako has received an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a professional racer in Tokyo.

Iketani chooses not to confess, as he fears romance would just negatively affect Mako's performance in the circuit.

Poor Itsuki goes through this twice, both involving the same girl he crushes on. In Second Stage, Itsuki goes through his First Love after meeting Kazumi, who hails from Saitama and moved to Gunma to work with her aunt, and forming a friendship with her. It doesn't take long for her to get wrongly framed for a wrongdoing by a senior workerprompting her to request to spend the night with Itsuki to avoid facing her aunt's wrath. Naturally, this leads to her family freaking out over her absence, and demanding her to return home to Saitama, forcing her to part ways with Itsuki, who can't muster the courage to confess his love for her.

The two begin going out after said race, and it looks like they will actually get together this timeespecially as it's revealed that Kazumi is trying to avoid her ex-boyfriend, an older man who can't get over their break-up.

Unfortunately, just as she is about to confess to Itsuki that she wishes to be with him, to avoid her ex, Wataru arrives in the scene after tracking her down, with Kazumi's ex on the passenger seat. Kazumi's ex successfully convinces her to return to his arms, leaving poor Itsuki paralyzed in denial and disbelief. Keisuke, however, maintains from the beginning that he doesn't have time for girls, as he believes that love will only slow him down and distract him from racing.

Like with Itsuki, toward the end of the Stage, things seem like they will work out for Kyoko, as Keisuke invites her to spend a day together going out, visiting a large mall, and eating together. However, it was actually an attempt from Keisuke to soften the blow on Kyoko when he makes it clear - although in a kinder way - that he doesn't want to be in a relationship with her, since he really wouldn't be able to make time for her, as he requires maximum concentration to excel in his races.

Takumi with Natsuki is one of the few relationships in the entire series to work flawlessy, or at least until Takumi learns Natsuki is engaged in compensated dating. This essentially broke them up in all but name, in spite of Natsuki's attempts to fix the situation. The issue is rendered moot when they graduate from high school at the end of Third Stage, however, as she goes to study university in Tokyo while Takumi joins Project D.

It is hinted that Takumi forgave Natsuki in the end of Third Stage. In Fifth Stage, he gets into a fully-reciprocated relationship with Mika Uehara, averting the trope once and for all.

The series began in and takes place in the then-present day stated in the manga as X to allow vehicles up towhich many of them are on the cusp of. As the series continued, despite two or three years passing at most, cars from the early to mids start showing up, not just as background fluff that the untrained eye wouldn't notice, but as actual racing machines, such as the Z and the Evo VII. Technology improves at a similar pace, with the racers' timekeepers going from handheld radios to smartphones and laptops.

The most egregious example by far is the cameo of the Toyota 86 in the ending of the anime. Circuit and professional racers generally look down upon mountain racers as amateurs trying to imitate them and refuse to acknowledge that touge requires its own special racing techniques.

takumi and natsuki relationship

The Conspicuous CG gets better with each new Stage. The characters themselves evolve, looking more realistic on-screen, especially with characters such as Itsuki he originally had constant googley-eyes and a squiggly line for a nose. In the manga, drivers' faces get closer to a more down-to-earth look during a race; even the out-of-driver's-seat drawings tend to be more realistic than the usual manga. Contrary to what this series claims, drifting through corners is not practical.

Oh no, there's been an error

In real life, the only characters who would actually be seen as competent in proper races are Nakazato and the Grim Reaper, who favor grip-style cornering over the series' iconic drifting. Nakazato is correct when he says that drifting is Cool, But Inefficient ; in real life motorsport, drifting is primarily done as a showmanship technique because it not only wears down tires rapidly but isn't really more effective at cornering than simply just gripping one's way around it.

Only exception to this rule is Rallying where lower grip surfaces, such as ice and gravel, are a common sight and drifting through them is often faster. It's stated that the car has an unstable balance at high speeds, and that the spoiler is there to nullify that weakness. Indeed, Takumi defeats it by cornering the driver into grazing the spoiler against a wall, damaging it and causing the car to spin out of control. However, Takumi and Keisuke deserve special mention. The reason he developed these skills?

His father made him drive up and down Mount Akina every day for five years, and the trip was so boring he tried to do it as quick as possible. By Fifth Stage, his skill is so tremendous that he has developed a technique that not even Ryosuke can understand how it works.

He simply dubs it the "Fujiwara Zone". Keisuke is implied to be as good as Takumi by the end of the series; at one point Keisuke responds to an opponent accusing him of trying to cause a crash by running side by side by rattling off the dimensions of their car and saying that he had judged they had about 5 centimeters to spare.

Takumi comments multiple times that he's glad Keisuke is on his side post-Fourth Stage, as he is downright afraid of Keisuke's skills and determination. And, because it deserves mentioning, Bunta at one point lights a cigarette while in a full-speed four-wheel drift. Post-Second Stage, with the exception of Third Stage. Foreshadowed by Takeshi Nakazato on the second battle between Takumi and Keisuke, as seen on the page quote.

Back for the Finale: Nearly every named driver introduced in the story with the exception of the Northern Saitama Alliance and the Purple Shadow duo come back to watch the Project D vs. Sidewinder battle in the series' Grand Finale. Don't be a misogynist in front of Mako Sato and Sayukiboth Action Girls in the contrasting spectrum - the latter will chew you out verbally, the former will leave you in the dust with her Sileighty, and they'll be very feminine and classy while doing it.

Badmouth his friends or abuse his girlfriend, and Takumi will give you hell for it. Be it punching your lights out, or pressuring you until you crash in an impromptu downhill race. All over the Stages. The car brand "Trueno" in the front of the Fujiwara's AE86 is spelled as "Toreno" in First Stage, until Toyota allowed the use of the actual product name. The beginning and end of the manga shows Takumi Fujiwara racing alone in the Gunma prefecture on Mount Akina.

On a larger scale, the plot itself has Book-Ends.

takumi and natsuki relationship

Both First Stage and Final Stage feature a young man who has been driving the local mountain pass every night for many years for reasons unrelated to racing. This young man is asked by the local racers to help defeat an invading team headed by Ryousuke Takahashi that has been going around conquering all the courses in the area. He does not see the appeal at first, as he does not realize how fast he truly is. However, he hesitantly accepts, and drives the course as he would normally.