Tekken jun and kazuya relationship help

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tekken jun and kazuya relationship help

A lot of people have been giving crap to us Jun fans esp. us fans of the Kazuya/ Jun relationship. They keep saying things like Kazuya's bad ass. Jin hates his father Kazuya (and vice-versa) simply because they are both More details on the relationships between all the Tekken characters as well as a family tree in the sources below. Hope this helps~ Happy gaming!. kinenbicounter.info heres what Harada san told me, just so we can stop this rumour. kingdeebo, Oct 17,

The Devil is said to appear as overpowered version of Kazuya who became one with him before the events of the first Tekken game. Kazuya was revived by G Corporation a genetics-company rival of the Mishima Zaibatsuand allows the company to perform experiments on him to learn the nature of his Devil Gene.

Kazuya, influenced by Devil, knocks Heihachi out of the room with his psychic power and taunts Jin to wake him up. Jin defeats Kazuya and Heihachi in battle, but spares their lives.

Kazuya jumps out of Hon-Maru, letting Heihachi die. The world sees G Corporation as its only savior, although Kazuya intends to kill Jin and dominate the world himself. He uses the company's influence to stop Jin from world domination. They fight, and Kazuya is forced to leave. In the story, Kazuya sends an army of Jack-6 robots to the Mishima dojo to eliminate Heihachi, who was confronted by the warrior Akuma moments before.

He broadcasts the images worldwide, exposing Kazuya's nature to undermine public trust in G Corporation as the Zaibatsu's opponents in the war.

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In the final battle at the mouth of a volcano, Kazuya the final boss of the story mode transforms into his devil form, kills Heihachi, and throws him into a lava pit. Akuma resurfaces, having survived the previous blast.

tekken jun and kazuya relationship help

Kazuya transforms into his final devil form and they battle once more, with the outcome unknown. Kazuya also appears in Tekken Revolution. Assault Horizon[68] and it appears as in Taiko: Drum Master V Version. He wants to seize Pandora's Box to control the devil gene, and hires Nina Williams to assist him.

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As in the Tekken game series, he is thrown off a cliff at a young age by Heihachi and saved by a deal with the devil. Kazuya becomes bent on revenge against Heihachi and enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament to confront him. Jun Kazama repeatedly implores him not to kill his father; after Kazuya defeats Heihachi, Jun destroys the devil's influence and restores his kind, compassionate self.

He spares Heihachi's life and fathers Jin with Jun, but is not seen after the tournament's conclusion.

tekken jun and kazuya relationship help

Kazuya is Heihachi's right-hand man at Tekken Corporation, hoping to take over his father's company. Impatient with Heihachi's compassion for Jin, he overthrows him and orders his execution although Heihachi persuades the soldier to spare him.

After Jin wins the tournament, Kazuya challenges him to a one-on-one duel. Initially defeating Jin, Kazuya is critically wounded; however, Jin refuses to kill him because of their blood relation and lets him live in shame.

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An amnesiac afer experiments by his father, Kazuya spends the movie fighting until he regains his memory. In her Tekken Tag Tournament 2 design, while her outfit still has a white theme, her left leg has a motif similar to her son Jin 's karate gi, only with crows instead of flames, which may or may not symbolize her change in personality. Jun practices "Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts", which is a mixed martial arts based on other famous martial arts. It mainly based on aiki-jutsu and jujutsu.

Some of her attacks were used by Jin in his Tekken 3 appearance and most were given to her relative Asuka as her main attacks.

Jun Kazama

However, some moves from the previous game are removed. According to Hyper"Queen of confusion, Jun has the most befuddling attacks of any character" in Tekken 2. Her own attacks are very hard to parry, she can be very confusing in the hands of a skilled player. At the same time, her combos that strike at all levels make her also a good offensive character, retaining her potential for causing confusion and frustration.

Once mastered, she can surprise any enemy.

tekken jun and kazuya relationship help

Her juggle combo capabilities are unlimited and, as always, her striking power cause a big damage. She is called "The Chosen One" by her relatives. She is highly psychic, being able to sense that Kazuya Mishima 's power stemmed from Devil.

When the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2 was coming to an end, Jun comes to the realization that Kazuya's supernatural strength stems from Devil. But she is attracted to him by a mystic force beyond her control. After Kazuya is thrown into a volcano by his father Heihachi Mishima in the conclusion of the tournament, parts of Devil leave him and unsuccessfully attempt to possess Jun's unborn child.

tekken jun and kazuya relationship help

Fifteen years later, before the events of Tekken 3Jun senses the approaching of Ogre and warns Jin to seek out his paternal grandfather Heihachi should anything happen to her. When Jin wakes up, the Kazamas' house has burned to the ground and Jun is missing. Although Jun did not appear in subsequent canonical games in the series, she is still mentioned throughout.

She appears as a soul or vision in Jin Kazama's Tekken 4 ending, which persuades Jin to spare Heihachi's life in honor of herself. She is also mentioned numerous times by Jin and Kazuya during the prologue of the Scenario Campaign mode of Tekken 6which retells the main events of previous games.

Outside of the main series, Jun appears as a playable character in the non-canonical Tekken Tag Tournament as well as its sequel, Tekken Tag Tournament 2where she is fought as a boss and transforms into Unknown in the final stage after defeating her. She is also playable in the free-to-play spin-off Tekken Revolution. In other media and merchandise[ edit ] Jun appears as one of the main characters of Tekken: The Motion Picturewhich focused on Jun as she tries to free Kazuya from evil and stop him from killing his father, Heihachi.