The 30 day relationship challenge

Day Relationship Challenge - What Doing Mommy?

the 30 day relationship challenge

Maybe you've felt stagnant in your relationship lately and want to spice things up, so take a look at this 30 day challenge for some fun, meaningful relationship. We're here to challenge you and your partner to love boldly with our 30 day relationship calendar. Bring the fireworks back to your relationship!. Ultimate 30 Days Challenge for a Powerful Relationship. Go to the This is how we do it: we repeat steps 1. and 2. from the day before. We lay.

We were inspired by a great article on naked cuddling by Monica Carless: Naked cuddling does wonder for your relationship, but also your health. Reduces cortisol the stress hormone 2. As the author of the article says: In the beginning, it seemed impossible to write ! Then I thought of all the small things he does, for me, for himself, for the world. I thought about all the beautiful parts of his body. About all the memories I have of him.

I just kept on writing. Now I will repeat it, together with my partner. And we will just start writing. Interview night Sunday Oh, this is a fun one! This is also something we do now and then and it always makes us laugh a lot.

We always prepare the questions. I like to get inspired by some movie-stars or any other influential people interviews. We agree on the number of questions usually Once I interview my partner, we change the roles. When preparing the questions, I like to make it funny but also go deep with some questions.

I answer from my heart. Afterward, we discuss the interviews and share what are the new insights we have about each other. We will try to do it before bed and follow-up with the naked cuddling! Getting drunk Tuesday Drinking on a Tuesday evening? The plan is to go to sleep late, break the rules and start the next day with a hungover. We are going to do the inter-mitten fasting since we went through it before. Here is how I like to do it. I have a lunch around 1 pm and a dinner at 6 pm.

This is my last meal for today. My next one is the next day at 1 pm. Date night Thursday We did our fasting! Either way, we dress up, plan our evening, have a nice dinner and a pleasant conversation. I guess it would. But hey, this is a challenge, not the Kindergarten!

No one died from a little exercise. Usually, we do a minutes jogging and then a minutes fast walk. Home practice with a YouTube video. Yoga with Adrienefor some yoga-time. When we want something more challenging, Boho beautiful has some great yoga and pilates workouts I like to do.

The 30 Day Relationship Challenge

This is one of ours: I always try to get a lunch or dinner invitation, so we have a free meal and a cooking-free day! But we do bring a dessert or a bottle of wine with us always. Tell a secret Sunday We like to sit down, maybe after lunch-time and just go with it. I tell my partner something I never told him. Then my partner tells me his secret. I stay open, listen actively, give him space and time.

We discuss it afterward. Guess today is a good day for some new secrets. We close our laptops, turn-off our phones, sometimes we even turn off the Internet in our home. We have the evening for ourselves without scrolling, googling, videos, articles, phone calls. The world never ended without us so far. Hey, and we made it halfway.

the 30 day relationship challenge

A photo shoot Tuesday Another one that me and my boyfriend loooove! We prepare our outfits, do our hair and make-up, set the scene. And our imagination does the rest! We use our smartphones. We make selfies or use the camera delay timer. Once we had enough, we go through the photos together, choose the best ones, add some filters and, by now, we have a lot of cool photo albums of our love.

Now we are going to add one more. Go out — on our own Wednesday We love to spend time together. I will plan an evening on my own, with my own friends.

the 30 day relationship challenge

My partner enjoys going out for a drink with his best friend or a group of his friends. Having sex in front of a mirror Thursday This day has a simple rule for us. Kissing each other all over hands free Friday We do a variation of it, usually in our foreplay. Now I want to add some rules, just to make it more challenging and more fun. We undress or stay in our underwear. We get comfortable in our bed or the couch and start kissing.

Ultimate 30 Days Challenge for a Powerful Relationship

We begin anywhere, avoiding the lips and the genitals for as long as we can. We explore our bodies with nothing but our lips. Sometimes we set a timer and change the roles every 5 or 10 minutes. After that time, there are no rules anymore! Karaoke night Saturday Oh, I hate it.

But I love to challenge myself and my partner. I need to start with some alcohol. Well, good for them. I know I do. We use YouTube, search for our favorite songs and add the word karaoke to it in the YouTube search field. When I sing, I go all in. Sometimes, we add some costumes and use our brushes as a microphone. We make it one song each and mix-in some duos again. So I just relax, go all in and I always have some great time in the end.

Shooting a sex-tape Sunday Khm. You think this is way too much?

the 30 day relationship challenge

I know life can give me bigger and uglier challenges than having sex in front of a camera. Seven Questions Ask your partner these seven questions when you are home together. Questions lead to deep, meaningful conversations and even laughter. Focus on being present with your partner and listening to what they need from you during their responses. You might discover that what they really need is a night out or help with a big project. It can be anything—write a note if they empty the dishwasher before you ask or a realization that you love the way their nose crinkles when they are thinking about something.

Wait to read them until day 29! Recreate a Date If a past date was great, do it again! Recreate your favorite date, or one that holds special meaning to the two of you.

The Forehead Connection Get close! The Forehead Connection goes like this—face each other, gently put your foreheads together and take seven deep breaths together.

Make Your Bed Make your bed together. Such a simple activity can show unity and represent the dedication you both have to work towards a common goal with even the smallest tasks.

30 Day Relationship Challenge

Similarly, try going to bed at the same time. Try a New Hobby Together Pick anything that sounds fun to both of you. Take a hike together or try a cooking class. Make a Present for Each Other Something small, something inexpensive; this present should be something that is meaningful. Make your partner a CD or playlist for their drive to work, or print out your favorite picture and frame it for their desk.

High-Low Activity This technique involves each of you talking about your biggest high and your biggest low from the day. Pray Pray as a couple. Take this time to share something powerful together. Volunteer Together Choose a place to volunteer together, be it a local soup kitchen or after-school program. Helping others is a great way to give back to your community while spending time together as a couple. Teach Each Other a Skill Marriages require a lot of learning.

Take time to be the teacher by showing your partner how to do something or be the student and let them teach you a new skill. Get Active Get out and do something active with one another.

Working together on goals teaches you about your partner and is also extremely fun. Leave a sticky note on the bathroom mirror, a scrap of paper next to their car keys, or even a letter under their pillow. Play board games, have a BBQ, or just have a casual get together with snacks.

Reaching out to neighbors is a great way to feel a sense of community wherever you live. Cook Together Make a lunch for you each to take to work or come home early to cook dinner as a team. Not only do you bond while cooking together, but you get to enjoy something delicious at the end. For every negative comment you make, make five positive ones. Begin reminding each other, daily, of the many positives that come with the negatives.

Reflect on Your Favorite Message Take time to tell one another about your favorite message from a Church leader or other inspirational person.