The double bind by chris bohjalian ending relationship

Bragger: The Double Bind by Chris Bohjalian

the double bind by chris bohjalian ending relationship

the good guys triumphing in the end. Both have doctor-patient relationship, spying and snooping, and sex. Chris Bohjalian is a favorite au- thor of mine. This item:The Double Bind (Vintage Contemporaries) by Chris Bohjalian Immediately after the spellbinding surprise ending, readers will want to begin again. Readers will be startled to learn early on that the heroine of this engrossing puzzle, year-old Laurel Estabrook, was born in West Egg. Wait a.

the double bind by chris bohjalian ending relationship

Laurel is dating a much older man all her boyfriends are much older after the attackand he has two daughters. At the end of the book it becomes apparent that she invented the daughters. I'm not sure why. It is suggested that the two girls represented Laurel's relationship with her own sister, but why did they have to be made up? Couldn't a divorced older man have had two daughters? Or did she make him up too?

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I am not a prude, but I think that unless the details of a bedroom scene are vital to moving the plot along, they aren't necessary. I get that Laurel was attacked. It was mentioned over and over.

I don't feel the need to know that she never let a man be on top of her during sex. Moreover, I understand the general concept of sex. I don't need for the author to describe just what she's sliding up and down ON. My apologies to the tenderer readers of this blog. Go wash your eyes out. Similarly, I don't need the detail that Laurel's boyfriend doesn't wear deodorant. He wears some kind of powder instead, and she adores the smell of it. Laurel's last name isn't even mentioned until near the end of the book.

If we've gone that long without it, just forget it. It's Estabrook, in case you're interested. There's a roommate who cares too much, and a possible love interest who has a crush on Laurel but pretends not to. He is also a cyclist - when he's not busy studying for his medical school courses. From what I've read of medical students, he had WAY too much free time on his hands to do things like go paintballing and cycling.

Speaking of paintballing is that a verb? Naturally Laurel forgot because she was deep in her obsession with the photographs, so the roommate whose name escapes me and the possible love interest Whit?

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The agony they describe of their battered and bruised bodies the next day rang false with me. I just don't believe they would be as bad off as the descriptions.

the double bind by chris bohjalian ending relationship

Speaking of the youth minister, she has a potty mouth. I realize youth ministers might not be paragons of virtue had to work THAT phrase in somehowbut it seemed to me it would be hard to turn on her youth-minister persona and clean up her language when she had to.

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It would be like being a teacher and not cursing when you are at The book WAS a page-turner or a page-clicker, since I read it on my Kindleand it was interspersed with actual photographs taken by a real, live, once-homeless man who left the photographs behind, prompting the author to wonder why someone of such obvious talent would wind up in a homeless shelter. It's not one I would recommend to everyone I know so we could talk about it.

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What makes this book seemingly fun is that the story brings in locations and references to people in The Great Gatsby. Laurel grew up in West Egg. The country club her parents belonged to is the grounds of what was once the Gatsby estate. At one point she meets the elderly Pamela Buchanan, the daughter of Tom and Daisy Buchanan who now lives in the Hamptons.

the double bind by chris bohjalian ending relationship

Hovering in the background is the ghost of Jay Gatsby, or James Gatz as many of the Long Islanders insist on calling him. There is a literary lark going on. So as the reader continues with The Double Bind, he or she begins to see things unravel.

the double bind by chris bohjalian ending relationship

The novel appears authentic. The Burlington colleges, Waterbury, the more rural places ring true. The small town of Barrett is apparently a fabrication, but Underhill State Park is real, and it borders on Mt.

Mansfield, the tallest peak in the state. Much of the story involves street people or the homeless including their struggles with mental illness and addictions. From experiences I have had with such people, this also rings true. The only quibble I have is that in this novel Daisy Buchanan is described as a heavy drinker—yet The Great Gatsby tells us that Daisy does not drink.

the double bind by chris bohjalian ending relationship

Then again, those descriptions of her may have been given in this novel by people who did not like the Buchanans. How does one separate gossip from truth? Many modern writers enjoy the perspective of the unreliable narrator. Bohjalian is a very good story teller. The Double Bind spins on to an inevitable end as the pace picks up.