The searchers john wayne ending relationship

The Searchers (Philosophical Films)

the searchers john wayne ending relationship

Trouble is, no one told John Wayne or John Ford, writes Xan Brooks. It influenced David Lean and Steven Spielberg (and latterly the final. What does the final shot of “The Searchers” mean distance, there's a rider approaching, a man by the name of Ethan Edwards (John Wayne). The Searchers is a American Technicolor VistaVision Western film directed by John Ford, based on the novel by Alan Le May, set during the Texas– Indian wars, and starring John Wayne as a middle-aged Civil War . The ending of Le May's novel contrasts to the film's, with Debbie, called . Race relations[edit ].

Ethan does not belong inside, and the doorway serves as a visual representation of the threshold between civilization and savagery. Now, does this specific instance of symbolism in The Searchers apply to the many instances of the "doorway shot" in other films?

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While seeing any character framed in a doorway may immediately recall The Searchers especially in a Westernnot all uses of the shot are paying homage to Ford's classic. But even if a direct connection is unintentional, there often seems to be glints of the same significance and symbolism. Here the doorway serves quite literally as a boundary between two worlds. As an atheist, Daniel does not believe in Eli's "false prophesy" and "superstitions," and therefore resents the church and everything represents.

Daniel remains framed by the doorway, never entering, staying on his side of the threshold; his side being the plains of Little Boston that he is rapidly extorting. In The Master, Freddie Quell is chased out of a town after a man is poisoned by Freddie's home-brewed concoction of various toxins. As he runs away, the doorway frames Freddie in his frantic escape through the cabbage fields.

The Searchers: my most overrated film

Suffering from war trauma, Freddie seems to never have an easy time fitting into society. His unpredictable nature prevents him from finding a companion and his sudden rage-filled outbursts prohibit him from holding a job. In this particular scene, Freddie is literally forced out of the door, or society, and is left to wander the world aimlessly.

Tarantino is a master of homage, and I believe the filmmaker directly references Ford's masterpiece twice in Kill Bill Vol. It's worth noting that the latter is of extremely similar composition to the closing shot of The Searchers, and even features the door slamming shut on its own. While this shot seems to bear heavier visual resonance to the final moments of The Searchers, the earlier shot possesses heavier symbolic connections. The Bride, pregnant and ready to be wed, hears a noise outside of the church and walks to the doorway to investigate.

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The Searchers was my all-time favourite western until the moment I saw it. Edwards is in pursuit of his niece Debbie Natalie Woodwho was abducted as a child and now lives as a squaw of Scar, the chief.

the searchers john wayne ending relationship

Except that it turns out that Edwards does not want to rescue Debbie, he wants to murder her, because what she has done so offends his sense of decency. Natalie Wood in The Searchers Photograph: The more I read about it, the more I wanted to find it.

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The plot sounded tremendous and everyone else seemed to love it. In pursuing the monster, he becomes the monster himself.

the searchers john wayne ending relationship

But it was as if The Searchers had died on the trail and then been boiled down and made into a soup. Here was John Wayne just being John Wayne, waddling through the action with none of the nuance or conflict that Ethan is meant to embody.

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He says he wants to save Debbie. Then he says he wants to kill Debbie. Ford, of course, was one of the great myth-makers of the wild west. As a young man, he played a KKK horseman in The Birth of a Nation and typically viewed US history as a war against barbarism, the taming of the wilderness.

the searchers john wayne ending relationship