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Divergent study guide contains a biography of Veronica Roth, Though she certainly doesn't intend to start a relationship with her initiation instructor, when Tris and Four "I feel like someone breathed new air into my lungs. Four questions everything about himself, his life and his relationship with Tris .. Finally I read the final book of the Divergent trilogy, Allegiant. .. "AN ASSASSIN'S GUIDE TO LOVE & TREASON by Virginia Boecker is such a breath of fresh air. When Tris and Tobias have a son, and a new onslaught of initiates are in dire . after Tris and Tobias elope, they realize that their marriage is in need of repairs. . *AU DIVERGENT, INSURGENT, ALLEGIANT* Tris has chosen to live her life in from their funeral, she breaks down desperately seeks solitude and fresh air.

They are not in the order the occur in the book. T - English - Drama - Chapters: One touch changes all that. Letting a couple of idiots raise said baby in Dauntless. Small, short stories of Tobias and Zeke taking up the task of watching a curious Theo while Tris is away, the only outcome being pure chaos.

tris and four relationship allegiant air

Light hearted, family fluff. Theo at all baby ages. Coincides with My Little Soldier. I do not own the Divergent Series, only the tequila. These are in the order I came up with them, not in order they appeared in the book. T - English - Romance - Chapters: However, with Tobias's mother passing away, he has returned to home and it brings back a lot of memories.

When he sees Tris again for the first time, nothing is the same. This is the beginning of the Rendezvous series. And what better time or place than a date auction?

Five years after Tris and Tobias elope, they realize that their marriage is in need of repairs. As she dies, Tris gets another chance to mend things, to go back and save the world and the people she loves. Can she do it? Will innocent lives be saved, or will Tris crumble under the responsibility thrust upon her? What is Divergence and what does it mean for her? Eventually Fourtris Divergent Trilogy - Rated: From the moment he saw her, she was a puzzle piece to him, and he just had to figure her out.

But when he does, he realizes that he himself is a piece of a much greater puzzle, one that threatens them all. Can Tris' second chance at life save them from impending doom? The one silver lining to the path set before her comes in the form of a certain blue-eyed boy in gray.

Their plan to be back in time to celebrate Christmas with their friends turns to dust or snow ;- as they end up being snowed in together in an empty house. Between Dauntless and Abnegation traditions, they find their own way to celebrate Christmas Will they ever confess their feelings for each other as their friendship grows?

And what will happen when their secrets come out? M - English - Chapters: Years after the war, new information comes to light about just how rare being Divergent was. Now, the fence has been compromised and Tris and Tobias must not only protect themselves, but their son. With Eric's girlfriend, Tris, and Four's girlfriend, Christina, often thrown in the mix, friendships are formed and relationships are tested.

Tris is now helping Four train the initiates. Will things go as smoothly as her own initiation? They said her body was property of the Bureau and wouldn't allow me to see her. Then one day, three years later, I got a call from Matthew. A job opportunity causes the two to meet, but coming from completely different worlds, how will their true feelings ever be revealed? Through an essay contest, she's won a beautiful Bed and Breakfast and a small fortune to keep it running. The estate comes complete with a live-in handyman that immediately catches her attention.

But she gets more than she bargained for when strange things start happening and she convinces herself, her new home is haunted. I kinda lost touch with writing for a while and this helped me get my focus back.

It won't be a long story but it will be full off emotions, both highs and lows. I hope you enjoy. When the attack on Erudite forces them into the Factionless with Evelyn and those left who are loyal to Dauntless, Tris begins to realize that she will have to become the brave and courageous person she left behind when she chose grey.

I hope you enjoy, feel free to private message me with any questions. I do not own the original book series or created characters. PM me with any questions.

She didn't know how, but something about his face and eyes changed between breakfast and lunch and Tris just knew. Tris's mind can't settle, Tobias knows what he wants. Tris is god awful at speaking in metaphors, Tobias, thankfully, knows just what to say to shut her up. Pre "My Little Soldier" or take it as a oneshot. She is spending it on her grandparent's ranch, Dauntless. Four is the ranch hand who is trying to figure out this "city" girl who has now been dumped in his lap.

What might have happened between them after the camera faded to black too quickly Owner of a Camaro SS. Labelled as the schools' newest 'hotty'. And also owner of the world's cutest German Shepard. With eyes and a jaw-line like his and paired with a swoon-worthy dog? He didn't stand a chance in hell trying to stay under the radar. Will they ever be more? This is my take on a no war story. Only time will tell, though I have decided. Not sure how long it will go since the ideas just keep coming.

Allegiant (Divergent #3) by Veronica Roth Book Reviews

Apologies for any glaring typos and mistakes as I don't really have the time to fully proof read everything before I post.

Set after Christmas Rendezvous, approximately one year prior to Rooftop Rendezvous. Tris and Tobias ring in the New Year together. Those who fail the initiation of their particular faction are deemed factionless, who are treated as a lower class and a drain on society. This section's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. August Learn how and when to remove this template message Following the revelation of the truth about their city, Evelyn Johnson-Eaton becomes the leader of the city and forces all faction members to live equally with the factionless.

Through confessing her role in the previous insurgency, Beatrice "Tris" PriorChristinaand Cara are pardoned. Tris is informed by Tobias "Four" Eaton that the faction members have formed the "Allegiant", a rebel group wanting to restore the faction system. During a commotion between the factionless and the faction members, several people are killed, including Evelyn's right-hand man, Edward.

Tris is invited into a meeting with the Allegiant, whose leaders, Cara and Johanna Reyeshave formulated a plan to usurp Evelyn as well as sending envoys outside the city. Tris asks Tobias to free her brother, Calebupon hearing about his planned execution. During the journey, Tori is killed by the factionless, while the others manage to escape and meet with Tobias' mentor, Amarlong thought to be dead.

The two take them to the Bureau of Genetic Welfare and meet with its leader, David.

tris and four relationship allegiant air

David explains that their city—Chicago—is walled off from the outside world as part of an experiment sanctioned by the US Government to produce more genetically pure GPor "Divergents", from the genetically-damaged GDwhich are the result of a failed experiment to correct human genes that led to the "Purity War".

David gives Tris her mother, Natalie 's journal detailing her life before entering Chicago: Meanwhile, Tobias is disheartened when he learns that he is not in fact a true Divergent.

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Tris is skeptical, albeit influenced by a jealousy of Nita, when Tobias tells her the plan. From a sympathetic GP staff informant, MatthewNita attempts to enter the Weapon Room, which involves setting a bomb that renders Uriah brain-damaged. Tris stops Nita's rampage by holding David hostage before wounding her, allowing her to be arrested.

Tris is elevated to the position of council member, although Nita's information has made her realize that the Bureau is the one that supplied Erudite with the simulation serums that controlled Dauntless to invade Abnegation. Through the security cameras, it is revealed that Marcus Eatonhaving been banished by Evelyn, is teaming up with Johanna to steal the factionless' weapons, which will be countered by Evelyn releasing the death serum on everyone.

Tris learns that David intends to release memory serums capable of erasing memories to the Chicago population to save his experiment. To counteract this, she formulates a plan to release the memory serum towards the Bureau members while Tobias, Christina, and Peter, with Amar and George's help, head back to Chicago to give antiserums to Christina and Uriah's families.

Tobias diverts halfway while carrying a memory serum, intending to inject it to his mother.