Types of dwarf oleanders flirt

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types of dwarf oleanders flirt

CALYPSO – An excellent hardy iridescent cherry red oleander that is very salt and wind tolerant. It can be easily identified by the over 12” long stiletto-type leaves. . TURNER'S FLIRT - A dwarf to medium-sized iridescent hot pink with red. Although some mature oleanders (Nerium oleander) may grow up to 20 feet tall, most Two oleander cultivars, "Petite Salmon" and "Dwarf Petite Oleander," are . A beauty of a plant, dwarf oleander 'Petite Pink' is hardy, compact, and adds a splash of who don't have the large space it takes to grow full-size varieties.

The delightful fragrance is intense, the color is a lovely shade of pink, and the growth habit is bushy and rounded. It makes a large shrub but is a little bit tender.

It makes a medium to large size shrub that is very hardy. It bears masses of pretty, large, white, pinwheel flowers that develop streaked red coronas as the summer continues. It is a heavy bloomer and exhibits great growth habits. It is a compact grower, much used in landscaping and as a tub plant. It can be kept in the 4 to 6 foot range with pruning. The throat is light pink with dark stripes.

It is not as hardy as some others are.

It blooms continuously and makes an excellent low hedge or container plant. It makes a super windbreaker and is especially suited for large hedges. The buds are swollen and balloon-like. It loads down with blooms in the spring and repeats nicely throughout the summer. The plant is semi-hardy but the color is special. The throat of the bloom is red and it makes a large shrub.

It has very handsome foliage and is a consistent bloomer. It is ideally suited for container use and can easily be kept compact.

This excellent cultivar is free flowering. It is very beautiful but it is also very tender.

types of dwarf oleanders flirt

The bell shaped flowers are single and star-shaped. It has dark green leaves that are very attractive.

types of dwarf oleanders flirt

It is somewhat tender but well worth growing. It blooms eight to nine months each season. It has the scent of Double-Bubble gum. The bloom clusters are extremely large and showy. It makes a 6 to 8 foot shrub, but can be kept smaller with pruning. Upright growth; cold-tolerant Mrs. Faint fragrance on warm, humid evenings.

Outstanding; robust; easy to grow and propagate. Introduced by Monrovia Nurseries in Professor Parlatorre [sic] should be Parlatore? Medium-sized shrub, fairly cold-tolerant, small leaves.

Nerium splendens Double pink dwarf/compact Oleander.

Shrub medium to large with a stiffly upright growth habit. Ella Sealy Newell single, medium-pink; yellow coronas with pink stripes Eugenia Fowler hose-in hose, medium pink, flowers slightly funnel-shaped; large vigorous shrub.

types of dwarf oleanders flirt

First listed by Florida State Horticultural Society, Frances Moody Newman single, medium to deep pink, flowers slightly funnel-shaped Franklin Delano Roosevelt single, salmon with red-striped yellow throat, not fragrant; slightly star-shaped as one edge of petal curls inward; cold-tolerant; medium-sized shrub.

Named for the President on the occasion of his visit to Galveston in General Pershing double, deep red, sometimes with white stripes. Introduced by Monrovia Nurseries in Isle of Capri single, cream-yellow with intense yellow throat; star-shaped as one edge of petal curls inward. Probably a very old European variety whose origins are lost in the distant past Peach Blossom double salmon Petite Pink single pale pink, non-fragrant; dwarf shrub. Red Ruby Lace very unusual; single, extremely large magenta flowers with pinwheel shaped-flowers; inner edge of petal ruffled or scalloped; fragrant.

International Oleander Society, Agnes Campbell single, pale salmon with fuchsia-striped yellow throat; faint fragrance; vigorous, fast-growing shrub Algiers single, dark-red, widely-separated petals; not fragrant.

Dwarf oleanders in containers add color to landcape

Autumn Amethyst was the most cold hardy of the Encore Azaleas in preliminary university trials. This variety features strong dark green foliage. Heavy summer flowering is typical for this variety.

Autumn Carnival is great for borders or as a specimen. It is a mid-summer traffic stopper!

Oleander 'Turner's Flirt'

Its lovely medium pink, single form blooms, add a splash of spirit to any landscape. It is a compact grower bearing huge quantities of flowers. This variety adds a designer touch to any landscape. It has single form blooms. It makes a great foundation plant.

American Oleander Cultivars - OLEANDER HAUS

This variety is single in form. Its leaves are broad with a dark green luster. Autumn Debutante has beautiful single form blooms.