Tyrese gibson and taraji relationship tips

Tyrese Gibson Talks the Possibility of Dating Taraji P. Henson and New Talk Show | Music Times

tyrese gibson and taraji relationship tips

Taraji P. Henson says she knew since the age of five that she was In , she finally landed her breakout movie role opposite Tyrese Gibson in the film Baby Boy. Not who I'm with, who I'm dating, who I'm married to. Tyrese Gibson reveals if he would ever date on-screen love interest The Fast and the Furious actor did muse that a relationship with the. Tyrese Gibson has nothing but love for Taraji P. Henson even after 14 but that's about it," he said of his personal relationship with Henson.

So, I failed, and thank God I did because it forced me to study what I really wanted to, and that was acting.

After graduating from Howard University, Henson was working as a supervisor on a five-star dining cruise when she packed up her son Marcel, and moved to California at the age of You have to go where the jobs are. I could have blown myself up — I needed it to be about my talent, not anything else. To fill those gaps, she kept herself busy by creating her own opportunities that would keep her focused on the work. You have to learn to keep it separate because it can cloud the work.

tyrese gibson and taraji relationship tips

In those moments, think about the bigger picture. When Henson had to film a sex scene for Baby Boy, she was nervous, so she took steps she needed to in her private time to deal with what was to come. So when I went to work the next day, I had already dealt with it.

Tyrese Gibson opens up about 'love' for Taraji P. Henson and the Possibility of Ever Dating [VIDEO]

I was in the school musical when I was six months pregnant—we just made the character pregnant. I wanted to be an actress; I moved out to L. No business deals go down at the club. I had a mission.

tyrese gibson and taraji relationship tips

I had to make my dream come true. Nobody wants to hear about how easy it was. I worked at the Pentagon during the early part of the day, the middle part of the day I went to school full-time, and at night I was a singing-dancing waitress on this small dinner cruise called the Spirit of Washington.

They are not walking in my shoes. They are not paying my bills.

[WATCH] Taraji P. Henson's Amazing Audition for 'Baby Boy'

After 17 years in prison, Cookie feels there is nothing to fear. The character Jody had two different types of women in his life—his main course and his side dishes. And Yvette mostly accepted this. He fixed her car, helped her pay bills, and picked her up everyday from work.

tyrese gibson and taraji relationship tips

The other girls got nothing more than a wet back. So I learned to distinguish between girls that play wifey and girls that play side dish. He ignores her initially but the insults get worse and worse. Or more accurately, the sex IS the resolution. It ends the argument and both parties are more than satisfied. Jody never acknowledges his cheating, his lying, his selfishness, or his arrogance.

[WATCH] Taraji P. Henson’s Amazing Audition for ‘Baby Boy’

And Yvette just saves the arguing for another day. When she starts to feel frustrated again, they simply repeat the process.

tyrese gibson and taraji relationship tips

Argue, have make-up sex, cook tacos. The stress-relieving properties of sex prove this can actually work for a while.

Baby Boy Kind of Love | The Misadventures of Ms. Not-Right-Now

This method has worked so well for Jody, in fact, after he hits Yvette his apology consists of an oral sex session. A frustrated Yvette eventually leaves Jody. Jody hitting her served as the last straw.

tyrese gibson and taraji relationship tips

And they stay broken up for a while but they both miss each other. The movie implies they do not communicate unless it has something to do with their son Jo-Jo. He moves out the house he lived in with his mother, moves in with Yvette, and proposes. But my experience with a man like Jody ended in him leaving me for a woman who could better tolerate his cheating and lies.