Utena and anthy relationship goals

Portrayal of Girls in Revolutionary Girl Utena: Character Analysis: Anthy Himemiya

utena and anthy relationship goals

Dec 5, Anthy also begins as a sort of generic character type. Despite only obeying Akio, Anthy's developing friendship with Utena is clear, Utena disappears from the school afterwards, thinking she failed in her goal to save her friend. girls in abusive relationships, I think she could be an extremely relatable. I don't think Anthy and Utena has a physical relationship during the . She experiments with her feelings, but her ultimate goal is the prince. Jun 10, It's a long road – on the surface, Utena and Anthy's relationship seems . proud of their nature, but their goals and feelings constantly contrast.

Black Rose Duelists[ edit ] Voiced by: He wishes to kill Anthy and install a gravely ill boy, Mamiya Chida, as the Rose Bride in order to save him from terminal illness. Mikage uses manipulation and psychology to control students close to the Council members in order to create a Duelist who can beat Utena.

utena and anthy relationship goals

She has a strained relationship with Anthy, who she finds "creepy and intolerable", and considers Anthy an obstacle to her relationship with Akio. Though she loves Akio very much, she feels distant from him and becomes the first Black Rose Duelist. It is implied that, after her defeat, Akio poisons her since he never actually loved her and used their relationship simply to keep his status as interim chairman of the school.

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Chieko Honda Japanese ; Roxanne Beck English Miki's twin sister, Kozue feels overshadowed by her brother's talents and reacts by sleeping with many different men. She's extremely possessive of Miki to the point where she physically hurts anyone who tries to hurt or "steal" him. In the manga, Kozue's brother complex is purely innocent and she acts more like Nanami does in the TV series.

In the movie, Kozue is in an implied incestuous relationship with her brother but Miki is shown breaking it up. Later on, Kozue is shown as a car implying she is either also helping Miki to escape Ohtori or simply helping Utena and Anthy. She simultaneously idolizes Juri for her brilliance and feels envious of her for it.

Her extreme lack of self-worth is the reason for the rocky relationship between the two, and it reaches a breaking point when Ruka re-enters Ohtori Academy. According to Kunihiko Ikuhara, Shiori was ironically also in love with Juri the entire time but she believes Juri's affection towards her was out of pity, not love. She thus wants to remain in control of their relationship by never confessing to Juri so she will be the winner of their rivalry. In the movie, she is the main antagonist who manipulates Juri's feelings for her so Juri can duel with Utena, with her ultimate goal being to use Juri to escape the school.

The film version of Shiori lacks the self-esteem problems of her TV counterpart, and instead is a hateful narcissist who believes that she is the only one worthy of leaving the school and entering the world of adulthood, and will use anyone or anything to get there.

In the end of the film, Shiori makes a mad dash in car form to escape the school once Utena and Anthy earn the right to leave. However, she ends up crashing and exploding as she tries to push them off the road, presumably killing her. Mitsuru is obsessed with serving Nanami and wishes to be her adored "brother".

The relationship between the Rose Bride and End of the World is truly a metaphor for gender roles and the interactions between all men and women. The magical stuff links it all together. In fact, she never fought a single duel with a sword. She was a normal student who was friends with Anthy, another normal student, who interacted with Touga, Saiyonji, Juri, Miki, Nanami, and Wakaba, who were all normal students.

Anthy - "I was a Fool" (for Love)

We know that this is likely the case, as Anthy left Ohtori Academy with plans to reunite with Utena in the future. The series itself is wonderfully created. It features exceptional character designs, very good animation quality, intriguing music, phenomenal acting, and masterful writing. The cast really brings the characters to life. Their performances quickly draw you in, and you become emotionally invested early on.

The animation is quite good, excellent at times in the final story arc, but does cut some corners. Recycled animation occurs often. Prior to every duel, the audience is subjected to the same animation sequence and music. This practice was more acceptable at the time the series aired.

The fight scenes are exciting.

In the Rose Garden / Utena and Anthy Having a Relationship During the Series?

The drama tragic at times. There also is plenty of humor embedded throughout.

utena and anthy relationship goals

Perhaps best of all is its open-ended nature. Utena leaves much room for interpretation. You could choose to take it literally. You could go with my interpretation. You could choose an entirely different one. Its beauty is that it can mean many things to many people. And you will always pick up something new on repeat viewings. The original discs were released by Central Park Media, and featured horrible, muddy video, and a sometimes less than accurate translation.

The dub they brought out was horrendous. The fact that they paired such an impressive, important series with such an amateur work of crap should be qualified as a hate crime. There is no reason whatsoever to watch the dub. Stay as far away as you can. All six sides of the Rightstuf box sets.

utena and anthy relationship goals

They used the same video from the Japanese DVD remaster of the series. The video is beautiful. The show is brightly colored, certain animation mistakes were retouched, and the CGI was remastered, as well. This is the best Utena has ever looked. The audio was also upgraded to feature a 5.

They even ported over the english dub for the audio masochists out there.

utena and anthy relationship goals

They included plentiful on-disc special features including a fun but all too brief interview with the series director. Each box set also included a booklet containing staff interviews, production notes, and artwork, all of these things carried over from both the Japanese DVD remastered set and the Japanese laserdisc set. They did an amazing job. It comes from the year and was directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara. It is one of the most complex and most intriguing anime ever produced.

The only other series that can come close to rivaling it in complexity and depth is Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Utena somehow manages to surpass it.

Plus, it has lesbians.

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Anthy is continuously sexually assaulted by Akio. She appears in Utena's dreams to be a cursed witch who a young Utena vowed to save. She begins to experience pain on the way to Utena's future duels, due to the immense guilt she feels for manipulating the duelists which prompts her to almost commit suicide, only to be saved by Utena.

Anthy becomes ill as the final duel approaches, leading Akio to show Utena an illusion of Anthy's "true" form as a witch. Utena tries to protect Anthy from him, believing that it isn't true. In the penultimate episode Anthy, who has been manipulated into believing she doesn't deserve to be free betrays Utena, literally stabbing her in the back.

In the final episode, Anthy falsely claims that although Utena reminds her of Prince Dios when she loved him, Utena is a girl and thus incapable of ever being her prince. Still, she hesitates to give the sword to End of the World. Akio notes that she must feel guilty for hurting her friend and claims to feel Anthy's pain and love her.

Utena continues fighting for Anthy, until a coffin containing Anthy's true self appears. Tears falling down her face, Anthy tries to take Utena's hand and appears to fall to her death. In the end, Anthy walks down a hall unharmed as people talk about Utena. In the chairman's office, Akio tells Anthy he's restarted the rules of the Rose Crest. She takes off her glasses and tells him she's leaving to find Utena.

utena and anthy relationship goals

In a voice-over, she swears to find Utena, telling her to wait for her. After the ending credits, a photograph of Utena and Anthy together is shown with Akio cropped out. In a voice-over, we hear a conversation between Anthy and Utena.