Valjean and cosette relationship help

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valjean and cosette relationship help

In helping Fantine, he would also be able to help the people of Montreuil as The love between Cosette and Marius is threatened when Valjean, .. which Hugo defines as central to the relationship between man and God. Marius sees Cosette for the first time in the Luxembourg Garden. Javert helps Valjean return Marius to his. The bishop takes him in and eventually helps him change his ways into Fantine dies from a sickness, and so Jean Valjean runs away to find Cosette He eventually finds her, and they have a special father-daughter relationship together.

True, when Marius fall in love with Cosette, he was conflicted between his passion for the rebellion and his passion for Cosette. He does decide to fight in the rebellion after believing that Cosette is leaving. As a matter of fact, if Marius never loved Cosette, he most likely would have died during the rebellion because Valjean would not have come to the barricade to protect him.

valjean and cosette relationship help

During the rebellion, Valjean learned that Cosette loves Marius and due to that, he heads over to the barricades to protect Marius.

Marius faced a lot of trauma at the barricades.

Jean Valjean and Cosette

First, Eponine was fatally wounded and that left him quite upset. But he still showed compassion by being with her till she died. In an odd way, it even makes sense that Eponine died because it makes perfect sense why Marius would be the only survivor. After Marius fall unconscious, Valjean carried Marius to safety. Cosette did care for Marius while he was recovering so Cosette does show that she loves him even if it is hard to notice.

He would approach the bed where she slept, and would tremble there with delight; he felt inward yearnings, like a mother, and knew not what they were; for it i something very incomprehensible and very sweet, this grand emotion of a heart in its first love. Jean Valjean has never before loved anyone, so he does not know what it feels like. He feels a strong parental love towards Cosette.

He feels the need to love and take care of Cosette in any way humanly possible. Share "It was impossible for him to insult his grandfather, and it was equally impossible for him not to avenge his father. On one hand a sacred tomb, on the other white hairs.

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In this part of the story, the theme of parent-child relationships causes a lot of tension. Marius was raised by i grandfather but he really wants to avenge his actual father who was a very honorable person. Marius ultimately decides to leave his grandfather, but he comes back to him in the end. Share Share "Colonel Pontmercy appeared again between M.

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Gillenormand and him, Marius; he said to himself that there was no real goodness to be hoped from him who had been so unjust and so hard to his father. And with health, there returned to him a sort of harshness towards his grandfather. The old man bore it with gentleness.

Even though his father is dead, the way that the grandfather treated him is still creating conflict between him and Marius. One day in the street, a law student named Marius bumps into Cosette and automatically falls in love with her and the same thing happens to her.

Analysis of Cosette

Eponine is also in love with Marius and she is now living in extreme poverty and has become a part of the criminal world. The two girls lives have literally switched places. Cosette is quite curious and demands to know the past of her adopted father and her mother, but Valjean is not willing to tell her. She is even charitable, which she learned through Valjean. The relationship between Valjean and Cosette is quite special.

They found happiness for the first time through each other. Cosette was horribly abused as a child and Valjean faced hard labor in prison.

valjean and cosette relationship help

They both have gone through some kind of trauma and through their relationship, they found some kind of happiness. Eventually Marius found Cosette again because Eponine found the address for him. The two lovers confessed their love for each other as Eponine watched in the background.

Cosette does not want to leave due to her love for Marius, but even Valjean did not know that she loves Marius. Valjean did learn that Cosette is in love with Marius in the second act after Eponine delivers a note from Marius to Cosette. Valjean heads to the barricades to protect Marius due to how much he loves Cosette.

While Marius is recovering, Cosette helped take care of him.