Vermouth and gin relationship

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vermouth and gin relationship

I am always happy to get asks! The relationship between Shiho, Gin and Vermouth is truly interesting. First of all and as you can guess from having a quick look. that is interesting, Chek. So Sherry rejected him and he rejected Vermouth because he liked Sherry. Since Gin seems to like the young ones. (correct me if i a wrong here) Gin: Most probably his real name is Koibito as akai shuichi Her face absolutely blank when Gin or Vermouth's name is mentioned.

She was sent to studied in America as a child to be groomed to finish the research that her parents started on the APTX She was an anemic prodigy and started working as a high ranking scientist in the orginzation at the age of thirteen.

This is when she was given her code name: At the age of 18 she developed the most current incarnation of the APTX drug and although it wasn't her intended purpose, it was used by the orginzation as a poison to kill people without a trace.

After her sister's death she attempted to kill herself while imprisoned with her own creation but instead shrunk into a child and escaped the orinazation.

For someone who has been in the orginzation her entire life, Shiho knows very little about it especially the agents.

vermouth and gin relationship

She knows a little about Vermouth since Vermouth probably had a connection with Elena and Atsushi and their research because of her non-aging. She hadn't met Pisco since she was a baby, she had only heard of Chianti and Korn, and hadn't heard of Kir before.

The only person she knows a great deal about is Gin despite being in entirely different divisions of the orginzation. With that being said, I think it is a strong possibility that Gin and Shiho were in a romantic relationship.

What I've been trying to imply is that although Gosho is not giving us the full low down of what Gin's specific interests are for Sherry but I think Gin is playing a childish game of cat and mouse. First he could not harm her because she was a very important person in the BO, but now he has full permission from the boss to kill her.

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Therefore, now he can finally touch what was so out of his reach. While Sherry was in the BO her role gave her the power to reject Gin, compared to the other members in the BO such as Chianti, Korn and Vodka who are absolutely at his disposal, whereas Sherry and Vermouth had a mind of their own.

On one occasion Gin has even said that if he could take down Vermouth he would but because she is the boss's favourite he can't. What I am trying to get at is maybe Sherry has always rejected Gin, maybe she managed to get into his head so much that his attraction for her became more of an obsession and violent hatred.

My Theory On The Relationship Between Gin and Sherry - DCTP Forums

He imagines Sherry naked because that is what he wishes but could never have, and so smartly Sherry managed to escape from right under his nose without the faintest idea that she shrunk into a year-old girl's body. Gin has amazing detecting skills, but I'm sure his never managed to detect that. In conclusion, to Gin Sherry has always been one step ahead of him, always just manages to slip right from his fingers.

vermouth and gin relationship

Gin probably enjoys this so much because it places a great challenge for him, something interesting, exciting, not always sure of the results and most of all something at first he wasn't allowed to have, but now he can. However, this time Conan is going to make sure that's the last thing that happens, yet again resulting into another cat and mouse chase. I really hope you all understood what I just wrote and that it made a lot of sense, thanks for reading.